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What would be your reaction when “Death-Cast” predicts you are going to die today or you have only one day left to live?

Will you sit down watch countdown bars or turn pages around of your life or do something else?

They Both Die at the End novel features the same story of two teenage boys who come to know through Death-Cast calling that they are going to die today.

The book tells how Mateo and Rufus’s life going to change over the course of one unforgettable, most challenging, and devastating day.

They Both Die at the End is based on a very idiosyncratic theme probably have never read such kind of content before, It shows human morality, the harsh reality of society along with life-changing experiences.

If you are looking to read a book that has mortality, the inevitability of death along with a glimpse of emotions, Read and Download They Both Die at the End PDF book for free available at the bottom.

They Both Die at the End PDF Details

Book Title

They Both Die at the End


Adam Silvera



Number Of Pages

416 Pages (Original Paperback), 

262 (PDF Format)


Young adult, Adventure fiction, LGBT literature

Originally published

5 September 2017

Main Characters

Mateo Torrez, Rufus Emeterio, Lidia, Delilah Gray, Andrea Donahue, Aimee Dubois

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They Both Die at the End Author

They Both Die at the End novel is written by an American author Adam Silvera who is best known to write young adult fiction novels.

Adam Silvera is born & raised in the Bronx and currently lives in Queens, New York. Initially, he used to work in Bookselling and later shifted to publishing. 

He has written various novels including What If It’s Us (2018), More Happy Than Not (2016), but They Both Die at the End (2017) book brings huge success for him and made him popular among book lovers.

They Both Die at the End Summary

They Both Die at the End book starts with the date of September 5, 2017, At midnight when a teenage boy named Mateo received a call from Death-Cast predicting his death and telling him he has only 24 hours left in his life.

Mateo wants to spend his last 24 hours in his bedroom but somehow he tries to live a true life and downloads an app called Last Friend.

Last Friend is an app that helps individuals to find Deckers who have similar last days to live and looking to spend their last day with someone. Here he finds Rufus, Rufus also received a similar call from Death-Cast and has only 24 hours in his life.

Mateo and Rufus decided to accompany each other and meet at Mateo’s apartment where he is picked up by Rufus.

First of all, they go to the hospital to meet Mateo’s father, who has been admitted for two weeks and struggling in a coma. Mateo writes a letter to his father and leaves it nearby to read when he wakes up.

Now they meet with Mateo’s best friend Lidia Vargas, where he pretends to be normal so as not letting her upset. After leaving there and heading precious time together, Mateo and Rufus come closer and develop deep emotions for each other.

The story moves further, and Rufus receives a call from Aimee who tells him that Malcolm and Tagoe were arrested, now Rufus started to open his past story in front of Mateo telling him about her parents and sister’s death after receiving the same Death-Cast news.

At 12.22 pm, they plan to visit the World Travel Arena, where they meet again Lidia and all three go on a Virtual Reality Experience “Tour the world in eighty minutes”.

During the group dance at Graveyard, Rufus convinces Mateo and they both perform a karaoke version of “American Pie”, just after Mateo finally draws the courage to kiss Rufus and further confesses love for him.

After sleeping together, Moteo wakes up first after the nap to make the peppermint tea, as soon as he turns on the gas burner, the burner explodes, and the apartment erupts into flames.

Mateo dies immediately, and Rufus takes him out and brings him to the hospital even knowing he is Decker, Unfortunately, he is declared dead which Rufus informs Lidia.

In the final hours, Rufus Rufus puts on his headphones to listen to the video he took of Mateo singing and steps out into the road without looking. That’s how They Both Die at the End pdf book ends and leaves you stunned.

They Both Die at the End Review

The most significant lesson this book portrays in front of us is that we can’t do anything as death is certain but what we can do is accept everything and live in a better way.

They Both Die at the End pdf book shows how death is such an integral part of mankind and everyone needs to accept it without any fear. Instead, it teaches you human mortality and lives every moment with joy and happiness.

The author Adam Silvera did brilliantly making every character engaging and fastly developed to catch, while writing is easy, and enjoyable to read.

Some people may find this book a bit weird due to its sad ending which makes you slightly upset and unfulfilled but we should accept that the theme is the ultimate beauty of this book too.

This book has been awarded “A Kirkus Best Book of the Year” and got a huge surge in its popularity after #BookTok on TikTok social media platform.

They Both Die at the End Language

They Both Die at the End book is originally written in English by Adam Silvera in English published on September 5, 2017, by HarperTeen.

They Both Die at the End PDF Download Link

They Both Die at the End PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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They Both Die at the End PDF FAQs

The Book They Both Die at the End is LGBT Literature that portrays the story of two male protagonists Mateo and Rufus who have 24 hours left to live, they decided to accompany each other for spending the last day of their life developing a strong bond together and confessing love for each other.

The author Adam Silvera depicts They Both Die at the End book with using simple and straightforward writing with better character development, the entire depiction of this book is done under 384 pages making it easy to read in 5 hours of time.

The novel is based on the theme having human morality which tells that death is an integral part of human mankind and everyone needs to accept it without any fear, instead live every moment in a better and more pleasing way.

They Both Die at the End can be a good read for the age of 14 and above because it has triggered a serious topic in society, although it shares a story about two teenage coming to a most devastating day of their life when their death is predicted.

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