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Punk 57, A fictional romantic novel that draws the attention of many book lovers because of its standalone love-hate romance story.

The story starts with the friendship of 2 kids growing up and developing a strong relationship by only accidentally writing and receiving letters from each other due to their school assignments.

Their seven years of penpals start to become worst when they meet in real life and come to know that they don’t like how they are in real life.

How beautifully this story begins and how it becomes worst, to know what’s the reason, you need to download the Punk 57 PDF book from our site.

The book is so engaging from the very beginning to the end, as soon as you start reading it you go in-depth through the story and want to finish reading it.

For people who especially love novels, the Punk 57 book is definitely worth reading, so don’t wait just download this book on your phone and start reading it.

Before downloading you should look at all the details associated with the Punk 57 book.

Book Title

Punk 57


Penelope Douglas


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform







Book Format


Number Of Pages

423 Pages (Original)


Fiction, Romance, Youngs & Adults, Fantacy

First Published Date

21 October 2016

Main Characters

Misha Lare, Ryen Trevarrow

Punk 57 Author

The Punk 57 book is written by Penelope Douglas who is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today’s Best Selling Author.

Apart from Punk 57 successful journey, Penelope Douglas is known for her popular books called Birthday Girl, and Credence and The Fall Away Series.

Currently, she is living in England with her family.

Punk 57 pdf author with book cover

Punk 57 Summary

The story of Punk 57 book surrounds two main characters named Misha Lare, and Ryen Trevarrow who became pen pals accidentally when they are 11 years old.

They write to each other for seven years without meeting in real life.

Ryen and Misha are brought together by a different school assignment due to their names which confuse teachers about their gender. Thinking Misha was a girl and Ryen was a boy.

Ryen and Misha develop a strong bond over the seven years of course and started writing letters to each other sometimes once a week and three a day.

They both had three rules which are No social media, No phone numbers, and No pictures.

During a scavenger hunt where Misha was performing with his band mates, suddenly his eyes stopped on a girl and he realizes that the girl is Ryen.

Unfortunately, he founds that Ryen is not the kind of girl she picturized in all those years of letter writing.

After being disappointed by this incident, he stopped replying to her but Ryen consistently wrote letters to him.

The story turns around when Misha didn’t write the letter for around three months and Ryen is concerned for him whether he was gone forever, arrested or something wrong happened.

To know what happened next, how Misha and Ryen’s love story move forward, and why these hate words from Misha- “We were perfect together. Until we met.”

To get all the answers, you need to download the Punk 57 PDF immediately from the download section below.

Punk 57 Review

The Punk 57 book is considered the best romantic novel ever written and loved by millions of people across the globe.

The characters are well-relatable, and the entire story is beautifully depicted by the author which makes you engage all the time while reading it.

You can love it, or hate it but you can not ignore it because this book has everything bullying, lies, truths, and dramas which you will gonna love it.

The Punk 57 book has achieved the Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Romance (2016).

Overall, millions copy of the Punk 57 PDF e-book has been downloaded and paperback sold since its launch in 2016 and still counting, it is loved by most readers among them.

it has got a tremendous positive rating from people and critics as well.

I’m sharing the popular review and rating of this book done by the top reliable platforms:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon Logo

4.4 out of 5

Books Review-Apple Books
Book Review-Google

94% Users liked this book


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For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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Punk 57 PDF FAQs

Absolutely yes, Punk 57 book is beautifully written by female author Penelope Douglas, the characters are well relatable as well as the story is engaging which keeps your attention throughout the reading and won’t let you bored, overall a great fictional novel to read for a book lover.

Punk 57 book has two main characters which are Misha Lare who is a teen boy and Ryen Trevarrow (a teen girl) who became pen pals because of their school assignments and accidentally writing letters on white paper to each other without knowing in real life, gradually they became good friends.

Punk 57 book is a story of two kids growing up and indulging in a relationship due to their school assignment, the book contains a few steamy and spicy scenes so it is best recommended to read for those who are 16 and above.

The Punk 57 book has 423 pages which required 8-9 hours for a standard reader to finish reading this entire book.

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