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purple hibiscus pdf
Book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie



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Purple Hibiscus is a Bildungsroman fiction novel that tells the story of a Fifteen-year-old Kambili who lives a very stable and shielded life in a beautiful house with her older brother Jaja, their parents Papa and Mama.

The story turns when Kambili and Jaja get completely different experiences in a nurturing environment when they are sent to their aunt Ifeoma’s house due to political instability and a military coup in a country where they live comfortably.

When they return, Kambili needs more strength to deal with the disintegration of her family and wants to put them together with her growing maturity level and coordination.

Purple Hibiscus pdf book is an eye-opening novel worth reading as it portrays the true meaning of freedom, religious fanaticism, the emotional turmoil of adolescence and how can someone go beyond to protect his family.

Purple Hibiscus PDF Details

Book Title

Purple Hibiscus


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie








Number Of Pages

336 Pages (Original Paperback)

286 Pages (PDF Format)  


Bildungsroman, African literature, Fiction Novel

First Published Date

October 2003

Main Characters

Kambili Achike, Chukwuka Achike (Jaja), Eugene Achike, Beatrice Achike, Aunty Ifeoma, Ade Coker

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Purple Hibiscus Book Author

Purple Hibiscus book is written by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

She has been succeeding in attracting a new generation of readers toward African Literature through his beautiful and unique style of narration which makes her an exceptional writer.

She has written several books that usually cover serious topics about family and society and give optimism in life, her popular books are Purple Hibiscus (2003), Half of a Yellow Sun (2006), and Americanah (2013).

purple hibiscus pdf author

Plot Summary

The plot of Purple Hibiscus begins with the disintegration scene of her family, her Papa flung his heavy missal and broke the figurines, Mama placed the wet fresh palm fronds and her brother Jaja rejected the communion.

The story settles into four different sections and mostly portrays the entire narration through several flashbacks of 15-year-old Kambili Achike.

Kambili lives in a beautiful and luxurious house in Enugu, Nigeria with her father, mother whom she called Papa and Mama, and her 17-year-old elder brother Jaja, that house has everything where they feel safe and happy.

Kambili’s father Eugene Achike runs several businesses in the town, he owns a factory, and a newspaper publisher, and is also a champion of human rights.

He has a dark side as well he usually abuses Kambili’s mother, beats her, and forces Kambili and Jaja to follow guidelines and live a life according to his plan if they don’t he punishes them physically.

The town is struggling with political instability, and economic difficulties and a military coup topples the government. Papa Eugene Achike gets stuck in the pro-democracy work.

On the other side, Mama comes to know about her pregnancy, she has achieved pregnancy after several miscarriages. Papa is not happy and beat her Mama badly resulting a discouraged again.

The Purple Hibiscus pdf story moves forward, and the military takes control of the town and arrests Ade Coker, the editor of Papa’s newspaper but somehow he released Ade using his political power.

Furtherly, Papa has planning to celebrate Christmas in their home village called Abba, and they move to Abba with their complete family where they get a warm welcome from the villagers as well as receive several gifts from them.

Now, we come to know about Kambili’s aunt and Papa’s sister Ifeoma who also joins them in the village of Anna with her three children. Two girls Amaka, and Obiora, and a seven-year-old boy named Chima.

After taking permission from Papa, Kambili and his brother Jaja moves on a pilgrimage to a Catholic shrine with Kevin who drives them to their Aunt Ifeoma’s house situated in Nsukka.

This flat is very different compared to their Papa’s luxury house and lacks many essential objects, it’s a completely new experience for Kambili and Jaja over there but they enjoy playing music and watching tv series.

Now, this is the time when we come to know some glimpse about the Purple Hibiscus flower which was planted in Ifeoma’s garden along with some other flowers as well, this shows her aunt’s enthusiasm for gardening and flowers.

Jaja adapted to the environment quickly whereas Kambili encounters challenges while doing household work. Both Jaja and Kambili open up there, learns responsibility, and become mature in this hard environment.

At the same time, there is some brutal incidents occur in his Papa’s business as his newspaper editor Ade Coker was caught again by the police, and Papa advised his sister Ifeoma to let Kambili and Jaja stay for more days in her house.

Furtherly, their Grandpapa Nnukwu dies after suffering from sickness for a couple of days and at the same time their Papa takes Kambili and Jaja home with him for a certain reason which he doesn’t like.

When they come back to their home, Kambili finds her mother’s face swollen and her eyes got hurt badly which shows the brutality of his father.

The pro-democracy movement running at its peak in the country, and the leader of this movement warned Papa that he can be targeted and his life in danger as his newspaper editor Ade Coker is killed by a bomb explosion.

During Kambili’s visit to her aunt Ifeoma’s house again, she falls in love with a young priest, Father Amadi as they spent the most time together and get attracted, and later return to their original home with her Mama.

Here in the town, the movement of Eugene continues to be violence and gradually destroys everything. In the end, Papa dies suddenly, his autopsy reveals the cause of death is poison.

Mom admits that she poisoned him in tea which puts Kambili into shock but realizes his brutality toward Mama throughout his entire life. Later Jaja admits to the crime to protect his Mama and is sent to prison for his crime.

At the end of the novel, after three years of the incident, Jaja is released soon from prison as a result of Mama’s bribery, Kambili grows a more mature woman, and they all hope for a better future ahead.

Should I Read Purple Hibiscus book?

The Purple Hibiscus book was first published in 2003 by Algonquin Books.

It is highly appreciated by many top organizations and succeeded in winning rare awards named Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book (Africa) in 2005.

It talks about serious topics including domestic violence, family relations, their importance, and religious thoughts, along with representing the freedom of hope that defines this book’s significance among social readers.

The author succeeds in describing how being wealthy doesn’t make you mature and responsible but living in such a challenging environment does, this message impact hardly on my mind while reading Purple Hibiscus pdf book.

If you enjoy reading a book containing significant social issues, family relationships, adolescence, with a shadow of religious fanaticism, Purple Hibiscus book is definitely worth considering.

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Despite this novel covering African literature, Purple Hibiscus PDF Book is officially written in English by the author. You can download this book in English too.

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Purple Hibiscus PDF FAQs

The book Purple Hibiscus is a Bildungsroman fictional novel that amplifies the meaning of freedom which Kambili and his brother Jaja seeking for throughout their life due to their brutal and violent father, it also shares some glimpse of religious fanaticism, adolescence, and domestic violence.

There is no conclusive evidence that proves The Purple Hibiscus is a true story although it shares the combination of some non-fictional events including the pro-democracy movement in easter Eupore, keeping aside this book is a fictional novel according to official data.

Purple Hibiscus book contains 336 pages in its Paperback edition, whereas it has 286 pages in its PDF Format available on e-book reading platforms.

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