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Book by Paulo Coelho



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There are some novels published in the history of mankind that revolutionized the world with their strong and effective life lessons.

Any book library can’t be completed without a book called “The Alchemist” which touched many records after being sold over 60 million copies around the world.

The Alchemist is an adventure fiction novel that shares the story of a boy named Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd who travels in search of the treasure after dreaming about treasure buried in the Egyptian pyramids.

During his journey, he encounters a life-changing experience, and comes to know the true meaning of life, how to improve himself and be happy with being what you have.

This is a book that should be read by everyone once in their life, Download The Alchemist PDF by scrolling to the bottom, save it and start experiencing the magical lessons of human life.

The Alchemist PDF Details

Book Title

The Alchemist


Paulo Coelho






Number Of Pages

208 Pages (Original Paperback)

192 Pages (PDF Format)


Adventure fiction, Novel, Youngs & Adults

First Published Date


Main Characters

Santiago, Melchizedek, The Coptic Monk, The Shopkeeper, Fatima, The Alchemist, The Englishman

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The Alchemist Author

The Alchemist book is written by Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian lyricist and novelist. He is best known for his unique and idiosyncratic writing and storytelling abilities.

Paulo Coelho has written more than 30 books in his writing career including The Pilgrimage (1987), The Alchemist (1988), By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (1994), Like the Flowing River (2006) and many more.

The Alchemist PDF author

The Alchemist Summary

The Alchemist opens with a boy and an Andalusian shepherd named Santiago staying in the old church with his flock of sheep.

At the abandoned church, he has recurring dreams through a child’s voice about the buried treasure in the Egyptian pyramids, and he should take travel to find out the hidden treasure.

The next day, when he visits the village of Tarifa, a Gypsy woman encounters him and advised him to take that dream as a vision.

The story of The Alchemist pdf moves further and introduces an old man named Melchizedek. Santiago meets with the old man who tells the same thing to him about the treasure. Melchizedek also tells him the address of the treasure in exchange for some flock of sheep.

After knowing the address from the Melchizedek, Santiago starts travelling to Africa, when he arrives there, he is robbed by a thief which slightly breaks his determination.

But he starts working for a crystal merchant to earn some money so he could continue his journey. Within 11 months of spending time there, Santiago learns Arabic and thinking to return home.

His perception completely changes as soon as he finds an Englishman in the desert Oasis who impressed him with her vast knowledge. He tells him about the Alchemist who has the ability to turn Lead into Gold.

A young woman named Fatima comes to Santiago’s journey for her he immediately falls in love with her.

While staying at the Oasis, Santiago dreams again of hawks flying and interpreting above him indicating the attack on the Oasis by the tribesmen. Following Santiago’s advice, Oasis wins the fight due to being prepared for the war.

This incident made him rich and also gives him a chance to meet with the Alchemist. As guided by The Alchemist, Santiago moves further to complete his journey.

Finally, Santiago was digging to find the treasure, but unfortunately, he was captured and looted by the Arab soldiers. One of the soldiers tells him about the same dream Santiago used to have and tells him that his treasure would be under a tree in an abandoned church in Spain where he started his entire journey.

Now Santiago realises how he is wandering to capture his destiny which was lying closest to him. He also learns how the journey to a destination is very beautiful than the destination itself.

After reaching his home again, Santiago finds the treasure at the location where he started, as per the commitment. he shares 1/10th of the treasure with the woman who promised earlier.

The Alchemist Review

The Alchemist is definitely a phenomenal tale that simplifies complex principles about human life through this masterpiece story, as well as tells if you truly want something, give your best efforts, sooner or later it will certainly come to you.

The Alchemist pdf book encourages you to keep chasing your dream, learn from failure and develop a never giving spirit which all leads to a taste of great success one day.

It’s an all-time favourite fictional novel for me and everyone should read it once in their life too.

The Alchemist Language

The Alchemist book is Originally written in Portuguese and was first published in 1988, later it achieved the Guinness world record after being translated into various languages and became a translated international bestseller.

The Alchemist PDF Download Link

The Alchemist PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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The Alchemist PDF FAQs

The Alchemist contains 208 pages in its official Paperback edition whereas The Alchemist PDF has 192 pages in its e-Format available on top PDF websites including Thepdfshelf, D-pdf and PDFdrive.

No, infact The Alchemist book is brilliantly written using straight and simple language which makes it easy to read for everyone, even who understand the basics of English. While reading the book make sure to be attentive to understand some complex terms such as Personal Legends, dreams and the concept of Osis.

Definitely, A 14 year can read The Alchemist as there is not a single sexual content, steamy or even an offensive scene. It’s an excellent book for every age group.

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