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Book by Colleen Hoover



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November 9, A date that carries something special in itself for both the characters of a romance novel called November 9.

November 9 is the story of a young girl named Fallon, and a novelist named Ben who meets first on November 9th, the last day of Fallon in LA before moving to New York.

They both feel an instant connection and unique attraction during their first meeting. They decided to meet on November 9 every year for the next 5 years without any contact.

Do you think everything will be settled smoothly without any twist and turn? Actually not, One day Fallen become unsure about the story that Ben has been telling her since their initial meetings.

The beauty of this novel is that you can’t figure out what’s going to happen next and one-day huge suspense will be revealed that will stun you.

I recommend you to download November 9 PDF and e-Book from our site which is free and start experiencing the romance novel with a contemporary touch with your own.

November 9 PDF Details

Book Title

November 9


Colleen Hoover



Number Of Pages

320 Pages (Original Paperback), 

250 (PDF Format)


Romance Novel, Fiction, Youngs & Adults

Originally published

10 November 2015

Main Characters

Benton James Kessler, Fallon O'Neil

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November 9 Author

November 9 book is written by well-known novelist Colleen Hoover who has written over 30 novels in her career.

She is the New York Times bestselling author of her over 23 novels, some of which are It Starts with Us (2022), It Ends with Us (2016)All Your Perfects (2018)Ugly Love (2014), and November 9 (2015).

Her every romance novel is filled with a cute and romantic love story that gives a glimpse of suspense with a soft contemporary touch.

November 9 Summary

The significance of 9th November is special for this book as the entire script of this novel is written around November 9, this is the day when Fallon and Ben both meet first.

Fallon, a young girl has the plan to move from Los Angles to cross-country New York but before a day she meets with Ben an aspiring novelist.

Their first meeting turned into a special connection, Fallon come to know Ben is in college and wants to become a successful writer. He always sought a story for his novel.

After spending a mesmerizing day together, they feel a special connection and unique attraction established between them. Now they decided to meet up every year on the same day 9 November at the same place.

Now after meeting with Fallon, Ben has finally something in his mind which can be depicted in the story.

The story gradually moves forward until the day when Fallon becomes unsure about the story that Ben is telling from starting and begins to question what is real and what is fictional.

There are two stories simultaneously running in the book, one is the story of Ben’s novel and the other one is the story of Ben and Fallon which can be considered a love story or is there something interesting at the end?

November 9 is a brilliant fictional novel that will take you on a completely new journey that has every element which keeps you stick with the book till the end. 

In the end, I guarantee you will come out hanging open your mouth and ask yourself how can someone think and write on this level.

Just take out a couple of hours from your busy schedule and download November 9 pdf book on your phone and enjoy this phenomenal novel with a cup of tea, it is completely worth reading.

November 9 Review

The author of the November 9 book is Colleen Hoover who is best known for her mind-blowing script writing and this time again I would say she has delivered a masterpiece in front of us.

Starting from the characters‘ development of Ben and Fallon to the story depiction, everything is gripping, addictive, and filled with full of unexpected elements.

The entire writing of this book is very unique and probably I can bet you never read anything like that before in your life, especially how this book ends make you stunned.

You will laugh, cry, be deeply emotional, freaking out, and fall in love with every page you turn forward. It is the perfect romance novel I have read till now.

November 9 Language

November 9 novel is a contemporary fiction novel originally written in English by Colleen Hoover, it is published on 10 November 2015. 

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November 9 PDF FAQs

Starting from Fallon and Ben who meets at the day before Fallon’s schedule for a cross-country move which is LA to NYC. Their last day’s meeting turned into a special moment with a strong connection and they decided to meet once every 9th November at the same time, same day, and at the same place for the next 5 years.

As November 9 book is based on a complex theme that contains several steamy and spicy scenes along with some glimpses of drugs and alcohol so it is best recommended to read by the 17 and above age group.

The main theme of the November 9 book surrounds the sweet romance, mixed emotions, and some sort of suspense. It was such a fun read from the beginning to the end.

The book is beautifully written by Colleen Hoover without any steamy and sexual content, instead, it is filled with sweet romance and deep emotions with a contemporary touch.

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