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Outlander Book PDF by Diana Gabaldon

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outlander pdf
Book by Diana Gabaldon
Romance Novel



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As far as the best romance novel of all time is concerned, Outlander book certainly will come on the top list due to its magnificent storyline.

Outlander is a historical fantasy novel set during World War II in 1945 in Inverness, Scotland, starting with 27-year-old Claire Beauchamp who reconnects with her husband Jamie Fraser after their separation due to World War.

Claire Beauchamp travels through time to the 18th century in Scotland for finding and reconnecting with her husband, during their meeting, she has gone through different and never forgetting experiences of her life with Jamie Fraser.

Outlander is the first novel in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series first published in 1991 and continues in its further series with Ten books planned, it has achieved the title of One of the top ten best-loved novels in America.

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Outlander PDF Details

Book Title



Diana J. Gabaldon









Number Of Pages

850 Pages (Original Paperback)

888 Pages (PDF Format)


History Fiction, Romance, Novel

First Published Date

1 June 1991

Main Characters

Claire Beauchamp, Frank Randall, James "Jamie" Fraser, Colum MacKenzie, Dougal MacKenzie

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Outlander Book Author

The author of Outlander book is Diana J. Gabaldon.

Diana J. Gabaldon is an American author best known for her many internationally bestselling historical novels including Dragonfly in Amber (1992), Voyager, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross (1992), and A Breath of Snow Ashes (1992).

The Outlander Series of novels gave her huge publicity among readers.

Outlander PDF author

Plot Summary

The Outlander novel begins with the first chapter called A New Beginning and narrates from the perspective of 27-year-old woman Claire Beauchamp who is a former British Army nurse.

The book begins with Claire and her husband Frank Randall, a history professor who has returned to Inverness, Scotland for meeting with his wife after surviving the Second World War separation.

Being a historian, Frank usually studies lots of historical incidents and researches them, now he is researching his Scottish ancestor named Captain Jonathan Randall.

Moving forward, Claire faints as soon as she touches standing stones near the hill after curiously trying to know the strange noise constantly coming from the stone.

When she wakes up, she finds herself in the year 1743 as she has traveled through time. Claire encounters Captain Jack Randall who is Frank’s ancestor. He is very rude and accused Claire of certain reasons.

Before Jack Randall could do anything to Claire, he was knocked unconscious by a group of Scottish clansmen, knowns as Highlanders. They also kidnaped Claire and take her with them.

A character introduced in the Outlander pdf book named James “Jamie” Fraser, a comrade of the Clan is softened and kind toward Claire whereas Claire feels quite comfortable with him. While interrogation she lies and represents herself as an English widow and was on a way to visit her family in France.

Well, The chief of the clan Colum MacKenzie suspects Claire of being an English spy rather than believing her story and refer to her as Outlanders which means an outsider to the town.

On the other side, Claire identifies Jamie belongs to a different clan because of his different genes, and gradually, Claire and Jamie come closer when she comes to know about Randall who had raped his sister Jenny.

Further, Colum advised his brother Dougal to collect rent to raise money for the Jacobite movement.

As Claire is suspected,  Captain Randall tries to take control for clearing her identity and tells Dougal for bringing Claire for interrogation. When he couldn’t succeed in identifying whether she is a spy or not, he beats badly to Claire.

Dougal advised Claire to get married to Jamie to avoid future interrogations from anyone as this is the prominent way that makes her natural to fit in the Scottish clan.

Initially, Claire hesitates but later accepts the suggestion and married to Jamie in the church, Jamie reveals that his family name is Fraser. They both make love intensely and confessed their love for each other.

But things do not go smoothly and Claire is slightly being detached from Jamie due to Jamie’s aggression and also thinking about Frank, so she has a failed attempt while returning to Craigh na Dun and captured by Captain Randall.

While imprisoned, she meets with Geillis, a woman who is also from the future, and identifies this through the scar on her arm quite similar to Claire herself. Later Jamie comes to rescue Claire and he succeeds in it.

Finally, the time comes when Claire reveals the truth about her time travel journey to Jamie, Jamie takes her to Craigh na Dun so she can return to her original timeline but she chooses to stay with Jamie.

Now, we have a glimpse of Jamie’s home Lallybroch and his family including his sister Jenny who lives with her husband Lan. At Lallybroch, Jamie got captured and puts into prison due to the betrayal of one of his mates.

Whereas Claire is captured by Randall, and later he tries to rape her. Jamie puts his life at the risk and solicits front of Randall to leave Claire and offered himself to Randall who assaulted him physically.

With the help of Sir Marcus MacRannoch, Jamie’s mother, suitors, and family, Jamie is rescued from the prison and taken to Sir Marcus’s house where he gets treatment by Claire for rapid recovery but his memory is impacted badly by Randall’s physical assault.

Jamie fights with it and is able to recover from a traumatic state of mind, now Jamie and Claire make love for the first time after Jamie’s terrible state, and at the end of the novel, Claire reveals happiness that she is carrying a baby.

Should I Read Outlander book?

Outlander Book is written and published in 1991, and later adapted for a Television series because of its brilliant plot that premiered on Starz in the US on August 9, 2014.

The characters are immortal that can’t be forgotten easily after reading the novel, the writing skill of Diana Gabaldon is highly appreciated which is well enough to make you fall in love with Outlander.

Outlander book has a unique combination of elements, so if you enjoy a historical fiction novel based on precise research and containing romance, betrayal, adventure, and Time travel elements then it is absolutely worth reading the Outlander pdf book.

Before starting to read, one needs to make sure the Outlander complete book series is quite lengthier with 800-1000 pages which may not be good for people who usually love to read shorter books.

Outlander PDF Download or Buy

Outlander’s complete book series is officially written in English, and its PDF is available to download in English as of now.

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For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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Outlander PDF FAQs

You should start reading first Outlander (1991) for the best understanding of the complete Outlander Series, furtherly it has a total 9 no. of books in its complete Outlander series.

Here is a perfect order for reading the Outlander Series, Outlander (1991), Dragonfly in Amber (1992), Voyager (1993), Drums of Autumn (1996), The Fiery Cross (2001), A Breath of Snow and Ashes (2005), An Echo in the Bone (2009), Written, in My Own Heart’s Blood (2014)[16], Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone (2021).

Outlander book is quite lengthier as it has 850 pages in its official paperback edition, whereas Outlander PDF contains 888 pages in it which will easily take 18-19 hours to get reading done.

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