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A very old fictional novel but still loved by many book enthusiasts have created a huge impact on society due to its brilliant storyline which changes your perception.

Published in 1956, Giovanni’s Room novel narrates the story of an American man living in Paris, France who finds himself caught between desire and conventional morality.

This book contains literature on homosexuality, and psychological fiction and covers the tale of the loneliness of a human.

Still as of now in 2023, many top book-reading platforms include this book in their top 25 best books to read of all time.

If you looking to read a book that contains fun, enjoyment, and spice then this book is not written for you, but if you looking to read a classic literature book that focuses covers on human isolation, repressed desire, and morality.

You should definitely give Giovanni’s Room a try, it will leave you feeling enlarged and courageous and its consequences probably make you emotional in the end.

Download Giovanni’s Room PDF book on your phone or e-Reader available at the bottom and witness different and unique human psychology literature.

Book Title

Giovanni’s Room


James Baldwin








Number Of Pages

176 Pages (Original Paperback)

104 Pages (PDF Format)  


Drama, literature, Psychological Fiction

First Published Date


Main Characters

David, Giovanni, Hella, Jacques

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Giovanni’s Room Author

Giovanni’s Room book is written by American writer James Baldwin, who is America’s foremost writer and novelist.

With his various popular books on sexuality and racism, he became increasingly outspoken in condemning discrimination, his popular books are Giovanni’s Room (1956), Another Country (1962), and Going to Meet the Man (1965).

James Arthur Baldwin was born on August 2, 1924, and died on December 1, 1987.

Giovanni’s Room author with book cover

Giovanni’s Room Summary

Giovanni’s Room narrates the story of a white American man David living in Paris and thinking about his ex-girlfriend and fiance Hella who is getting way back to the United States.

David narrates the entire story as during “the night which is leading me to the most terrible morning of my life,” his lover Giovanni Who is an Italian immigrant is awaiting execution.

Once David met Hella and proposed to her, but she leaves for Spain to contemplate marriage.

As David drinks alone and starts to recall his life experiences and express his eventual first sexual encounter with a boy named Joey who lives in Brooklyn, David left and tries to forget his experience and took to bullying Joey.

Going further, David Shares how some unfortunate incident pulled him into started drinking, He lost his mother at the age of 5, and lived his life with an alcoholic father and overbearing aunt.

He also collects how he moved to France seeking the opportunity for a job after convincing his father.

After a year in Paris, he meets an American girl named Hella, and gradually progressed their relationship he proposed to Hella. We furtherly meet a new character in Giovanni’s Room pdf book whose name is Jacques.

Jacques older homosexual sometimes financially helps David as David’s father used to withdraw funds from his account. During their dinner at a local bar, David and Jacques meet with a bartender named Giovanni at a bar.

While having the conversation, David finds instant sexual attraction with Giovanni and invites him to his apartment, and later makes love with him.

Everything goes smoothly, but one day David receives a letter from his father as well as his girlfriend Hella, his father requests David to return home whereas Hella informs him marrying decision with him.

Now Hella is returning to Paris, David decided to leave Giovanni hoping to spend his Heterosexual life with Hella, and tells her that Giovanni and he were roommates hiding their relationship.

On the other hand, Giovanni becomes depressed and squalor after leaving David without any notice. David and Giovanni meet last time together and David describes his compulsion and impossibility of taking this relationship.

David is even unable to continue with Hella as well as suppress his same-sex desire, and leaves Hello too, on the other hand, to know what happened to Giovanni, you need to download and read the complete Giovanni’s Room pdf on your own.

Giovanni’s Room Review

The author of Giovanni’s Room brilliantly portrayed the character of David, Giovanni, and Hella and gives a strong punch to the audience.

Although, the narrator of this book is not an innocent victim who is protecting himself throughout some specific scenes and also abandoned his close ones due to struggling with sexuality.

But at the end of the book, he can’t hide from himself and accept the reality and guilt for his life which is such a heartbreaking feeling to us while reading it.

The writing skills of the author create a major and strong impact on you and evokes powerful emotion, especially to know what happened to Giovanni.

Overall, Giovanni’s Room book is a powerful creation that can’t be missed at any cost. It is rated excellently on all popular book platforms.

You can refer to the table below to know the ratings and reviews for Giovanni’s Room pdf book and Official Paperback edition:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon Logo

4.7 out of 5

Books Review-Apple Books
Book Review-Google

90% Users liked this book


Giovanni’s Room PDF Download Link

As it is written officially in English, Giovanni’s Room PDF Book is available to download in English for book lovers.

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Giovanni’s Room PDF FAQs

Yes, Giovanni’s Room novel is based on the story of a homosexual American man who struggles with sexuality and has multiple relationships with his fiance Hella, and a man Giovanni, but in the end, he feels the guilt of his past decisions and suppressed desires.

Giovanni’s Room book narrates the story of an American man leaving in Paris who is struggling with his sexuality and caught himself between desire and morality which makes him guilt, depressed and heartbroken.

There are 104 pages in Giovanni’s Room pdf book and 176 pages in its official Paperback edition which takes only 3-4 hours to read it completely.

Yes, It’s true that Giovanni’s Room book was banned by some countries due to its sensitive content which is completely focused on Homosexuality as well as bisexuality which may impact inversely to teenagers.

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