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Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins | Summary & Lessons

can't hurt me summary
Book by David Goggins



Hours to read

Some books are born to revolutionize the world and create a huge impact on the human mind, transform many lives, and write history with golden words.

Can’t Hurt Me, an extremely motivational book that inspired millions of youths to fight hard with their challenges, demolish fear, ruin pain, and emerge as sunshine that no one can think of in dreams.

Can’t Hurt Me is a story of David Goggins, a man struggling with poverty, prejudice, overweighed and physical abuse coloured but becomes the world’s top record-holder athlete, the only man in history to complete elite training as a Navy SEAL, and is awarded as The Fittest Man in America.

David Goggins shares his life journey and tells how he has been able to achieve the landmark which anyone on this planet can achieve too.

What they need is, this 40% Rule mentioned in his book, so don’t wait, start reading Can’t Hurt Me Summary by David Goggins with effective its lessons.

As this book has already transformed many people from ordinary life into unorthodox personalities, and now it’s time for yours.

Can’t Hurt Me Book Details

Book Title

Can’t Hurt Me


David Goggins


Lioncrest Publishing







Number Of Pages

364 Pages (Original Paperback)


Self-Help, Non-fiction, Psychology

First Published Date

15 November 2018

Latest Edition

15 November 2018

Can’t Hurt Me Author

Can’t Hurt Me book is an autobiography of David Goggins, who is a retired United States Navy SEAL member, ultramarathon runner, and world’s best ultra-endurance athlete.

David is a former Guinness World Record holder for completing 4,030 pull-ups in seventeen hours, and besides, he has competed in more than sixty ultra-marathons holding many phenomenal records.

His memoir book Can’t Hurt Me (2018) gives him tremendous recognition and is loved by millions of people all over the world.

Can’t Hurt Me Summary

Can’t Hurt Me begins with the early life story of David Goggins, he used to be like everyone who had excuses for everything.

He was born with a broken life surviving on welfare, went through a bottom, had an abusive and traumatic childhood, and was badly tormented at school for his nigger identity which he can’t even count.

He became too overweight in his twenties, highly depressed, and has no future ahead due to his way of living which is filled with full of uncertainty. Every night haunted him badly like a nightmare.

The truth is self-help and motivation are crap that works temporarily, and life will again be on the same track as it cant rewire your brain and not be able to uplift your life.

Finally, David Goggins comes up with a mindset as he is responsible for his state of life, no other than him coming to fix it. He started to absorb pain, establish a love connection with suffering and become the toughest and hardest man on this planet.

Let’s break down the Can’t Hurt Me book into the 10 most impactful lessons through bullet points to understand how can an ordinary man achieve such a level of milestone.

  • What are the current factors and aspects that limit your growth and success?
  • Break out your journal, if you don’t have one, buy one, or start one on your laptop or any device.
  • Start writing your dreams, goals, and insecurities on paper and glued them on the mirror.
  • If you see someone overweight in the mirror, well, you possess lots of fat.
    Whether it’s a career goal, sports goal, lifestyle goal, or any other goal, you need to be truthful with yourself because the mountain is you for your fate.
  • Break down all the steps required to achieve these goals and start tracking the progress day to day, weekly, and monthly.
  • Put yourself in any competitive situation and find the best guy on the squad, work on being better always.
  • Start Visualizing the things you can achieve in the future and feel what success would look like.
  • Make a list of minor failed tasks and try to win them with second, third, or further attempts.
  • Slowly start to remove the governor from your brain, and push yourself to do 10% more in a week.
  • Most people waste 4-5 hours by involving in a smartphone or anything which distracts them. So identify those hours, utilize them, and increase productivity.
  • Greatness is like a flash of oil in a hot pan that evaporates, It is not going to sustain forever.
  • If you want to be recognized as Uncommon, sustain Greatness by putting in limitless efforts.
  • Write down both good and bad things on paper and how you handled failure, and go back and fix what you can.
    If you face failure again, fight, absorb the pain and work hard with more effort, and continue till you get success in it.

These all challenges mentioned in the book made David Goggins the toughest, hardest, and most uncommon man on earth, he achieved those objectives which no one can think of in a dream too.

If David Goggins can do it, anyone can, what it needs is to just accept the challenges, fight like a soldier and master the mind, defy the odds, demolish fear, and reach the full potential of our body.

Can’t Hurt Me Review

Can’t Hurt Me shows how a human being can surpass the limit created by his own mind and how fear of pain, taking challenges, and concern about failure drag you back every time.

Each chapter of David Goggins’s life elaborated on his struggles and traumatic state of his mind, and After every chapter, One-page is consisting of the Challenge showing how he was able to come up strongly whenever got failure.

Along with his challenges and what he has achieved by following the path, It guides you too to become phenomenal and uncommon among the common people.

The book portrays many real captions of David’s life journey that shows how he has suffered his body during extreme pain. Every page of the book gives you consistent inspiration and motivation.

From being overweight, struggling with poverty, and bullying by his schoolmates to becoming the only man in history to complete elite Navy Seal training, and the World’s toughest athlete. The Can’t Hurt Me Summary of David Goggins deserved to be read by everyone.

Over 4 million copies of its paperback edition have been sold within a short span of time and become best selling book on popular platforms.

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Can’t Hurt Me FAQs

Can’t Hurt Me is an extremely powerful autobiography of a powerful athlete David Goggins who inspire us to stretch our mental capabilities, master our minds, fights the toughest challenges, ruin fear, and make out true potential from our body. It is worth every second of reading.

Can’t Hurt Me is written straight using simple abbreviations and easy language, it contains 364 pages in the Paperback edition making it fast-paced and easy to read.

David Goggins is the most extraordinary athlete who holds phenomenal records including the only US Armed Force member who complete Navy Seal training, ultramarathon running, Air Force Tactical Air Controller training, and former Guinness World Record holder for completing 4,030 pull-ups in seventeen hours, His first memoir, Can’t Hurt Me become immensely popular among youth.

There are 364 pages in the official Paperback edition of Can’t Hurt me book which required almost 7-8 hours to read it completely.

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