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Book by Colleen Hoover



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If you love to read a romance novels, you are probably well aware about the queen of the romance genre Colleen Hoover.

There are an immense no. of novels written by Coollen and almost every book become super popular among novel lovers especially who want to dive into romantic love stories.

In her series of books, All Your Perfects is an exceptional love story of an imperfect married couple named Graham and Quinn, Quinn encounters a life crisis due to her infertility.

The book tells Graham and Quinn to meet each other and promises made in the past, after a couple of years, their marriage has been tested by infertility and infidelity, but one thing could repair their marriage and make them perfect.

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All Your Perfects PDF Details

Book Title

All Your Perfects


Colleen Hoover








Number Of Pages

320 Pages (Original Paperback)

224 Pages (PDF Format)


Romance Novel, Youngs & Adults, Fiction, Contemporary Romance

First Published Date

17 July 2018

Main Characters

Quinn, Graham, Ethan, Shasha, Ava, Avril

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All Your Perfects Author

All Your Perfects book is written by an American author Colleen Hoover who is best known for writing romance genre novels with a blend of contemporary elements.

Colleen Hoover has achieved a tremendous height in writing novels and becomes a sensation with her book It Ends with Us (2016), she was named in the list of 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2023.

Her most popular books are It Ends with Us (2016), Verity (2018), Ugly Love (2014) and November 9 (2015).

All Your Perfects author with book cover

Plot Summary

All Your Perfects book starts with chapter one with seven years in the past when Quinn is waiting for her fiance Ethan at his apartment for having a meal together as well as planning for shopping together for their marriage.

As soon as she reached Ethan’s apartment, she encounters a guy who directly pitches toward her and tells her that Ethan is inside the room with his girlfriend who actually works with Ethan.

Quinn feels unstable after hearing this from the guy and it all looks out of control, Past, Present and Future as well.

While having a casual conversation with a guy, Quinn comes to know that his name is Graham. Quinn was thinking only about her mother who would never allow being broken up with Ethan as everything settled already.

Graham and Quinn both were waiting for opening the door, meanwhile, they both enjoy Chinese food which is ordered by Graham’s girlfriend. Graham and Quinn actually have a lengthy conversation while waiting.

When leaving, Graham leaves his number to Quinn for further communication. Quinn didn’t call him. After passing six months, Graham and Quinn meet again after an incident and reconnect the moment they had on that day when their partner deceives them.

Graham and Quinn’s relationship starts to deep down and gradually developed intense affection which turns into a loyal love relationship.

The story moves forward and jumps to the present which is exactly after six years. A present story where Graham and Quinn married each other but struggling in their life due to infertility. Quinn is suffering from endometriosis so she can’t conceive a child.

On the other hand, they can not adopt a child due to the involvement of Graham in Criminal cases at a young age. They also faced unfortunately three consecutive unsuccessfully IVF attempts.

Graham and Quinn both going through such a hard phase especially Quinn who feels shame and usually cries because of her inability to conceive a child.

Now, we have some flashbacks in the past time again when Graham and Quinn’s story was initiated and how they reacted when interacting firstly with Ethan (Fiance of Quinn) and Shahsha (girlfriend of Graham).

In the Present, Graham thinks he meets with Quinn due to fate whereas Quinn found attracted to Graham due to his caring, calm and mature nature. We come to know about some glimpses of Graham’s family as well as Quinn’s mom and her sister Ava.

Quinn’s sister Ava is moving to Europe with her husband, Later Ava becomes pregnant and delivers a baby boy. After hearing the news Quinn feels genuinely happy for her sister but somehow feels sad for herself for her inability to conceive a child.

The Story of All Your Perfects pdf book shares some pleasing moments of Quinn and Graham had in the past and how they were extremely close, happy and comfortable in each other’s lap but now, there is some sourness developed in their relationship.

They both started lying to each other and while holding Ava’s baby in his arm, Graham confesses his devastation in front of Ava which Quinn listens confidentially and does not like at all.

After having drunk in the evening, Graham makes love with Quinn after a very long time but he is disappointed as Quinn is not cooperating in sex at all but rather counting her cycle to see if she’s ovulating.

Graham unintentionally says it feels like he is having sex with a corpse due to her lack of interest in sexual life. This incident leads to a suspect in Graham’s loyalty, and as a result, he accepts his affair with another girl after confronting by Quinn.

Quinn immediately leaves for her mother’s house after knowing about Graham’s affair. On the other side, Graham explains the reason for being involved in the extra affair which is only restricted at a certain point.

Furtherly, the couple’s hope is demolished when Quinn is admitted to the hospital after suffering from extreme stomach pain, the doctors identify a severe cervical ectopic pregnancy which miscarried her again.

Quinn flies to Europe for living with her sister Ava so she could find mental relaxation after being mentally disturbed by several heartbreaks due to Graham and her pregnancy.

A couple of months passed, and one day Graham arrived at Ava’s home with a wooden box filled with lots of letters that they used to write in their earlier days. These letters may solve the misunderstandings and complications of a relationship.

After finding additional letters from throughout the years from Graham, Quinn becomes emotional and hugs him and they both accept that they can’t leave without each other and truly loves.

Finally, they moved to Italy near Ava’s house and find a puppy in the store, they adopt it and named it August and finally find internal happiness and accept their fortune.

Should I Read All Your Perfects Book?

Written by Colleen Hoover, All Your Perfects portrays the story of an imperfect married couple facing a life struggle due to infertility and infidelity which make females unable to conceive a child.

The entire story surrounds between a couple, their first interaction, and the developing relationship after having heartbreaks and a disease called infertility which impact badly their entire life but still they hope for good fortune.

The book has received huge appreciation and brilliant ratings from every individual reader as well as critics applaud it too.

So if you love to explore a book having the element of the romance genre, heartbreaks along with a blend of relationship challenges, especially Colleen’s writing style that makes this book unique and idiosyncratic to read and gives a refreshing reading experience.

Overall, the All Your Perfects pdf book is a must-try romance book for a romance novel lover.

All Your Perfects PDF Download Link

All Your Perfects book is originally written in English by the author and published on 17 July 2018.

All Your Perfects PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For paperback, and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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All Your Perfects PDF FAQs

The book All Your Perfects is the story of a couple going through a hard phase due to a disease called infertility which impacts their life brutally and devasted them, at the end of the book the couple accept their fortune and gets happy with a puppy when they adopt it and named August.

All Your Perfects have some steamy and spicy scenes along with some sexual talk between the couple, so it is best recommended to read this book for the 14 and above age group.

There are 320 pages in the official Paperback Edition available on Amazon and other E-commerce platforms, whereas it has 224 pages in its PDF Format book which usually takes 6-7 hours to read this book completely.

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