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Book by Lucy Score



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Did you ever go through a book based on a Comedy Romance that soothes and warms your heart with its happy ending?

If you didn’t, I’m going to share with you a book that has the story of an office romance, sharing a beautiful moment together, makes you smile, and pleases your heart.

By a ThreadA romance novel tells the story of a tempered man Dominic Russo owner of a company, and a 28-year-old alluring personality woman Ally Morales who is hired in his office by Dominic’s mother.

After a year of bad day after bad day for Dominic, he has a new hope that everything will be settled up and brightens up the magazine’s offices with Ally’s personality and attitude.

By a Thread is the essence of captured moments in the office, Ally’s family struggle, her fear of getting fired, and a magnificent attraction by Dominic toward her presented by the author through this book.

Download By a Thread by Lucy Score PDF and e-Book available for free at the bottom and dive into a beautiful love story.

By a Thread PDF Details

Book Title

By a Thread


Lucy Score



Number Of Pages

582 Pages (Original Paperback), 

616 (PDF Format)


Romance Novel, Fiction, Contemporary romance

Originally published

23 April 2020

Main Characters

Dominic Russo, Ally Morales

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By a Thread Author

By a Thread book is written by an American writer Lucy Score who is New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal’s bestselling author.

She is best known for writing romance novels that are filled with sweetness, originality, and a glimpse of spiciness.

Some best books from Lucy Score are Things We Never Got Over (2022), Forever Never (2021), and By a Thread (2020).

By a Thread by Lucy Score author with book cover

By a Thread Summary

The book starts with Dominic Russo, a tempered and rude man controlling and managing the business that his father formed earlier but resigned due to involving in a scandal.

Dominic’s mother also handles the family business as the CEO of the company.

Dominic always tries his best to keep a relatively drama-free environment in his office and is very strict with every employee as well as maintaining company policies and ethics. 

But things not getting better and after going through a bad day after day he took it out on a waitress in a Pizza shop when she gives him attitude.

Now it’s time for his company to hire someone to manage the office neatly, Dominic comes to a surprise when he sees Ally Morales as a new employee and she is none other than the same Waitress whom he took it out in the Pizza shop.

Ally is hired by Dominic’s mother that’s why he has not much control over her, especially when she has proven her work perfectly as a new employee.

The office which seems to be a prison in past years transforms everything into a shimmer and glorious with her barb-like attitude and inexplicably alluring personality.

Even though Dominic starts liking her positive attitude in handling every task, he likes her argument in front of the editorial staff with his fluent and sharp tongue that can impress everyone.

On the other hand, Ally always feels scared of being fired from the office because of Dominic’s frequent temper but the reality is quite different which she doesn’t know.

When Dominic tries to ask some questions regarding her family, she doesn’t share with him, well she seems like a puzzle that he not only wants to solve but helps her.

Dominic starts to feel affection toward Ally and finds himself entranced with her and seeks her all the time, whereas Ally always feels scared to lose her job due to specific reasons.

How does their love interaction form and progress with funny little fights and sweetness, and importantly how does it conclude? To get the answers to download the By a Thread by Lucy Score pdf book follow the downloading section below.

Their uncertain life moments with a mixture of funny and serious interactions make this story gripping, more engaging, and highly fun to read that also leaves warmness in your heart.

By a Thread Review

By a Thread book have everything which makes you fall in love. Starting from Dominic and Ally’s first encounter to their intense and steamy chemistry looks mesmerizing.

The character development should definitely be applauded as Dominic is considerate, kind, and thoughtful whereas Ally is a hard-working, intelligent, and sweet person. Their combination gives birth to a magnificent romance novel.

With every page tuner, you would feel like to draw into the ocean of sweet love, not a perspective of romance but with a maturity of Ally’s nature toward her life.

If you are fond of reading a romance novel, especially a comedy, love with a serious note, you would love this book for sure. A highly recommended book!

Almost everyone who read By a Thread by Lucy Score pdf book appreciated it

By a Thread Language

By a Thread is a beautiful comedy romance novel originally written in English by Lucy Score. This novel is published on 23 April 2020.

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By a Thread by Lucy Score PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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By a Thread Lucy Score PDF FAQs

By a Thread by Lucy Score book portrays the story of a 28 years old hard-working, alluring personality woman Ally Morales who is hired as an employee in Dominic Russo’s office where she deals with a rude and tempered attitude of Dominic and later his affection along with manages family responsibility.

By a Thread Lucy Score romance novel has many intense romantic scenes with some sort of using sexual language making this book appropriate to read for those who are 18 and above age.

The Book By a Thread contains 582 pages in its official Paperback edition and 616 pages in its PDF and e-Book versions.

As it has 616 pages in pdf format and 582 pages in Paperback edition which easily requires 12-13 hours to read this book completely.

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