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Book by Christina Lauren



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“The story of the heart can never be unwritten”, the entire story of a beautiful novel named Love and Other Words wrapped up in this title.

Love and Other WordsA romance novel that tells the story of an ambitious girl Macy Sorensen planning to marry with older but well-settled and financially secured man.

But everything seems to be changed when she finds Elliot Petropoulos, a man who is her first love of her, they both growing together and once Elliot was everything to Macy.

The story is depicted in the alternative timelines as Present and Past which jump from her teenage to her adult life.

Love and Other Words narrates the celebration of beautiful love, the true meaning of friendship, and at the end a heart-wrenching moment that is enough to make you happy with a sad glimpse.

It’s definitely an elegant novel that needs to be read in your next romance book journey, so download the Love and Other Words PDF available at the bottom and dive into the ocean of love and friendship.

Love and Other Words PDF Details

Book Title

Love and Other Words


Christina Lauren



Number Of Pages

432 Pages (Original Paperback), 

141 (PDF Format)


Romance Novel, Fiction, Contemporary romance

Originally published

10 April 2018

Main Characters

Macy Sorensen, Elliot, Sean

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Love and Other Words Author

Love and Other Words book is written by American author Christina Lauren. (A Duo of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings).

It’s the combined pen name of Christina Hobbs Venstra and Lauren Billings Luhrs. They both meet in 2009 and become co-author for every next book published by the name Christina Lauren.

The Duo has written many novels, some popular novels are The Unhoneymooners (2019), Beautiful Bastard (2013), Roomies (2017), and Love and Other Words (2018).

Love and Other Words PDF-author with book

Love and Other Words Summary

The story of Love and Other Words begins with the teenage visuals of Macy Sorensen who is growing up looking at her mother and father’s interaction and notifying their love for each other.

After the death of Macy’s mother, her father moves to their weekend open house with Macy situated in San Francisco.

The book moves in two alternative timelines Present and Past. In the past her and her father looking to move into a weekend home after reeling from her mother’s sudden death.

Whereas in present, Macy and Elliot run into each other suddenly after a long 11 years of separation after being in a relationship.

This is the house where Macy finds a boy named Elliot who is a neighbour of hers, when their first communication starts they both come to know of their love for book reading.

Gradually Elliot and Macy start spending time together in the house reading a book or having deep interaction about their personal life, Elliot condoles Macy for her mother’s demise.

They developed a true friendship in between times and they both run into each other in the coffee shop regularly. Macy forms a soft feeling for Elliot and she feels excited and dreadful when Elliot comes in front of her.

But at the present same time, Macy doesn’t even want to see Elliot, what went wrong between these two beautiful couples, and why this contradiction of statements occurred.

Macy doesn’t want to see a man who is everything to her in her early life but now she moved and become a mature, career-oriented, and ambitious girl.

At present in the Love and Other Words book, Macy begins to reconsider herself with Sean, a freelance writer, and financially settled man, with whom she is going to engage as well.

But what went wrong in Macy and Elliot’s relationship that she cut him out of her life, what actually happened 11 years ago?

Elliot doesn’t get back to the past as he thinks the past only will hurt you whereas the present is a key to happiness and pleasure. Elliot is so real and perfect in many ways and still cares for her.

Will she get back to Elliot again or permanently settled with Sean, you will find every single answer in the complete Love and Other Words PDF book, so download its pdf in the downloading section below.

Love and Other Words Review

Toggling between past and present, Love and Other Words folds two love stories simultaneously making it a classic romance filled with deep emotions and heartbreaks.

The author Christina Lauren puts unique humor throughout her writing, and the characters are crafted beautifully which gives a real touch even being fictional characters.

As soon as you start reading Love and Other Words pdf book, it’s impossible to put it down. It makes you fall in love with the book and puts you into emotions immediately, thanks to the sensational way of writing by the author.

It has been filled with all the elements of family bonds, true friendship, deep emotions, and pure relationships along with the daughter-father relationship making it stand out in the romance category.

A highly recommended book from our side, just start reading, and it won’t disappoint you.

The book is highly appreciated by top book-reading organizations and achieved positive feedback from them.

Love and Other Words Language

Love and Other Words is a romance novel filled with contemporary touch which is originally written in English by Christina Lauren. The novel is published on 10 April 2018.

Love and Other Words PDF Download Link

Love and Other Words PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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Love and Other Words PDF FAQs

Love and Other Words toggles a story in alternative present and past which narrates about an adult ambitious girl who is going to engage with a financially secure but older man, suddenly she is facing a life-changing moment when her first love who was once everything to her appeared in her life again.

After going through many sad phases and the 11 years of separation between Macy and Elliot, everything is settled smoothly with a glimpse of forgiveness, sweet love, emotions, and true friendship in the ending scene of Love and Other Words book.

Love and Other Words book is a story of a mature and ambitious girl who married an older but financially stable man, the book shares a few romantic scenes but it’s not over extreme and intense, so anyone who is above 16 can read this book.


There are 432 pages in Love and Other Words’ official Paperback edition available on Amazon, besides its Paperback, it has 141 pages in PDF format available on various platforms such as ThePDFshelf, archive.org, and Lifefeeling.

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