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Book by Nicholas Sparks



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Reading Books is always been a great habit, especially while travelling for a long journey and a book in your hand, what else do you need? Right!

If there will be a romance novel with you, then the excitement is at a peak. The Notebook novel is purely justified for such a scenario and shouldn’t be missed on your next book-reading journey.

The Notebook novel tells the relationship between Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson, their eventual beginning of love spanning over five decades, the death of a child, returning from World War II, and a glimpse of miracles.

This book has everything to lighten your mood, gives fun and sweetness of love along with the emotional scenes at the end will not be easy to forget.

The popular movie “The Notebook” released in 2004 adapted the entire story from this beautiful romance novel. The movie was also a big hit in the theatres.

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The Notebook PDF Details

Book Title

The Notebook


Nicholas Sparks



Number Of Pages

272 Pages (Original Paperback), 

122 (PDF Format)


Romance Novel, Fiction, Novel

Originally published

1 October 1996

Main Characters

Noah Calhoun, Allie Nelson

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The Notebook Author

The Notebook novel is written by American novelist, screenwriter, and philanthropist Nicholas Sparks.

Nicholas Sparks lives in North Carolina, he is one of the world’s most beloved storytellers and a popular personality in the United States due to his phenomenal fictional novel and Non-fiction books.

He has written over 23 books, and many books are adapted into movies. His most popular creation is The Notebook (1996), A Walk to Remember (1999), The Last Song (2009), and many more.

The Notebook PDF-author with book

The Notebook Summary

The Notebook begins with Noah Calhoun, an old man telling a story to a Woman named Allie Nelson who is struggling with a severe Alzheimer’s disease.

Noah comes to her room every day to read a story but due to disease, she forgets every night who is Noah and what he has read to her. Although she loves to listen to his stories every day.

Noah tells her the following story: In the time of Summer in the 1930s, A young 19-year-old Noah Calhoun meets a teenage girl Allie, he is attracted to her and falls in love immediately.

On the other side, Allie does not like Noah but gradually she starts liking him due to his impressive character, and slightly Allie falls in love too with Noah.

They both promised each others that they will always be together, but Allie’s mother doesn’t like her daughter to talk with a lower-class Noah as Allie belong to a wealthy family.

At the end of the Summer, Allie leaves the town with her family without informing Noah, and next Fourteen years Noah doesn’t talk to Allie.

He used to write letters to Allie but doesn’t get any reply from her side, later when Allie comes to know that her mother always intercepted the letters and hid them without letting them know to Allie.

The Notebook pdf story moves forward and gets interesting when Allie returns to New Bern, She wants to inform Noah about her fiance Lon Hammond, a handsome, well-established guy. Although she is not that happy with this relationship.

During their canoe ride in a small lake, when getting back the way, they stuck in the Storm and get soaked. At Noah’s house, they both feel attracted and share a kiss and make love.

When Allie’s mother knows everything she gets worried and gives all the letters to Allie telling her to take a decision on what’s best for her. After thinking about everything Allie cries and decided to leave respecting her mother and fiance Lon.

At this point, the man stops reading the story and tells the audience this is all about his past and his wife Allie who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and does not recognize him.

Will she recover from this disease and recognize Noah, at the end, of this book you will encounter with a miracle, to know what it is and how this beatiful story ends, dowload The Notebook pdf book in the download section below.

The Notebook Review

The entire depiction of The Notebook novel is absolutely heart whelming filled with sweetness and emotions and certainly melts your heart.

The writing skills of the author Nicholas Sparks are brilliant, every word brings a deep connection between you and the book, the characters are beautifully described and the story moves fastly too.

What beautifies this book, is the theme and the inspirational message that it teaches us to follow what our heart says, no matter what are the circumstances around you’ve to be real and genuine.

As soon as you start reading it, you never want to put it down. In the end, it leaves you crying, make you feel satisfied, and believes in miracles too.

Due to its unique plot, the movie is adapted with the same name in 2004, and The Notebook pdf, e-book, and audiobook are downloaded millions of times over the internet.

The book is already impressively rated everywhere.

The Notebook Language

The Notebook is a fiction romance novel originally written in English by Nicholas Sparks and first published on 1 October 1996.

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For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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The Notebook PDF FAQs

The Notebook not just tells the power of true love which spans over five decades, but it teaches some important lessons of life which is always follow what our heart says inside, no matter what circumstances are, fight spritely and one magic will change everything.

Allie and Noah were separated for 7 years since they never meet but Noah used to write letters constantly for one year but didn’t receive any response from Allie. After 7 years of separation, Allie and her family were again visiting the town New Bern.

The Notebook has 224 pages inside its Hardcover Edition, whereas its PDF and e-Book contain 122 pages that are short and easy to read.

The Notebook contains 272 and 224 pages respectively in its Paperback and Hardcore edition which need almost 6-7 hours to read it completely.

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