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Book by Thi Bui



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Do you love to read graphic autobiographies novel specifically based on survival and giving a new way of hope in life?

If so, I’m going to recommend you a book that is appreciated by many top organizations and business readings and also a Nominee for Best Graphic Novels & Comics (2017).

The Best We Could Do, a graphic non-fiction novel narattes the life journey of the daring escape of a Vietnamese family from Vietnam seeking shelter for their future in America during the Vietnam War.

After the fall of South Vietnam in the 1970s, the author Thi Bui and her family faced lots of difficulties in building their new shelter during the immigration in America.

Filled with true inspiration, sacrifices of a mother, depth of love, the strength of a family and portrays the real meaning of home, The Best We Could Do book is filled with all the elements that make you emotional and cry at the end.

Download The Best We Could Do PDF book by following the direct link available at the bottom and witness the illustrated memoir of a refugee family.

Before downloading, you must check the essential details of The Best We Could Do for a better understanding of the book.

Book Title

The Best We Could Do


Thi Bui








Number Of Pages

344 Pages (Original Paperback)

346 Pages (PDF Format)


Autobiography, Graphic novel, Comics, Non-fiction

First Published Date

7 March 2017

Latest Edition

17 April 2018

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The Best We Could Do Author

The Best We Could Do book is written by cartoonist and illustrator Thi Bui.

She is born in 1975 in Vietnam and later migrated to the United States. She and her family moved through the Cargo boat and eventually arrived at the refugee camp in Malaysia.

Thi Bui is best known for her illustrated memoir The Best We Could Do which was originally published on 7 March 2017.

The Best We Could Do author with book cover

The Best We Could Do Summary

The story of The Best We Could Do sets in Vietnam and chapter 1 portrays Labour which shows Thi’s son being born, also there is a depiction of Thi’s mother and her father Nam.

Thi Bui narattes her own story of her childhood as a child as well as as a mother of her son, her memoir spans multiple generations.

Besides that, the introduction of the Bui siblings is shown respectively, and how when they are born with their birthplace.

Thi’s father Nam’s rural origins in Northern Việt Nam, whereas her mother Hắng idyllic belongs to a wealthy family in the South. We come to know how they both met and married furtherly.

The entire narrative of the book defines two time periods, the first is about the lives of the family member and the second narration is about the Hắng and Nam.

During the war in Vietnam, Hắng and Nam has no options other than moving to a different county, and in 1978, Hắng arranged a cargo boat for her family to safely escape from Vietnam.

After becoming the boat captain due to conflicts among the boat riders, on their way, they are encountered with Thai Pirates and need to settle in the Pulau Besar refugee camp in Malaysia.

After getting through lots of struggles and obstruction, the family was finally able to move to California and settle down there permanently.

Bui and her family faced lots of challenges even after the war in America and were also discriminated against by the native people. They have few options for making their career due to the barrier of language and qualification.

Bui Thi handles everything beautifully and being a parent she makes her family strong, discovering a ray of hope in another country as a refugee and making impossible challenges possible with her endless sacrifices.

If you are looking to read a truly inspirational book filled with real emotions, deep love toward family, sacrifices of mother, and the importance of identity, The Best We Could Do is worth your time.

Don’t wait for anything, just download The Best We Could Do PDF and e-book for free available in the section below.

The Best We Could Do Review

The complete illustration of the book using graphics, fonts, and the theme of the book definitely enhances the reading experience of a reader.

The transition of storytelling from her parent’s past to the present day is something idiosyncratic which succeeds in giving a real glimpse of the incident and keeps the reader engaged till the end.

Being non-fiction and autobiography, we should applaud the writing skills of the author and every sentence connect the reader very well.

That’s all the reason, it has achieved a huge appreciation from all over the world and is able to grab a place as a Finalist in National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) and American Library Association (ALA) 2018 Notable Books Selection.

For me, The Best We Could Do pdf book bring me to the real depiction of the Vietnam-US war and inspires me as well searching for a better future, it’s certainly great to read.

Here are the ratings and reviews for the book on popular and reliable platforms:

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4.7 out of 5

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90% Users liked this book


The Best We Could Do PDF Download Link

The Best We Could Do PDF and e-Book is available to download in English.

For paperback, and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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The Best We Could Do PDF FAQs

The book The Best We Could Do tells the journey of how a family struggles, woman sacrifices, and how faced lots of challenges as a refugee in the United States after being moved from Vietnam during the war.

The Best We Could Do book is based on a real event of the author Thi Bui’s life in graphical and illustrated form It takes place in her life in the Vietnam-America war, and eventually moved to Malaysia in a refugee camp through the Cargo Ship and migrated to America.

The book The Best We Could Do is a memoir of Thi Bui which is published by the Abrams ComicArts on 7 March 2017, the book has qualified for several awards including NBCC, and American Library Association (ALA).

The Best We Could Do is a debut illustrated memoir of Thi Bui, it is written and narrated all the life events by Thi Bui herself.

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