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Book by Colleen Hoover



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The romance genre is incomplete without Colleen Hoover due to her precious contribution through her beautiful and engaging romance novels.

In her journey of novels, some books have achieved milestones whereas some books are gradually gaining popularity among readers.

Colleen Hoover’s Ugly Love published in 2014 is a standalone love story of two opposite polers, Tate Collins, an independent nurse, and Miles Archer, an airline pilot, initially they both even not consider themselves friends but later realized a mutual attraction for each other.

Their attraction is secretly formed and when it comes openly, Tate and Miles find they have a perfect setup that can be transformed into an intense relationship.

Ugly Love has a mesmerizing plot with a perfect blend of contemporary romance, love boundaries, the pain of a broken heart, and the true meaning of a human feeling in a love relationship.

Please note that it contains several sex-explicit scenes along with abusive conversations and violence, so it is recommended for the 16 and above age group.

Furtherly, you can easily download the Ugly Love PDF book by scrolling directly to the bottom, saving it, and start reading it.

Book Title

Ugly Love


Colleen Hoover


Atria Books; Standard Edition







Number Of Pages

336 Pages (Original Paperback)

345 Pages (PDF Format)  


Romance Novel, Youngs & Adults, Fiction, Contemporary Romance

First Published Date

5 August 2014

Main Characters

Elizabeth Tate Collins, Miles Mikel Archer, Corbin, Rachel

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Ugly Love Author

Ugly Love book is written by American author Colleen Hoover who is popular to write romance genres books.

She entered the writing in 2012 when her first novel Slammed was published, and since then many novels, series, and books are published, and most of them are loved by readers from across the world.

Colleen Hoover is the best-selling author of various novels and her five books have achieved the New York Times bestselling title including It Ends with Us (2016), November 9 (2015), Hopeless (2012), and Reminders of Him(2022).
ugly love pdf author with book cover

Ugly Love Summary

Ugly Love sets with two primary characters, one is Elizabeth Tate Collins who is pursuing her master’s in Nursing, and the second character is Miles Mikel Archer, a hardworking airline pilot.

The entire chapter is narrated in two timelines, Present timeline shows Tate as a protagonist whereas 6 years past timelines show Mile as a protagonist.

Starting with Tate Collins, a 23 years old girl who lives with her brother Corbin, in a luxury apartment. Corbin is an airline pilot who is usually not available at his apartment due to his professional occupancy.

While heading to his brother’s apartment, Tate Collins encounters Dillon, a married man who desperately looks at Tate and always tries to flirt with her when he gets the opportunity.

Tate is blocked by a man at the apartment and gets interrupted while entering, Tate needs immediate help, and his brother Corbin seeks help from his friend named Miles who lives just next to his apartment.

Corbin calls Miles to help his sister Tate but later he realizes the man standing in the hall is none other than Miles who is highly drunk as well. Understanding the complete situation, Tate comes forward to help Miles and allows him to stay at his brother’s apartment.

She knows about their friendship and doesn’t want to ruin it. After all the mess, she woke up in the morning and when her brother arrived at the apartment. Being a friend, Miles ensures him that everything is absolutely fine and not to worry about last night.

Tate and Miles’s first interaction was nasty, the story moves forward and gets twisted when Miles kisses Tate during a dinner event hosted by Corbin before moving to some other place.

Eventually, Tate and Miles become closer and Miles proposed to Tate. Tate doesn’t know much about Miles’s past and would it be good to be considering her future with him?

She accepts Miles’s proposal and their intimation gets started. Miles never texts or calls her when he is far from her and uses her to fulfilling his sexual desires. It looks like their relationship sticks to physical intimacy.

Now we jump six years back and come to know some glimpse into Miles’s life and his relationship with Rachel during his college days. Rachel gets pregnant with Miles and gives birth to a baby boy named Clayton.

Unfortunately, they lost their child Clayton while encountering a terrible accident that leaves both in extreme pain. Later Rachel leaves Miles saying it’s too painful to live with him after their child’s demise.

Tate realizes that Miles is a good person with having brutal past. Miles and Tate have a good relationship though but sometimes Miles becomes possessive and has a glance at Tate’s life.

Miles is slightly confused about their relationship and doesn’t feel as happy as Tate does, he never admits to having a serious relationship with Tate. Tate feels hurt but she truly loves him and she admits it many times.

While moving to another place, Tate feels broken thinking about Miles but Miles reacts very awkwardly and emotionless when she leaves. Somehow he missed Tate too but didn’t let Tate realize it.

Near the end, Miles realizes he truly loves Tate and has an emotional connection with her. He comes back to her after peregrinating and confesses his love for her. Tate breaks into tears, hugs him, and feels to be over the moon.

Her brother gets angry after knowing her sister’s relationship with his friend but genuinely he accepts thinking of her sister’s happiness.

At the end of the story, Tate and Miles settle up together in an apartment. Two years after their official relationship, they have a baby girl and named her Samuel. While holding her hand, Miles feels the moment that he wants for his entire life.

Ugly Love Review

Ugly Love book was published in 2014, and since its release, it has been constantly gets popularity among book enthusiasts.

When I read this book, it blew me away with its idiosyncratic content along with a shadow of intense romantic scenes between Tate and Miles and make me emotional at the same time when Tate feels hurt.

The Ugly Love pdf book is not a short read but doesn’t feel that long because of its gripping and fast-paced plot. Thanks to author Colleen Hoover who portrays such a brilliant narration.

If we talk about the character, it’s perfectly depicted and well developed, especially the transformation of the character of Miles from rude and possessive to caring and respectful for the Tate.

It contains some violent, abusive, sexually explicit scenes that’s why it is best recommended for people aged above 16 and who love to read intense romance genre books, so make sure before start reading this book.

It has been nominated for Best Romance (2014), Here are the ratings and reviews for Ugly Love book available on popular platforms:

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Ugly Love PDF FAQs

Ugly Love book portrays the message of love, mutual respect in the relationship, Relationship boundaries, and accepting the present rather than relying on someone’s past.

Well, Ugly Love contains some mature content such as Sexually explicit scenes, abusive conversation, violence, and adult interaction, so it is advised to read if you are 16 and above age group.

You can read any book you like to read first, as Ugly Love and November 9 is a standalone story that can easily be understood even if you read as fresh content.

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