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Book by Anthony Doerr



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Starting in the devastating era of World War II, All the Light We Cannot See is the story of an interrupted childhood, a sensitive story of courage, love, human emotions, and broken families, with the hope of survival.

All the Light We Cannot See portrays the story of three main characters, A young girl named Marie Laure who went blind at the age of 6, and her father Daniel Leblanc, a gifted locksmith who builds a model of the city so she can find her way on herself.

at the same time In Germany, an orphanage boy named Werner Pffenig introduced in the book who is specialized in fixing radios, transmitters, and electronics.

The story got interesting when Werner meets a blind girl Marie Laure, now how he will help to illuminate her way, and how Werner’s path converges when he meets with her, will they both be able to survive the devastation of World War?

The book has every element with a blend of suspense, real emotions & feelings, love, and hope of survival which makes you stick to the ending while reading.

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All the Light We Cannot See PDF Details

Book Title

All the Light We Cannot See


Anthony Doerr



Number Of Pages

560 Pages (Original Paperback), 

352 (PDF Format)


Historical Fiction, War story, Fiction

Originally published

6 May 2014

Main Characters

Werner Pfennig, Marie-Laure LeBlanc, Frank Volkheimer, Etienne LeBlanc, Frederick

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All the Light We Cannot See Author

All the Light We Cannot See book is written by the American author Anthony Doerr who is awarded with the Pulitzer Price for the novel called All the Light We Cannot See.

He has written various novels till now, but the best product among them is The Shell Collector (2002), About Grace (2004), Cloud Cuckoo Land (2021), and All the Light We Cannot See (2014).

Anthony Doerr is born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and currently lives in Boise, Idaho.

All the Light We Cannot See PDF-author with book

All the Light We Cannot See Summary

All the Light We Cannot See novel was published in 2014, but the story of this book was set up in 1934 during World War II.

It was 1934 when the story begins with Marie-Laure, a 6 years blind french girl who lived in Paris in the Museum of Natural History as his father works there.

Marie’s father is Daniel Leblanc who is a locksmith and works at the Museum, he builds a model of the Paris neighborhood so it can help Marie to memorize the street and find her way herself.

On the other side, a german boy named Werner Pfennig who has become an orphan is very talented, skillful, and intuitive toward radio technology, fixing transmitters, and other electronic devices.

Due to his talent and skills, Werner was accepted to join Military School and later sent to the military.

Werner gradually finds himself all caught up and cornered in the brutality and malevolence of the premier school of Hitler’s Youth.

Time flees and sets up In 1940 when Marie and his father come to know Germany invaded Paris, they both moved to their uncle’s house in Saint-Malo on the Brittany coast and take shelter there.

The story moved forward and after some years the plot gets engaging and interesting when Marie and Werner meet, their meets converge on Werner’s path.

How he illuminates Marie’s way, Werner and Marie’s survival against the devastations of World War will teach you how this story is so real and feels with lots of emotions and the hope that keeps them alive till the end.

All the Light We Cannot See pdf book is definitely worth every single minute that you invest in reading this masterpiece, what you need is just download the All the Light We Cannot See pdf e-book for free from our site at the bottom.

All the Light We Cannot See Review

We would be thankful to the author Anthony Doerr who describes this story in a non-linear manner that connects you tightly from the beginning.

Although the book is about fictional characters, but you will feel deep interactions, emotions, and soft feelings for the characters while reading this book as it is brilliantly written.

This book has every element starting from interrupted childhood, broken families, and refugees to the shattered dream of hope and survival in between the cruelty of War.

I found one negative side while reading this book is its long 600 pages storyline which looks lengthier at first glance but is quite promising when suspense is revealed.

The book has won several awards due to its exceptional storyline, including Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Historical Fiction, and Audie Award for Fiction.

All the Light We Cannot See Language

All the Light We Cannot See novel is based on a War Story and History Fiction that was originally written in English by Anthony Doerr and published on 6 May 2014.

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All the Light We Cannot See PDF FAQs

All the characters are protagonists in this book are fictional, but when you read this book it feels like you are directly connected to the characters due to the brilliant writing skills of the author which gives real emotions and a non-fiction feel.

Actually, All the Light We Cannot See is based on a War Story and History fiction that does not portray a love story but a loyal bond and pure emotions between the two main characters since their childhood while surviving in a devastating world war.

All the Light We Cannot See book depicts the historical fiction genre which is equipped with all the elements starting from interrupted childhood, a family broken, refugee to the shattered dream of hope of survival between the cruelty of World War II which makes this book must read for all book lovers.

Yes, as mentioned on its official page, All the Light We Cannot see can be read by 12 years or above the age.

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