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Book by Ana Huang



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If you are a fan of the dark romance genre, you would probably love the most anticipated and highly appreciated novel called Twisted Love.

Twisted Love is the story of a handsome, and highly intelligent man Alex Volkov blessed with an angel face but cursed with Hyperthymesia which can’t let him forget his past and remember everything in his memory.

The plot gets twisted as soon as he attracts and falls in love with his best friend’s sister Ava Chen who has a dark past that haunts her badly but still a strong heart.

This secret relationship doesn’t suppose to move ahead as it may destroy his friendship and everything that is wrapped in it, so don’t miss this journey of a best friend/grumpy romance with a glimpse of suspense, twist, and turns.

Twisted Love is a part of the Twisted Series book but can be read standalone.

Download the Twisted Love PDF by going through the bottom, save it, and enjoy this sunshine romance with a cup of tea and snacks.

Twisted Love PDF Details

Book Title

Twisted Love


Ana Huang



Number Of Pages

352 Pages (Original Paperback), 

312 (PDF Format)


Romance Novel, Fiction, Youngs & Adults

Originally published

22 April 2021

Main Characters

Ava Chen, Alex Volkov, Josh

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Twisted Love Author

Twisted Love book is written by Ana Huang, a popular romance author, and young adult novelist.

Ana Huang’s books vary from contemporary, dark romances to light mysteries and suspense characters with a shadow of steamy and spicy scenes.

She is most popular among youngsters for his Twisted Book Series which become a tremendous hit in the business of books.

Twisted Love Summary

Twisted Love starts with a woman Ava Chen with her bad past experiences and some broken moments along with her straight and pre-med student brother.

The book narrates the story as a dual protagonist, Ava, and Alex.

Furtherly, we come to know about Alex Volkov, a devil, strict, rude who was blessed with jade-green eyes that glared out from beneath dark brows but struggled with Hyperthymesia, a state of mind keeping traumatic past memories.

Alex is a brilliant student and has an IQ of 160, he is the only person who has completed a five-year joint undergrad/MBA program in three years.

Jumping to some past incidents, Alex and Josh had been best friends since they used to share a room together at Thayer eight years ago and he is treated as a member of Josh’s family.

Despite his too much involvement in Josh’s family, Josh’s sister Ava doesn’t know Alex much and never talked for a long time, but they talked casually at the dining table for moving desserts.

During a casual interaction in the car, Alex eventually stared at Ava and his emotional response is something different from the 8 years of their casual interaction.

Somehow, Alex tells with a sign of courage, I’m not staring at your breast and you are not my type even if you were not Josh’s sister. Well, Ava is not interested in Alex either but this incident leaves a special and beautiful impact on Ava.

Now the story narrates the protagonist as Alex, he thinks Ava is always been a charming girl since he is seeing and her hazel eyes bright with invitation attract him and follows his gaze too.

The story moves further, and gradually their casual interactions transform into engaging and deep conversations which bring them closer and starting feels affection for each other.

Alex and Ava shares love for each other and have an intense moment in the absence of Josh. As Ava’s brother Josh goes outside of the town for his fellowship and professional business training, he asks Alex to keep his eyes on her.

This is the most precious time in both of life filled with extreme romance and deep emotions. The man has a heart of ice, but for Ava, he is ready to do anything and can burn the world.

Alex confines some things in himself that no one knows, even not Ava. Their relationship is secretly hidden from Ava’s brother Josh.

Everything will not settle up smoothly, a storm is awaiting both of life, what happened when her brother Josh comes to know that his best friend shares an intense relationship with his sister?

It will be very interesting to know how this book ends, one thing is certain you are going to have many surprising elements while reading it.

It is recommended to download the complete Twisted Love PDF and e-Book available in the downloading section below and get to know all the answers yourself.

Twisted Love Review

The most significant and biggest factor which makes Twisted Love book exceptional is the writing skills of the author Ana Huang who brilliantly portrays every element inside the chapters.

It narrated the entire script in dual POVs, one for Ava and one for Alex which keeps this interesting and engaging plot and tells insights into both characters’ thought processes.

Ana seriously knows the taster of readers as she puts the plot exactly how it should be, well perfect, short, and to the point. The characters are well-defined and beautifully developed bringing a perfect balance and pure maturity.

It contains many steamy and spicy scenes between Alex and Ava as well as use some adult conversation between the characters, so you need to make sure before start reading it. It is best recommended for ages 18 and above.

Twisted Love pdf book will be best suited for people who love to read spine-tingling, steamy romance, family involvement, and lots of mystery surrounds.

As this book gets a huge success on TikTok and other social media platforms and loved its story when finished

Twisted Love Language

Twisted Love novel is originally written in English by Ana Huang who is best known to write contemporary novels filled with spiciness.

It is first published on 22 April 2021.

Twisted Love PDF Download Link

Twisted Love PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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Twisted Love PDF FAQs

Twisted Love shares many explicit scenes which contain steaminess and spiciness throughout Alex and Ava’s intense interactions in the book, So yes this book has extreme spiciness.

Containing many intense, steamy and spicy scenes between characters Ava and Alex, Twisted Love is best recommended to read for an age group of 16 and above.

Twisted Love narrates the story of a handsome and intelligent man Alex falls into a relationship with his best friend’s sister Ava, it has some catching suspense you will find at the end while reading this book.

There are four books in Twisted Series, starting from Twisted Love (2021), Twisted Games (2021), Twisted Hate (2022) and ends with Twisted Lies (2022).

Well, Twisted Love book has some intense and steamy scenes along with some mature interactions between Ava and Alex, this book is best recommended to read for an age group of 16 and above.

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