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No Country for Old Men PDF by Cormac McCarthy

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Book by Cormac McCarthy



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Did you watch the No Country for Old Men movie released way back in 2007?

Probably yes, as No Country for Old Men is a classic masterpiece of all time and has a brilliant 8.2 rating due to its thrilling plot. It is based on Cormac McCarthy’s 2005 novel of the same name.

The story of No Country for Old Men novel is set in 1980 on the Mexico–United States border where a drug deal turns into a horrific crime scene, Llewellyn Moss co-incidentally finds a bag filled with two million dollars in cash near the crime scene which he took away with him.

It’s not that easy for Llewellyn as the catastrophic violence begins from the notorious dealer to get back the money from him.

For original emotions and taste, instead of watching the movie, I advise you to download the No Country for Old Men PDF available at the bottom and read this thrilling novel.

No Country for Old Men PDF Details

Book Title

No Country for Old Men


Cormac McCarthy



Number Of Pages

309 Pages (Original Paperback)

256 Pages (PDF Format)


Thriller, Novel, Psychological Fiction

First Published Date

19 July 2005

Main Characters

Llewelyn Moss, Ed Tom Bell, Anton Chigurh, Carla Jean

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No Country for Old Men Author

No Country for Old Men Book was written by American novelist and playwright Cormac McCarthy.

Cormac McCarthy is best known for his unique writing style that has a sprinkle of some thrill and graphic depiction of violence which makes his book idiosyncratic and brings many precious awards in his arms.

He has written over 12 books in various genres including Blood Meridian (1985), The Road (2006), No Country for Old Men (2005) and recently The Passenger (2022).

No Country for Old Men Summary

No Country for Old Men book starts with the two main characters Llewelyn Moss, a Vietnam vet and a hunter, and Ed Tom Bell, who investigates a series of murders that occurred in the drug deal gone bad near south-west Texas.

In 1980, while hunting for pronghorns, Llewelyn Moss co-incidentally encounters a crime scene where a drug deal went wrong and everyone was killed in a gang war. While exploring the place, Moss finds a truck full of heroin, a man dying for water, and a bag filled with $2.4 million in cash.

Taking that huge cash, Moss returns home but he was feeling remorse for not helping that dying man. Thinking to help him by offering water, Moss returns to the crime scene with a jar of water.

But he was shocked to see some gang member was already there looking for that cash bag. Unfortunately, Moss is spotted by them and he tries to run from there and successfully escaped after struggling with a wounded leg.

Staying at home, Moss sent his wife Carla Jean, to her grandmother in Odessa, Texas after knowing that he was being followed by a bizarre psychopathic killer Anton Chigurh along with the two other Mexican Drug dealers to get back their 2.4 million dollar bag.

Later, Moss realises that the satchel is monitored with a radio transponder mounted on it by the psychopathic killer which leads to him.

A shootout takes place between Moss, the killer Chigurh, and a Mexican drug dealer which made Moss and Chigurh injured and leads Moss to hospitalize due to severe wounds on the body.

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell investigates this case from the beginning and tries to protect Moss and his wife Carla Jean Moss. He also tries to convince Carla Jean to make her husband understand for returning the money to the gangsters.

The Gangster and Moss run to continue, one for saving his life from the psychopath killer and one for getting the money back. Furtherly in the No Country for Old Men pdf book, Moss and Chigurh are killed by Mexican gang members in a close encounter.

Mexican gang recovers their money, n the other side investigates Officer Bell has to take retire from his job after failing all in his objective as he was unable to save Moss and his family, as well as unable to catch Chigurh and the Mexican gangster.

The novel ends here and justifies the name No Country for Old Men for this character and the book theme.

No Country for Old Men Review

One thing is certain while reading this novel you become a fan of Cormac McCarthy’s writing as No Country for Old Men is brilliantly written that portrays the fiction story beautifully that looks real.

It also tries to depict the real challenges West Texas was going through such as massive drug dealing, money smuggling, and law enforcement personnel.

If you are a fan of thrill novels with suspense plots, reading the No Country for Old Men PDF is definitely going to add value to your reading journey.

No Country for Old Men Language

No Country for Old Men is originally written in English and published in 2005.

Cormac McCarthy had originally written the story as a screenplay and later transform it into a book.

No Country for Old Men PDF Download Link

No Country for Old Men PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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No Country for Old Men PDF FAQs

No Country for Old Men novel tries to depict the face of a society where an old man and investigator Ed Tom Bell work effortlessly to protect Moss and his wife from a gangster and drug dealer but he was failed in his objectives and takes retirement from his duty.

No Country for Old Men book contains 309 pages in its official Paperback edition and 256 in its PDF Format book which takes approx 6-7 hours to read it completely.

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