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normal people pdf
Book by Sally Rooney
Psychological Fiction



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Normal People, Tittle may look normal but the book is surely not.

If you are a die-hard fan of Psychological Fictional novels, then the Normal People book shouldn’t be missed at any cost because it is rated the best fictional novel of this decade.

Normal People is the story of Connell and Marianne who grew up together in a small town in Ireland but they both are precisely opposite as Marianne is popular and the star of the college whereas Connell is lonely and private.

When they indulge in a conversation, a strange and indelible connection grows between both of them which is being concealed from society.

Normal People portray the story of two teenagers starting their friendship and love, a story which does not begin in a year but goes beyond that. They try to stay apart from each other but they can’t.

The entire of this book is full of twists and turns around having a beautiful and engaging storyline that can only be enjoyed while reading it.

So don’t wait too long, download the Normal People PDF book on your device from our site and start enjoying this book with a cup of tea or coffee.

Normal People PDF Details

Book Title

Normal People


Sally Rooney



Number Of Pages

304 Pages (Original Paperback), 

189 (PDF Format)


Psychological Fiction, Novel, Coming-of-age story

Originally published

28 August 2018

Main Characters

Connell, Marianne

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Normal People Author

Normal People book is written by an Irish author and screenwriter Sally Rooney, She has written three novels till now and it is her second successful novel after Conversations with Friends (2017).

The grand success and huge appreciation of Normal People (2018) made her immensely popular among current generation novel lovers.

She has been awarded with many precious awards including Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fiction.

Normal People pdf author with book cover

Normal People Summary

Normal People tells the story of two teenagers Connell and Marianne, who grew up together and study in the same secondary school in West Ireland but were discordant from each other.

Connell is very talented, highly intelligent, and well-liked by everyone in his school, he is also the star of the soccer team.

Whereas Marianne is an intimidating, lonely, and intensely private girl who doesn’t like to interact with others in the school. Although she is equally intelligent but introverted.

Connell’s mother is employed as a cleaner at Marianne’s house and when he comes to pick up his mother at her house, they both strike up a conversation and grow strong and unique interaction which turns into a love relationship.

Their relationship is concealed from the school as Connell does not feel comfortable and is always worried about his reputation when others find his affair with an intimidating and lonely girl.

The story moves forward, now Connell and Marianne have upgraded to Trinity College Dublin (TCD) after finishing their schooling and coincidently they are in the same college.

Well, there is a twist in the story, Marianne becoming prettier and now getting popular too in college, on the other side Connell started to struggle in his life for the first time.

What do you think? Will everything move smoothly in their relationship, the intense bond between them is supposed to turn into a toxic and traumatic end or how far will they’re willing to go to save each other? 

To know the suspense, you need to download the Normal People pdf book which tells you everything, after all this pdf book is free to download on our site at the bottom.

Download it and please let us know your reading experience through the comment section below.

Normal People Review

As this book is rated excellently by The Times in the fictional novel category, The Guardian, and many other popular authorities.

As soon as you read this book, you will realize why this book is excellently rated by many organizations because every chapter is depicted beautifully that grabs your attention.

The narration is quite engaging and easy to understand, where the character of Connell and Marianne is very relatable and connects you well.

One extra positive point I would like to give for that book is the narration from the third person and the conversational language which gives a shade of real character even being fictional.

Due to its phenomenal plot, BBC has adopted this book and produced a mini Tv series on it which is also available on BBC Iplayer.

Normal People Language

Normal People is a Psychological Fiction and a Coming-of-age story novel which is originally written in English by Sally Rooney. It is first published on 28 August 2018.

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Normal People PDF FAQs

Yes, Normal People is a great book having all the elements from sweet interactions, developing relationships, and concealed romance to Dramas, twists, and traumas between main protagonist Connell and Marianne which keeps you engaged perpetually while reading this book.

The Normal People book is filled with how sweet friendship turned into a romantic love story which is concealed from society due to the fear of shame of being in a relationship with a lonely and intimidating girl along with facing real challenges to protect a relationship.

After going through many ups and down, toxicity, and a traumatic state in their relationship, Connell and Marianne come closer with time, save each other, and finally decided to stay forever respecting each other’s choices.

There are 288 pages in the Normal People book for its paperback version, and 189 pages in its PDF format.

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