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Book by André Aciman



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A love story that becomes immortal after adopting a film from a novel and later winning an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2018.

A book called An Instant Classic and One of the Great Love Stories of Our Time from a top business entity, and can’t be forgotten easily after reading it.

Call Me By Your Name, a magnificent novel written by André Aciman tells the romantic story of two opposite poles, a 17-year-old American-Italian boy named Elio Perlman and a summer guest 24-year-old American scholar named Oliver.

At initial, Elio Perlman and Oliver don’t like much each other and draw a wide line of different perceptions, but during the restless summer weeks, both attract each other, grows deep feeling, and mark a never forget life experience.

Filled with fascination, desires, intimation, obsession, and passion, this book shows true love and emphasizes the deep meaning of life in a really powerful, and beautiful way.

Download the Call Me By Your Name PDF by scrolling to the bottom and experience this magnificent novel before watching the movie based on the same script.

Call Me By Your Name PDF Details

Book Title

Call Me By Your Name


André Aciman



Number Of Pages

256 Pages (Original Paperback), 

324 (PDF Format)


Romance Novel,  Bildungsroman, Fiction

Originally published

23 January 2007

Main Characters

Elio Perlman, Oliver, Marzia

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Call Me By Your Name Author

Call Me By Your Name book is written by Egyptian-born American author and Novelist André Aciman.

André Aciman teaches comparative literature at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, he is also the editor of The Proust Project.

He has written various novels, among them many books got high recognition including Out of Egypt(1994), Eight White Nights (2010), Call Me By Your Name (2007), and Find Me (2019).

Call Me By Your Name Summary

The story of Call Me By Your Name starts with Elio Perlman who is also the narrator of the book remembering the moments of summer in 1983 when he was 17 years old.

Elio Perlman lives in Italy with his family, his father is a recognized professor and his mother works as a translator.

Every summer, Elio’s parents take a Doctoral student for six weeks in their holiday homes situated in Italy for working on a manuscript as well as revising it, and do paperwork with his assistance.

Here we come to know about Oliver, a 24 years old American glamorous guy who researches and studies the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, he is carefreely dedicated to his professional work.

On the other hand, Elio is self-conscious and about to step up in his adult life journey. Elio advised to vacant his room for the arriving guest Oliver, as well as he needs to guide Oliver during this summer trip.

While interacting with Oliver, Elio gets to know some insights about Oliver as he is well mature and the kind of a guy who loves to get indulge in professional things quickly.

As long as Oliver and Elio have more interactions, Elio finds natural attraction toward Oliver and becomes more passionate and obsessed with him but Eli keeps the secret and tries to hide it from Oliver.

Elio recognizes his bisexuality when his attraction turns into a deep emotion for Oliver which makes him jealous too as when Oliver chills outside and parties without him, he feels sad and becomes fixated too.

He doubts whether Oliver will respect his feelings or not so he keeps hiding them from him especially when Oliver massages Elio’s shoulder after finishing their tennis match.

Elio couldn’t hide his feeling for a long, and told about his feelings for him, Oliver also confesses that he wants Elio for the entire summer and accept this bisexual relationship with him.

Initially, Elio feels uncomfortable about being in such a relationship as he has never been with a man. Furtherly at Monet’s berm, they both kiss each other which leads to making love for the first time.

Elio doesn’t enjoy this and feels ashamed about this incident despite having an attraction for him. The next morning, Oliver teaches how to be pleased in a relationship as well as accept what he is and his sexual identity.

Elio has an affair with Marzia as well, a local girl around his own age while he keeps a physical relationship with Oliver too.

Later, Oliver and Elio were both pleased to have been in a relationship and know very deeply each other, share their identities, and decided to call by their name each other, where this book gets the title “Call Me By Your Name”.

Everything going well in both life, Elio’s father is also aware of Elio and Oliver’s relationship and accept it and fully support too.

Now, Oliver must return to New York City for his job at Columbia University, and he leaves Italy. He and Elio connected through phone calls and writes letters to each other.

Their deep relationship starts turning into a long-distance relationship as well as losing the spark and colors which it used to be like in heat of summer and finally it breaks apart unofficially.

In New York Oliver gets married to a woman and has a baby too, whereas Elio’s life becomes dull and colorless so he moves on in his life. They fail out of touch and lost communication for many years.

Fifteen years later, Elio eventually visits Oliver in the United States as Oliver is the professor at that university and willing to meet his family to Elio, while Elio finds he has still attraction naturally for Oliver.

Would Elio meet Oliver’s family keeping his feeling aside or will they come closer again? To know the real ending you need to download the Call Me By Your Name PDF and e-Book given in the section below.

Call Me By Your Name Review

The book Call Me By Your Name achieved a huge appreciation from all business units, critics, and individual readers due to its pure emotions, genuine love, and scriptwriting.

The book is well drawn starting from the end and shares the concept of sexual orientation and the challenges human faces while dealing with it. It is truly an eye-opener book for everyone which can be relatable to anyone’s life.

The biggest attraction in the book is the characters, which are beautifully crafted by the author André Aciman. The characters of Elio, and Oliver deliver a phenomenal impact on the readers.

That’s all the reason, the Call Me By Your Name book become a sensation among youngsters and was also adapted for a movie plot that was awarded an Oscar for Best Screenplay in 2018.

For me, reading the Call Me By Your Name pdf book makes me pleased, and fresh as well as brings some pain at the end, I would certainly keep this book far above the movie itself and hope you will enjoy this book too.

It has achieved sensational ratings from all readers across the world and gets a huge appreciation.

Call Me By Your Name Language

Call Me By Your Name novel is officially written in English by Italian-American writer André Aciman and is published on 23 January 2007.

Call Me By Your Name PDF Download Link

Call Me By Your Name PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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Call Me By Your Name PDF FAQs

Call Me By Your Name is a romance novel that shares the bisexual relationship between a teenager and a young man who has deeply attracted to each other, obsessed, passionate, and develop a never forget bond in their life.

No, It is not appropriate to read Call Me By Your Name book for those below 13 years of age as it contains highly sensitive and erotic scenes and many sexually explicit depictions which may disturb some readers.

Call Me By Your Name is actually not a book series and it can be read standalone, but the entire story completes in two parts named Call Me By Your Name published in 2007, followed by Find Me released lately in 2019.

Call Me By Your Name book is a short read containing 256 pages in its Hardcore and Paperback edition whereas it has 324 pages in its PDF Format available on the internet.

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