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Book by Lucy Score



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Romance novels is always been the first choice to read among people who usually travel on a long route and make their journey short and memorable.

Filled with mature elements, courage, the power of friendship and love, and optimism toward life, Things We Never Got Over is a wonderful romance genre book you must read in your next travel journey.

Written by Lucy Score, Things We Never Got Over shares the story of 30-year-old Naomi Witt who is seeking to discover herself with a wounded heart after an unsuccessful relationship and falls into a spell with Knox Morgan, a wealthy bar owner.

When Naomi is stuck in the town and lost everything including her car, job, and home, that’s the time Knox comes forward to help her and take her out of these struggles.

This book got tremendous hype after being selected for Best Romance (2022) and became New York Times and Amazon bestseller in 2022.

Download the Things We Never Got Over PDF book by following the direct link available at the bottom and enjoy the beautiful narration.

Book Title

Things We Never Got Over


Lucy Score








Number Of Pages

570 Pages (Original Paperback)

493 Pages (PDF Format)  


Romance Novel, Youngs & Adults, Fiction, Contemporary Romance

First Published Date

3 May 2022

Main Characters

Naomi Witt, Knox Morgan, Waylay, Tina

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Things We Never Got Over Author

The author of the Things We Never Got Over book is Lucy Score, a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling romance novelist.

Lucy’s novel contains idiosyncratic elements covered with pure emotions, true romance, mature love script, and a shadow of life struggle in between.

She has written various romance books in her career, among them popular books are No More Secrets (2016), By a Thread (2020), Forever Never (2021), and Things We Never Got Over (2022).

EThings We Never Got Over author with book cover

Things We Never Got Over Summary

Things We Never Got Over book begins with 30-year-old Naomi Witt who is struggling with her relationship after skipping her wedding with a wealthier man.

To deal with the traumatic and emotional past and stabilize her mind, she arrives at a northern Virginia town to help her twin sister and reconnect their sour relationship as well as look for a new way of hope toward life.

Unfortunately, things did not go well and her sister suddenly disappears, she steals Naomi’s belongings including her car and cash, and ran off into the sunset leaving a girl behind who is 11 years old named Waylay.

Naomi immediately understands the situation and takes her niece Waylay with her and accepts the responsibility of being a guardian of this girl.

Now we are introduced to Knox Morgan, a grumpy bartender who won the state lottery for owning a bar and a block of shops, despite having sworn off of relationships in past, he comes forward to help Naomi.

Naomi gets work in Knox’s bar and during an incident at the bar, Knox shouts at her for certain pieces of stuff and comes to know about her true identity which shows she gets off on the wrong foot.

This incident triggered which he couldn’t throw out of his mind. 

Gradually, Naomi and Knox start to come closer and attracts to each other especially because Knox has pure affection for her and has a special interest in her despite they are not ready yet for being in a relationship.

Naomi develops herself according to the town, makes friends, and has good bonding too with her colleagues but there is some friction with the Morgan brothers.

On the other side, Naomi is very kind and truly cares for her 10 years old niece Waylay, now she tries to figure out where her sister is now but leading to disappointment. She informs her mother and father about their grandchild Waylay.

Furtherly, Naomi and Knox’s trust develops strongly for each other, they have intense sex and are pleased with the satisfaction they had. Still, they are avoiding accepting their love.

Suddenly, we come to know a little about Naomi’s ex-fiance who appears at the bar and advises Naomi to return to his life. He demands Naomi return with him to New York.

As soon as Naomi’s ex-fiance pressurizes her, Knox interferes between her and punches his ex-fiance in a sudden heat moment to save her. This incident makes Naomi more closer and deeper to Knox.

We have a glimpse of Knox’s past life as he has alcohol addicted father and how he struggled in his initial days especially some conflicts when he won the state lottery for owning a bar in the town.

In the ending scene, Naomi’s sister Tina kidnaps Waylay with the help of his notorious boyfriend who is also responsible for the murder of Nash.

Will Naomi be able to protect her loved Waylay, would Knox come again to help her despite their broken relationship with Naomi up or the story ends with sad moments?

You need to download the entire Things We Never Got Over PDF and e-Book available below and experience the ending on your own.

Things We Never Got Over Review

Things We Never Got Over was published in earlier 2022, and growing rapidly among book lovers due to its elegant and magnificent storyline.

The way all the characters are written by author Lucy Score, it’s just utterly perfect and well implemented. Naomi’s character is very adorable starting from the beginning and teaches us to accept hard challenges for the family.

It will be unjustified if we won’t praise the writing skills of the author which constantly makes your heart warm and pleased on every page turnaround leaving a positive impact while reading.

It keeps some mystery inside as long as the story moves ahead, although it is quite predictable but gives a perfect balance to a romance novel.

Things We Never Got Over pdf book is a good read for me presenting a perfect relationship with a sprinkle of family disputes, true friendship value, real love with deep emotions and never stop fighting portrayal.

It will certainly be a warm read for you as well that makes you happy and pleased in the end.

It is rated brilliant on popular business reading platforms as well as achieved excellent reviews from book enthusiasts. Here is a glimpse below among them:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon Logo

4.5 out of 5

Books Review-Apple Books
Book Review-Google

91% Users liked this book


Things We Never Got Over PDF Download Link

Things We Never Got Over PDF Book is available to download in English.

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Things We Never Got Over PDF FAQs

Things We Never Got Over book is the story of a well mature and responsible woman and bartender man who shares some steamy, spicy, and mature scenes while making love, yes it’s quite a steamy book to read.

Things We Never Got Over shares some spicy, steamy, and a little bit sexually explicit scenes which is best recommended for people aged 16 and above.

Yes, Things we Never Got Over has its follow-up book called Things We Hide From The Light which is published just after one year after its previous book, although the Things we Never Got Over book can be read standalone too.

Things We Never Got Over book is slightly lengthy and contains 570 pages in its official Paperback edition and 493 pages in its PDF Format which can be read in 10 hours if read ideally.

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