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Book by Tia Williams



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Seven days to fall in love, fifteen years to forget, and seven days to get it all back again… The title of Seven Days in June book is well enough to draw the attention of novel lovers.

It has all the essential elements which make you fall in love with this book and leaves your heart pleased and warm and gives a never forgetting experience.

Seven Days in June shares the story of two black writers, one is  Eva Mercy who is a bestselling erotica writer, and Shane Hall an award-winning novelist, both reunite after 15 years unexpectedly at a literary event and are connected forever in these seven days.

Fifteen years before, Eva and Shane madly loved each other but now they pretend to be strangers. They still have perfect chemistry, in fact, they are alive in each other’s hearts throughout these years.

After being selected in the list of Best Romance Books by the leading business and corporate firms including The Washington Post and USA Today, Seven Days in June become a sensation among youngsters.

Download the Seven Days in June PDF by following the direct link available at the bottom and be a part of this magnificent romance novel.

Seven Days in June PDF Details

Book Title

Seven Days in June


Tia Williams



Number Of Pages

352 Pages (Original Paperback), 

304 (PDF Format)


Romance Novel, Fiction, Youngs & Adults

Originally published

1 June 2021

Main Characters

Eva Mercy, Shane Hall, Audre

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Seven Days in June Author

Seven Days in June book is written by American Novelist and Editor Tia Williams.

Tia Williams had a successful career as a beauty editor over the past fifteen years and she worked for various magazines including Glamour, Lucky, and Elle.

She has written six books yet and many have achieved bestselling novel titles, her most popular books are The Accidental Diva (2004), The Perfect Find (2016), and Seven Days in June (2021).

Seven Days in June Summary

Seven Days in June book starts with Eva Mercy, a single mom, and a successful best-selling book erotica series writer who won many contests in the town.

She constantly hard works on her every novel resulting in a dedicated fan base who are active on Black book social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook which keeps Eva financially afloat.

It also helps her 12-year-old daughter, Audre study in a private school. Eva becomes very pleased as she sold the copyright for her novel which is being adopted by a filmmaker for making a film with certain conditions.

Furtherly, she is invited for participating in a Brooklyn literary panel having the title “The State of the Black Author,”

Eva has a surprising public reunion and eventually encounters Shane Hall, a reclusive, and award-winning novelist, he becomes popular with his book named Eight for the exceptional script and character development.

Eva is shocked to see Shane as a participant there because they are not strangers and know each other well since they were madly in love when they spent a crazy one week together fifteen years earlier when they were teens.

On those seven days in June, Eva and Shane revealed to each other their raw pain and extreme coping mechanisms, for Shane it was drug and alcohol consumption whereas Eva harmed herself with overdose.

They both left their way, as Shane disappears while Eva finally finds a doctor and is hospitalized for treatment, this is how their past chapter is associated with them.

After knowing their past incidents, we are jumped to fifteen years later when Eva and Shane reunite, they try to prank for being a stranger but they couldn’t as they still feel a special attachment and accept secretly writing to each other in their books.

As Eva knows Shane since they met in school, she knows Shane is good at English so she eventually comes up with asking a favor for teaching her daughter English and becoming her English teacher.

Shane agrees looking at the future of Eva’s daughter Audre, and nodes to teach her.

Gradually, Eva and Shane reconnect reminding old pleasing memories they shared together, and their intimation strikes up again, naturally drawing for each other, having quality time filled with pure emotions.

The Seven days of June set up again in both of their life to reestablish the relationship that they left fifteen years ago.

Would they be able to heal the past pain in these seven days of June and reconcile their relationship despite some conflicts or they choose the separation and make their way?

To know how this novel ends, you need to download the complete Seven Days in June PDF and e-Book available in the section below.

Seven Days in June Review

Tia Williams, the author of Seven Days in June impressively portrayed the entire book with sensational narration which is the major factor for its success.

All the characters developed exceptionally well, especially the character of Eva’s daughter Audre is delightful, and some side characters upscale this book’s beauty and make falling in love with the script.

The structure of the book seems to be complex at certain points and feels lengthy but the consistency and depth of the story dominated everything leaving a special spot for romantic lovers.

Some chapters of the Seven Days in June pdf book contain potentially triggering scenarios including steamy and spicy scenes along with assault, self-harm, and substance use which is not recommended for the below 16 years of age.

Overall, it’s a good, mature, and elegant romance novel which definitely worth your quality time and not disappoints you at any point.

The book is appreciated by many top business organizations including USA Today, and The Washington Post, and declared the Most Anticipated Book of 2021 by CNN.

Seven Days in June Language

Seven Days in June is a contemporary fiction novel originally written in English by Tia Williams in English and published on 1 June 2021.

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Seven Days in June PDF FAQs

The Seven Days in June book is a blend of fiction and real events as it resembles the story of the author Tia Williams that is based on her past life experiences when she was single, she depicted the story through this book.

The Seven Days in June book is a story of two black writers Eva and Shane eventually reunite after fifteen years at a literary event for seven days and discover their second chance at love.

The Seven Days in June may make you feel sad and heartbroken at the end, but throughout the book, it shares some blend of heartwarming, pleasing moments as well as some assault, and substance consumption scenes.

There are 352 pages in Seven Days in June for its official Paperback edition whereas it has 304 pages in its PDF Format available on the internet which takes 6-7 hours to read it completely.

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