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Twisted Games PDF Download Free | Summary

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Book by Ana Huang



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If you grew up reading romance novels, especially novels that have romance, emotions, forbidden love, and heartbreak at the end.

Then you will surely love the novel Twisted Games, a book that has everything which a novel lover certainly will fall in love with.

Twisted Games’ story about the bodyguard named Rhys is a Stoic and broody bodyguard fallen in love with a princess named Bridget.

Rhys Larsen has two rules, One is to Protect his clients at all costs and the second is to not become emotionally involved ever.

He protects these rules at any cost, but things start to change when  Bridget von Ascheberg comes into his life.

This book is the most talked about and become so popular among people due to its beautiful storyline which looks so realistic and keeps you engaged while reading.

For all novel enthusiasts like me, this book is definitely worth reading, just download Twisted Games PDF book by following the download link at the bottom of this article.

Meanwhile, you should take a glance at all the book details before start reading.

Twisted Games PDF Details

Book Title

Twisted Games


Ana Huang



Number Of Pages

448 Pages (Original Paperback), 

396 (PDF Format)


Romance Novel, Fiction, Youngs & Adults

Originally published

22 July 2021

Main Characters

Rhys Larsen, Bridget von Ascheberg

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Twisted Games Author

Twisted Games book is written by Ana Huang, she is born in the United States and is known for her New Adult, contemporary romance novels and especially Twisted Series.

She debuted in writing with the book Twisted Games and it has got huge success and become a popular novel among book lovers in a short span of time.

Ana Huang is USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Amazon’s best-selling author.

Twisted Games PDF-author with book

Twisted Games Summary

The story of Twisted Games starts with the character Rhys Larsen who is a grumpy and handsome bodyguard and the other character named Bridget is a stubborn streak princess.

Rhys follows two rules in his life, being a bodyguard, first is to protect his client at any cost and the second rule is not to get emotionally attached to his clients.

On the other side, Bridget von Ascheberg is a big blue-eyed girl and perfect alabaster skin surrounded by the chain of duty and she loves to live her life with freedom and joy.

But her freedom seems to lose when a new bodyguard is hired to protect her, and gradually with time, she is started to attract toward Rhys.

Rhys needs to balance both things, as he not only needs to make her happy but also needs to maintain a soft distance between them.

A slow-burn romantic is being formed as the years go on and they both develop feelings for each other, their romantic love story ignites and one day finally they both crossed the limits which should be restricted between a client and lover.

But they don’t know their love could destroy not only the kingdom but both of them as well.

There are so many twists and turn around in the entire book, the name Twisted Games perfectly justifies this beautiful and magnificent love story with lots of twists and thrills.

I make sure you, It will be worth every minute of reading from the very beginning to the end.

To enjoy this book, you don’t need to spend a penny, download Twisted Games PDF absolutely free from the download section below.

Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us through comments after reading this book.

Twisted Games Review

The Twisted Games grabbed the attention of many book lovers after it got viral on the internet due to its epic storyline.

The author Ana Huang has written this book in a stream as soon as you start reading it caught you up in the story and later you will realize it’s 100 pages already done.

You would not believe this was the first book from Ana Huang.

All the main characters and supporting characters connect you immediately and make you believe it’s non-fictional characters who do exit.

The Twisted Games pdf book has everything from emotions, romance, and hot scenes to twists, angsty, and mystery. After all, this makes an ordinary book into a perfect love story novel.

Twisted Games Language

Twisted Games is originally written in English by Ana Huang who is known to write novels filled with contemporary romance with a sprinkle of steam, and angst scenes.

Twisted Games PDF Download Link

Twisted Games PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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Twisted Games PDF FAQs

No, it is not, people above the age of 15 can read Twisted Games book although it has explicit sexual scenes at some point but it can be ignored as the entire story contains beautiful love stories with emotions and forbidden love.

Twisted Games is a contemporary romance novel covering the love story between a bodyguard and a prince that contains many spicy and sexually explicit scenes making it a spicy book.

Definitely, the Twisted Games can be read alone as this is a romance novel genre book which covers a beautiful love story between a bodyguard and a princess, the plot takes a little time to build up but as soon as you started reading you want to finish reading it alone.

Yes, you can read Twisted Games without reading Twisted Love but for the best understanding, it is recommended to read series starting from Twisted love (2021), Twisted Games (2021), Twisted Hate (2022), and in last Twisted Lies (2022).

There are 454 pages in the Paperback and Hardcore versions of the Twisted Games book, whereas it has 396 pages in PDF format.

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