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Book by Benjamin Graham



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The Intelligent Investor, A book that is one of the best-selling in the world and completely based on the stock market and maliciously guides you about value investing along with its fundamentals.

But before downloading, Take a look at the brief summary of this precious stock market book.

The Intelligent Investor PDF book is widely popular among stock market enthusiast as well as common people and tells you how to become successful in the stock market.

This book was written by Benjamin Graham, Who was a well-known economist, professor, and investor.

It is simply a great decision if you are going to read this book. I assured you will not regret it a single bit instead you will acquire immense knowledge about the stock market and achieve a great height after reading this book.

Just go bottom of this page and download this awesome The Intelligent Investor Book and start reading it today.

Book Title

The Intelligent Investor


Benjamin Graham






Number Of Pages

640 Pages (Original Paperback)

641 Pages (PDF Format)


First Published Date


Latest Edition

16 August 2021

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The Intelligent Investor Author

The Intelligent Investor book is written by American economist, Professor, and Greatest Investor Benjamin Graham.

Benjamin Graham is well known for his phenomenal contribution to understanding Value Investing. He is considered the mentor of Warren Buffet and is regarded as the Father of value investing.
His most precious book The Intelligent Investor originally published in 1949, but it is still relevant today and considered the Greatest Finance Book of all time.
The Intelligent Investor author with book cover

The Intelligent Investor Book Summary

If you are a person who is deeply involved in the stock market, you surely heard the name of Warren Buffet, A man who achieved tremendous success on the stock market and became the wealthiest man on the earth.

Mr. Warren Buffet says that he read the first book related to the stock market is The Intelligent Investor and considers the writer of this phenomenal book ‘Benjamin Graham’ as his mentor.

Now coming to this book, The Intelligent Investor tells how you should invest money in value stocks along with how to calculate risk and do proper research for risk management.

The book also tells how you should focus on creating wealth from long-term investment by lowering risk instead of short-term.

The Intelligent Investor book is mostly dedicated to the concept of Value Investing and how you should make a strong foundation of your wealth by investing in value stocks.

The Intelligent Investor book is called ‘Bible of the Stock Market’ by stock market professionals due to its immense treasure of knowledge and guidance about finance and the stock market.

I would say this is just only a small summary of this book and there is much more to know in-depth of every single concept of the stock market.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional in the stock market, I would highly recommend you to read the complete The Intelligent Investor pdf book by downloading it below.

The Intelligent Investor Review

The Intelligent Investor pdf includes the paperback book that has achieved the title of ‘Bestselling book in the world‘ because it is read by a large no. of people across the world and most of them liked it.

Here is The Intelligent Investor review based on the most reliable and popular platforms.

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon Logo

4.7 out of 5

Book Review-Google

94% Users liked this book


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The Intelligent Investor PDF FAQs

Absolutely not, rather The Intelligent Investor book written by Benjamin Graham is considered the best book in 2022 to learn the concept of value investing, Margin of Safety, Intrinsic Value, and more. Many professional traders and investors suggest this book to the traders.

The Intelligent investor is certainly an excellent book for beginners as well as the people who invest in stocks because this magnificent book especially teaches you about how one can achieve success and capital gain in the long term instead of the short term.

The Intelligent Investor is still relevant in 2022 where investment in stocks is getting more popular among the common people and they can learn everything about the stock market simply by reading this precious book.

The Intelligent Investor is written in an easy and simple manner so it can be easily read even if you are a beginner, but some technical words can be complicated to understand to being a beginner, gradually it can be adaptable when you reading it forward.

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