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As Japanese is widely popular throughout the world due to their disciplined culture, have you ever thought of reading Japanese literature or a novel book?

If so, I’m going to recommend you a book that created history and ranks as the second-best-selling novel in Japan and is popular worldwide.

No Longer Human, A masterpiece novel by the Japanese author Osamu Dazai which impacts very deeply on the person’s mind who reads it, I bet you won’t be the same after reading this book.

No Longer Human is the story of a broken man whose life is without purpose and riddled with depression, he questions humanity throughout his life and searches for what’s the meaning of life.

When you read this masterpiece book you can resemble the story with your life and come up with questions about our current society, humanity, and the entire world.

This book is not what you can expect spices, love, thrill, or anything similar, but it gives a strong message and opens a true reality of a society in front of everyone.

Definitely, it is the kind of book that should be read once in your life, you can download the No Longer Human PDF book from our site by jumping into downloading section at the bottom.

Book Title

No Longer Human


Osamu Dazai







Japanese, English

Number Of Pages

177 Pages (Original Paperback)

175 Pages (PDF Format)


Fiction, Novel, Literature, Classics

First Published Date

July 25th 1948

Latest Edition

January 17th 1973

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No Longer Human Author

The author of No Longer Human is Osamu Dazai a Japanese novel writer who has written some phenomenal books such as The Setting Sun and No Longer Human.

Osamu Dazai was born in Tsushima Shūji Japan in 1909, unfortunately, he is not with us and died in 1948.

Dazai was a writer of the early 20th century and was considered Japan’s most popular literary figure ever due to his precious contribution.

No Longer Human author with book cover

No Longer Human Summary

No Longer Human book narrates the story of a young broken man Yozo who finds himself incapable to understand human beings and have a life without purpose.

Yozo is suffering a lot in his life that’s why Dazai is both pitiable and contemptible at the same time.

His attempt to reconcile himself from early childhood continued to high school, with extreme depression he went through a phase where that leads to a failed suicide attempt.

The author describes why he hates human beings and how he is disgusted about society being fake and dishonest.

At a certain point in life, he feels himself “disqualified from being human”, I would say this book has echoed the sentiments of youth due to the harsh reality of society which deeply connects us while reading this book.

At the end when the story comes to end, the author leaves it completely to you and decides whether the protagonist is a good human being or not.

The ending of this book certainly stunned you with the message which needs to be put in front of humans and society.

It also shows the true reality of society as well as leaves many deep questions in front of everyone whether who is right and what would be the consequences if you were the protagonist.

If you have ever been depressed in your life or suffered from pain, anxiety, or isolation, the No Longer Human pdf book is certainly a must-read for you.

So why to wait, just download No Longer Human PDF and its e-Books for free in the download section.

No Longer Human Review

As we know No Longer Human is a Japanese novel originally written in Japanese but later translated into English for bringing it to a global level.

The story is beautifully written, and more than the English translation is good though, the book is short to read but not easy to forget.

The thing which makes this book so connected with you is the narration which sounds like first-person telling his own story, that’s the reason being a fiction novel, you feel it’s a semi-autobiography.

After reading this book completely, I can bet you would not be the same as it precisely triggered your mind which forces you to think about your life.

I would say the author Osamu Dazai has done a remarkable job in every aspect, we should be thankful to him for delivering a novel that is not every author’s cup of tea.

It achieved a record growing up as the second best-selling novel in Japan, on the other hand, downloaded No Longer Human pdf millions of times on the internet.

I’m sharing the popular review and rating of this book on the top e-Book platforms:

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4.7 out of 5

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95% Users liked this book


No Longer Human PDF Download Link

No Longer Human is originally written by Osamu Dazai in the Japanese language and later translated by Donald Keene into English.

As of now No Longer Human PDF and e-Book are available to download in English. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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No Longer Human PDF FAQs

No Longer Human books portray the message of how Yozo, the novel’s protagonist went through extreme depression which leads to a failed suicide attempt, he founds detached from society and humans due to their dishonesty and fake show-off. In consequence, he feels himself “disqualified from being human”.

No, in fact, No Longer Human is a fictional novel written by Osamu Dazai, you may feel it sounds like an autobiography at a certain point while reading it due to the narration of the author done in the first person but the fact is all the characters are fictional in this book.

Many people who read No Longer Human book found it so relatable to their life as this book directly triggered their minds, especially the persons who went through depression and suffered from pain, isolation, and anxiety once in their life.

The entire No Longer Human Book is a short read which finishes the story in 177 pages for its Paperback edition, whereas it contains 175 pages in its PDF Format.

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