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People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry PDF Download

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people we meet on vacation pdf
Book by Emily Henry
Romance Novel



Hours to read

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If you love to read a book that falls into the romance novel genre, you would definitely hear the name of a writer who is considered the most emerging romance novel writer.

Emily Henry, yes you heard it right! She is the most loved author in the genre of romance in the current era.

After the grand success of the Beach Read novel, she comes again with a magnificent novel called People We Meet on Vacation.

“Two best friends. Ten summer trips. One last chance to fall in love”, this book title has wrapped up the entire story.

People We Meet on Vacation is the story of two old college friends who lives far in a different town but have taken one glorious week of vacation together.

Unfortunately, this will be their last vacation trip due to their friendship turned sour 2 years ago for some reason but now they both agreed to spend time together last time.

Now, would she fix everything on this vacation, or did probably something may go wrong? To know its twist and suspense, download the People We Meet on Vacation PDF at the bottom of this article.

People We Meet on Vacation PDF Details

Book Title

People We Meet on Vacation


Emily Henry



Number Of Pages

400 Pages (Original Paperback), 

369 (PDF Format)


Romance Novel, Youngs & Adults, Contemporary romance

Originally published

11 May 2021

Main Characters

Poppy and Alex

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People We Meet on Vacation Author

The author of People We Meet on Vacation book is Emily Henry, who became a sensation among the book lover with her record-breaking novel Beach Read (2020).

Her writing skill is absolutely exceptional that connects you deeply with pure emotions while reading.

Her romantic novels are filled with sweet romance, soft interaction, and deep emotions, that’s why she is so popular among novel lovers.

People We Meet on Vacation PDF-author with book

People We Meet on Vacation Summary

The main characters of People We Meet on Vacation are Poppy and Alex.

Poppy lives in New York City and generally writes for R&R magazine and mostly prefers to stay home with a book, on the other side Alex is an English teacher and living a small-town life.

They both have been close college friends since they met at the University of Chicago.

They live far apart but every summer vacation, Alex and Poppy go for one week glorious vacation where they spent a happy time together keeping hustle life aside.

For likely 2 years, things are not going well with both of them as they don’t speak to each other for these two years due to unpleasant incidents that occurred between them.

But Poppy always feels that she spent truly happy and joyful moments of her life on the vacation with Alex. That’s why she breaks her silence and sent a message silently to Alex and surprisingly Alex replied to her.

Now she tried hard to convince Alex to make the last vacation trip with him and make him believe that everything will be set up. That’s how another summer trip is planned.

Now what will happen on this one week of a summer vacation trip, is Poppy able to fix everything or she will tell him one truth that she is keeping with her silently for a long time?

To know all these answers, you need to download the People We Meet on Vacation pdf book from the download section below which is absolutely free on our site.

One thing is certain at the end of the story when Poppy addresses a speech, you will probably come out with tears in your eyes.

People We Meet on Vacation Review

People We Meet on Vacation novel is written by one of the best-recognized rom-coms novelists Emily Henry, this book is as good as the Beach Read which was her first successful novel.

The development of the characters is top-notch using lots of background information which helps you to understand both characters very well.

The story runs forward gradually with some happy moments, funny actions, stupid communication, and deep interactions between Alex and Poppy which make you fall in emotions for both.

One and only negative point I have found while reading this book is the story is quite lengthier which could be trimmed especially since the communication with the characters took too much time to establish.

But besides, reading time for the People We Meet on Vacation pdf e-book won’t be long as the story keeps you engaged from start to end. Overall it’s an excellent book for people who love romance novels.

This book awarded with Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance.

People We Meet on Vacation Language

People We Meet on Vacation novel is originally written by Emily Henry in English and published on 11 May 2021.

People We Meet on Vacation PDF Download or Buy

People We Meet on Vacation PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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People We Meet on Vacation PDF FAQs

The entire story of People We Meet on Vacation surrounds two close college friends falling in love with each other during their last summer vacation trip, it fills with funny moments, stupid chats, and childish action, the deep emotions between Alex and Poppy make you emotional at the end.

You will definitely enjoy the book as the development of the characters is beautifully depicted by the author Emily Henry, the dialogue is witty with a great sense of humor, and the story may look a bit longer despite it connecting you very deeply and emotionally engaged.

People We Meet on Vacation is the story of two old college friends named Poppy who is a girl and Alex a boy usually spend time together on a summer vacation.

People We Meet on Vacation novel is equipped with very few steamy and spicy scenes that are not that intense, so yeah it can be a good read for 13 years old.

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