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Book by Matt Haig



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Do you ever feel depressed, lost all hope, and feel detached from everyone? Well, everyone goes through such phases in life once when life breaks us down.

But if I tell you, you have the option to relive your life again with a positive perception and a different story. Would it change everything or still life persist in the struggle?

I’m recommending you a book called The Midnight Library which is based on the same prospect of life and must read for young adults as it has the potential to change your perception toward life.

The Midnight Library is a Science and Philosophical fiction novel that tells the story of a young girl Nora Seed who has gone through the toughest faces in her life and thinking to give up now, but when she travels to the mysterious The Midnight Library which has each book offers different choices of her life which she can choose.

Would this library be able to change her perception, make her feel worth living in the first place, and fulfil her life?

Download The Midnight Library PDF on your phone by following the download section at the bottom and dive into the magnificent story of science fiction. 

The Midnight Library PDF Details

Book Title

The Midnight Library


Matt Haig



Number Of Pages

304 Pages (Original Paperback), 

274 (PDF Format)


Science Fiction, Novel, Philosophical Fiction

Originally published

13 August 2020

Main Characters

Nora Seed, Mrs. Elm, Dan, Voltaire

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The Midnight Library Author

The Midnight Library book is written by English author and journalist Matt Haig.

Matt Haig usually writes books in Fiction genres for children and adults and many of them are on the best-selling list.

His most popular books are Reasons to Stay Alive (2015), A Boy Called Christmas (2015), How to Stop Time (2017), and The Midnight Library (2020). His several books including A Boy Called Christmas are adapted for feature films.

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The Midnight Library Summary

The story of The Midnight Library sets nineteen years before Nora decided to die, Nora Seed, a young woman and also the protagonist of this book.

She is having a conversation with quite an old lady Mrs. Elm, the person most on Nora’s wavelength in the entire school, and spends her afternoon break in the library.

The narration jumps to nineteen Years Later, where it shows Nora living an impassive life full of depression, and sadness, filled with lackluster and lost everything in her life which she loved the most.

She feels heartbroken completely due to all these unfortunate incidents that occurred in her life which makes her hopeless.

She is going through hard challenges within a couple of days. Twenty-seven hours before she decided to die, she lost Voltaire in a terrible car accident, and a half hours before, her cat also died last night and she is looking for a place to bury her.

Her brother behaves like a stranger and ignores her when he was in town, Nora was fired from her job at the music store String Theory.

Her earlier setbacks include her mother’s dismissal of Cancer, She broke up with her fiance Dan two days before her wedding. Nora’s friends also betrayed her badly putting her into extreme depression and sorrow.

She feels no option left to live life and considers herself a black hole deep down inside. She has now decided to die. After writing a suicide note, she consumed overdoses of pills and wine to finish her life.

She ended up wakes in a strange place called The Midnight Library which is filled with full of books and surprisingly she spotted Mrs. Elm there, her school librarian who manages The Midnight Library as well.

The library is situated between life and death and contains thousands of books, each book having all the possible life aspects of Nora with a different life story. It allows Nora to move a possible version of her life.

Nora must use this library to figure out the real meaning of her life and in what version she would be happy.

She finds several books in which she is the most content, for instance, she experiences the book first of all in which she marries Dan, and afterwards, a book in which she and Joe pursue their brand higher, in which she pursues her dream to become successful swimming athlete, she sees herself as a glaciologist doing research.

Nora explores every version of her life from which she was trying to escape. She thought of her life living with joyful and magnificent events, unfortunately, she come to a realization that the point of life is life itself.

These life versions of books associated with Nora bring a very different perception which is positive, filled with lots of hope, accepted the ups and down, and teaches the best life lessons for her is the real life that she is living.

Before the crumble of The Midnight Library, she needs to make it out which teaches her life lessons.

Would she back to her life on earth and survive the overdose of pills and starts a life with a new perception or would she never come back, to know the mesmerizing ending, you need to download The Midnight Library PDF book and know your own.

The Midnight Library Review

The author of this book Matt Haig is a really wonderful and underrated author, he really knows about the real mental issues, depression, and anxiety from a youngster goes through in real life.

The entire narration is brilliant, fast-paced, and engaging. What this book shows can simply be connected with anyone’s life who going through similar situations and teaches the real meaning of life and its importance.

It also differentiates how an imaginary life is just a mirage, whereas the actual life is the best version of ourselves which can be better with cherishing the ups and downs and fighting the challenges.

Conveying the message “Escaping from life is not a solution”, this book is highly recommended to all, especially someone who is struggling with life-fighting alone, facing tough challenges.

For me reading The Midnight Library pdf book made me optimistic, seeing life from a positive perception whatever the situation is.

The Midnight Library book was abridged and broadcast on BBC Radio 4 over ten episodes in December 2020 as well as the Winner of Best Fiction (2020) by Goodreads.

As it has grabbed huge appreciation from every business organization and individual readers.

The Midnight Library Language

The Midnight Library is a Science fictional and Philosophical novel originally written in English by Matt Haig, It is published on 13 August 2020.

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The Midnight Library PDF FAQs

For a teenager and adults, The Midnight Library directly triggered your mind and teaches beautiful lessons about life like how imaginary life is just a mirage, just accept life in its raw form, it’s the key to happiness.

The complete The Midnight Library book surrounds the story of a young and straight girl Nora Seed living in depression and lost all hopes of being positive, but some glimpse of her brother inside the story tells about his gay profile.

The Midnight Library is a tail of a young girl Nora who decided to die and consumes an overdose of pills but eventually wakes up in a library containing several books about her life events which she can read, I’m not going to ruin the suspense but yes, it has some pleasing ending at the end.

The Midnight Library audiobook can be found on Amazon Aubible for a minimal price, it can also be listed on several platforms including SoundCloud, and GalaxyAudiobook.

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