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Book by Eckhart Tolle



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Human tendency is to always lose themselves in the past or thinking about the future which brings anxiety and fear in day-to-day life.

The eternal contradiction running in our mind is not letting us focus on an object with full potential and pure dedication.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment is a self-help book that enlightens you on the journey of self-realization living in true, deep, and present moments through spirituality.

It simply teaches that the present moment is real and only matters, along with working on the principle of living a pain-free life by living only in present.

This book already changed millions of lives and it can change yours too, what you need is to download The Power of Now PDF book for free by scrolling at the bottom.

If you are still confused, you can refer to The Power of Now summary, review, and all the details below.

The Power of Now PDF Details

Book Title

The Power of Now


Eckhart Tolle



Number Of Pages

236 Pages (Original Paperback)

235 Pages (PDF Format)


Self-help, Psychology, Non-fiction

First Published Date


Latest Edition

August 19, 2004

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The Power of Now Author

The Power of Now book is written by a German-born Spiritual Teacher Eckhart Tolle.

He has written several self-help books filled with a glimpse of spirituality, his popular books are A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (2005), Guardians of being (2009), and The Power of Now (1997).

He achieved the spiritual transformation at the age of 26 which dissolved his old identity and completely changed his life.

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The Power of Now Summary

After going through a lot of bad trouble and problems in life, the author Eckhart Tolle founds the root cause of his painful life.

Where the concept of The Power of Now book is born in 1997, and he shares the essence of the book through ten chapters. Each chapter has an exceptionally well-described understanding of practical possibilities.

It has a broad discussion about how people interact with themselves and with others, along with the significance of living in present rather than thinking of the past and the future.

It takes you on a spiritual journey that helps to implement the principle of living in the present as well as finding a true path of self-realization and enlightenment.

There is a lot of acclaim for this masterpiece, especially since it is recommended by popular personalities including Oprah Winfrey, and some spiritual gurus. 

To understand this book better, here is the breakdown of The Power of Now pdf book into some important bullet points:

  • The first chapter starts with the struggle and bad phase of the author and how this book comes into existence.
  • Further, what is the greatest obstacle to Enlightenment and experiencing this reality?
  • Everyone hears a voice in their head all the time or involuntary thought processes chattering in their minds, how to stop it with the power of meditation.
  • State of Presence is the key to getting free of thoughts and being highly active on alert mode.
  • How do we need to find an invisible reality that can’t be destroyed which leads to connecting with the inner body and transformation?
  • We need to develop the skills called The Art of Listening and learn the importance of Silence.
  • How to achieve Conscious Death through the path of awakening ourselves.
  • There is Peace if you go beyond Happiness and Sorrows.
  • The Art of Surrendering Ourselves with the Help of Spirituality and Enlightenment.

The book also narrates some Buddhism techniques mixed with mysticism and a few references to Jesus Christ that impact deeply on the power of your subconscious mind.

It also lets you know about the meaning of the Present along with every chapter surrounding the Present of our lives, which actually creates a real value to our day-to-day lives.

If you want to enlighten yourself, awaken your inner soul, and achieve pure happiness and stress-free life, The Power of Now pdf book is a one-way solution.

A must-read self-help book for every individual!

The Power of Now Review

The Power of Now, a book that certainly changes your life when you follow and implement the lessons mentioned in the book.

Every chapter literally has a magical depiction that directly impacts your mind and soul, it has enough power to eliminate stress and put you into a relaxed state.

As soon as you find difficulties in life, feel anxiety, are depressed, or going through a tough phase, start reading this powerful book that can save you from ruining your life as it already transformed many lives.

We must be thankful to the author Eckhart Tolle for writing such a divine book, the elaboration is beautifully done that filled with the essence of spirituality which blossoms while reading every page.

It has achieved the milestone of being sold over three million copies only in North America, and The Power of Now pdf format is downloaded across the world.

The Power of Now Language

The Power of Now is a powerful self-help book originally written in English by German-born spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. This book is published in 1997.

The Power of Now PDF Download Link

The Power of Now PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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The Power of Now PDF FAQs

The Power of Now is an extremely powerful self-help book that is prominently written on the concept of the psychic power of the human mind and how it can be utilized to live a stress-free life in the present moment with the help of spirituality and enlightenment.

The Power of Now book is summarized in Ten chapters which teaches you the significance of living a stress-free life in the Present rather than thinking of the Past and getting worried about the Future, the implementation of this principle can be achieved through the journey of spirituality and enlightenment.

The Power of Now book contains some complicated words of spirituality which needs absolute attention while reading it, although it is quite easy to read for people even who have a mediocre understanding of English.

The Power of Now book has around 235 pages in both Paperback edition and PDF Format available on the internet which will take around 6-7 hours to read it completely.

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