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Book by Alex Michaelides



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A book that is being discussed perpetually since its launch among people who love to read Suspense Thriller stories due to its unpredictable ending and strong gripping plot.

The Silent Patient, a perfect suspense thriller book that can bring jaws in your mouth, makes you think hundreds of times and stun you with its unpredictable ending.

The Silent Patient is a tale of a famous painter Thirty-Three old woman Alicia Berenson who killed her husband Gabriel brutally 5 times in his face with a shooting gun, and never speaks another word till 6 years.

The mystery surrounds the murder when she refuses to talk or doesn’t want to give any explanation even in police custody, and furtherly Court accused her of her husband’s murder and sends her to a mental health facility after being declared mentally unstable.

But after six years, a criminal psychotherapist Theo Faber who is interested in this case from the beginning gets a chance to analyze Alicia’s case, and the script started to uncover.

If you’re an individual, a corporation, or a business professional, everyone shouldn’t miss this psychological thriller book at any cost, Download The Silent Patient PDF book available at the bottom for free and dive into a perfect murder mystery.

You can also refer to all the details for the book below.

The Silent Patient PDF Details

Book Title

The Silent Patient


Alex Michaelides



Number Of Pages

368 Pages (Original Paperback), 

299 (PDF Format)


Mystery & Thriller, Novel, Crime Fiction

Originally published

5 February 2019

Main Characters

Alicia Berenson, Gabriel, Theo Faber, Kathy Faber, Gabe Berenson

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The Silent Patient Author

Alex Michaelides debuted in the writing industry with his Thriller novel The Silent Patient which is originally published on 5 February 2019.

Alex has done M.A. in English Literature from Trinity College, Cambridge University, and also completed M.A. in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

He also writes as a screenwriter for films, his book The Silent Patient made him tremendously popular among the reader community which spent more than a year and become the New York Times bestseller book.

The Silent Patient PDF-author with book

The Silent Patient Summary

The Silent Patient starts with Alicia Berenson’s Diary which is narrated by a Forensic psychotherapist Theo Faber. It starts with a dark sentence “Alicia Berenson was Thirty-Three years old when she killed her husband.”

The story of the book runs in two timelines, one which takes you to Alicia’s early life before she got married and the second defines the current timeline.

Alicia is a very famous painter in London who lives in a Grand house with her husband Gabriel, a professional photographer who usually shoots for supermodels.

Being a well popular painter in town, Alicia lives a revising life with her husband Gabriel and everything is going perfectly in both life.

On a day when Gabriel returns home late after finishing his shoot, Alicia Berenson shoots him brutally five times in the face, and from that incident, she never speaks a word to anyone even to the police inquiry.

She refuses to talk, went into depression, and went through a mentally traumatic state due to this incident and become completely A Silent Patient. She didn’t even tell anything in the Police trial and Court.

The only clue police are able to collect is the signed “ALCESTIS” which is created by Alicia’s state of mind.

Considering her silence and looking at her mental state, Court accused her of the case of murder of her husband and sends her to the Mental Institution.

As six years passes and the plot jumps to a current timeline and introduces a Forensic psychotherapist Theo Faber, who had tremendous interest in this high-profile case from the beginning and now acquires through some settlement with the doctor.

Theo has only six weeks to talk and he finds that Alicia was given overdosed by the primary therapist Christian West and he requests him to lower her dose so Theo could get some insights from Alicia.

During Theo’s investigation, he comes to know through Alicia’s neighbor Barbie Hellmann that she had a stalker just some days before Gabriel’s murder takes place.

Besides the groove, we come to know about Thoe’s personal life as he has had some mental health problems in the past because of her wife Kathy who betrayed her and had an affair.

Again coming to Alicia’s interrogation, on the last visit to Theo’s, Alicia handed over a diary to him which confirms the neighbor’s story about the stalker Alicia had.

The diary also reveals some insight into Alicia’s childhood and how she gets a traumatic state due to her father leading her to hate him. Theo also comes to know about a tragic character Alcestis which Alicia created on the wall during the police trial resembles Gabriel who betrays her.

In the final part of the Diary, Alicia revealed the night when Gabriel was murdered, that night her stalker entered the house and tied her, and as soon as Gabriel enters, the stalker ties him up too and shoots five bullets at Gabriel’s face and left.

Neither police believe this story nor Theo did, but when Theo returns to confront Alicia but he is informed that Alicia went into a coma due to an overdose of morphine.

Well, the question arises, who gives overdoses to Alicia? Christian a primary physiotherapist or Stalker or maybe Theo himself. The one who did this may be a primary suspected killer of Gabriels too.

Download The Silent Patient PDF and the entire e-book in the download section just below and comment down who the stalker and the final culprit are as well.

The Silent Patient Review

The Silent Patient is certainly one of the best psychological suspense thriller books, starting to the end, it forces you to crack the mystery behind the murder of Gabriel.

What makes this book stand out compared to other suspense books is its plot which is extremely engaging and gripping as well as maintains users’ engagement throughout every chapter.

The characters are absolutely well-written, especially since you would love Alex Michaelides’s writing style, it is not even let you feel it’s his debut novel.

The ending suspense of the book is the backbone that will definitely stun you and leave your mouth open. An unpredictable plot with many twists and turns around with every chapter moving forward.

The Silent Patient pdf and e-Book got recognition after achieving the title and Winner for Best Mystery & Thriller (2019) from Goodreads.

It is also being adapted for a Hollywood movie that is undershooting and will be released soon, as stated by the official filmmakers.

A highly recommended book from ThePDFshelf, and also grabbed the top position in our best mystery and suspense thriller book list.

The Silent Patient Language

The Silent Patient book is a classic suspense thriller originally written in English by British author Alex Michaelides and published on 5 February 2019.

The Silent Patient PDF Download Link

The Silent Patient PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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The Silent Patient PDF FAQs

The Silent Patient is a psychological thriller book that contains some extremely high mind-blowing twists and turns, its not scary but sustains absolute suspense throughout the story making this book one of the best mystery and thrilling books of all time.

According to the official of the book, The Silent Patient is a fictional suspense thriller so all the characters are not real and the plot is fictional too, as of 2023 the book is adapted for a film with the same name in the developing phase, and releasing soon.

Without a doubt, The Silent Patient is included among the best Psychological suspense thriller book which created a huge impact on the reader due to its highly gripping and engaging plot, especially its ending makes it worth reading any day.

As of now, The Silent Patient book is a standalone story that portrays the murder mystery of a man and a prime suspect is his wife, furtherly at the end, the book ends up revealing who killed Gabriel.

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