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It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey PDF Download

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it happened one summer pdf
Book by Tessa Bailey
Romance Novel



Hours to read

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Book lovers who usually love to read novels to shorten their travel journey always seek a worthy novel to read in the next journey.

Filled with realistic moments, opposite attraction, grumpy sunshine trope with lots of humour, It Happened One Summer book has all the elements that you will be going to love for sure.

It Happened One Summer tells the story of 28-year-old girl Piper Bellinger who is fashionable, influential, and a wild child ruining her life, but everything starts to change when she meets with a bearded sea captain Brendan.

As Piper hasn’t even been in Westport for five minutes, Captain Brendan doesn’t expect that Piper Bellinger will be able to live long outside of Beverly Hills.

They both are polar opposites but during their meetings, Piper Bellinger falls in undeniable attraction with Captain Brendan.

Download It Happened One Summer PDF book available at the bottom and start reading this magnificent story of love and romance.

It Happened One Summer PDF Details

Book Title

It Happened One Summer


Tessa Bailey



Number Of Pages

416 Pages (Original Paperback), 

292 (PDF Format)


Romance Novel, Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Originally published

13 July 2021

Main Characters

Piper Bellinger, Brendan Taggart, Daniel Bellinger, Hannah

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It Happened One Summer Author

It Happened One Summer book is written by American and New York Times Bestselling author Tessa Bailey.

She loves to write a novel filled with fiction, and fun romance, with a touch of contemporary scenes. She prefers to live quietly and alone with her sweet family.

She has written many novels recently including Hook, Line, and Sinker (2022), My Killer Vacation (2022), and Secretly Yours (2023) but her all-time favourite is It Happened One Summer published in 2021.

It Happened One Summer PDF-author with book

It Happened One Summer Summary

The story of It Happened One Summer starts with a 28-year-old young girl Piper Bellinger, a rich, pretty, and wild child who gets in the slammer after being out of control for having too much champagne and breaking the hotel.

The reason is she was dumped by her boyfriend telling her that she is like a champagne bubble and not interesting at all.

Daniel, who is the father of Piper Bellinger deeply disappointed by the behavior of his daughter and decides to teach her a lesson so she can know the meaning of responsibility.

He exiles Piper Bellinger and her sister Hannah to the coaster village of Washington where Daniel’s late father started a Bar and now owns it.

With limited funds, Piper and Hannah who don’t even know how to cook and live a luxurious life in Los Angeles will be going to face lots of struggles and hurdles in the sleepy fishing town of Westport.

In Westport, a new character is introduced called Brendan Taggart, a widower for seven years and also a captain of the fishing boat Della Ray, who is still wearing his marriage ring showing his loyalty.

Brendan most of the time looks serious and delicate in his professional work, when he first meets with Piper, he understands she won’t be able to live long in Westport due to her fun party and wild lifestyle.

At first glance, Brendan is softly attracted to Piper but he knows his limits and never wants to be involved in this mess. He used to help both the sisters organise all the work.

As the story moves further, Brendan and Piper develop a strong attraction for each other but are unable to express it due to certain reasons. Especially Piper resists him due to the ring Brendan wears.

For showing true interest, Brendan stops wearing that ring. Piper understands his feelings for her but still resists him and declares they both are casual as she needs to leave Westport within a couple of months.

Brendan leaves to fish for king crab, but during the fishing, he meets with an accident due to a terrible storm. As soon as Piper comes to know about this incident, she leaves for the hospital and finds Brendan quite safe.

This incident shows how they both care for each other and in the hospital, they make love for the first time. Piper also confesses love for him but also feels conflicted and decides to leave for Los Angeles.

Finally, she returned to LA where her friend Kirby organized a dazzling welcome party for her. despite, Piper’s mind somewhere else thinking about Brendan and feeling she loves him most.

Would Brendan come to Los Angeles for her or does this magnificent love story end badly? Download the complete It Happened One Summer PDF and e-book and reveal the ending yourself.

It Happened One Summer Review

It Happened One Summer’s overall story is promising gives a pleasing and satisfying feel and brings a smile while reading.

The way all the characters are developed makes this book so engaging and refreshing, especially showing Piper from being a rich and wild child to a caring, mature, and responsible girl makes it different and unique from other romance stories.

The writing skills are straight and enjoyable with a glimpse of humour, whereas the script depiction is excellently executed in the book. A full appreciation should be given to the author Tessa Bailey.

You will not only laugh, enjoy, and have fun while reading the book but it overwhelms your heart as well with a happy and delightful ending.

So when it’s raining outside, grab this paperback or download It Happened One Summer pdf on your phone, and don’t forget to witness a beautiful romance with a cup of tea.

It Happened One Summer Language

It Happened One Summer is originally written in English by Tessa Bailey and published on 13 July 2021.

It Happened One Summer PDF Download or Buy

It Happened One Summer PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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It Happened One Summer PDF FAQs

Reading a book completely depends on a personal preference, but if you read It Happened One Summer, you come up with a pleasing heart and satisfying gesture due to its sweet and gripping romance.

It Happened One Summer contains a story of a rich and wild young girl and a serious widower man, they both attracted each other as soon as meet at first and later share some fun, enjoyable, and loving moments with a glimpse of spiciness.

There are two books in the It Happened One Summer series, the first one is It Happened One Summer itself having the romance between Piper and Brendan, and furtherly Hook, Line, and Sinker published in 2022 following the later events of It Happened One Summer book.

It Happened One Summer has 416 pages in its official Paperback and Hardcover edition and 292 pages in its PDF format which takes around 6-7 hours to read it completely.

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