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the hate u give pdf
Book by Angie Thomas



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“A marvel of verisimilitude.” this is the appreciation quote for the book that creates a huge impact on readers, the book is The Hate U Give.

Later the story of this novel has been adapted for a movie of the same name released in 2018.

The Hate U Give portrays the story of a 16-year-old African-American Girl named Starr Carter who belongs to a poor neighborhood. She is deeply shattered when she witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil from the police shooting of Oscar Grant.

After becoming the headline in news, Khalil is scandalized by a name of a thug, or even some say Drug dealer, but what went wrong on that night?

It’s all corrugated between Khalil and Starr, would Starr be able to bring justice or she could upend her community?

The Hate U Give book is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and become a must-read for everyone who loves to read a book from Urban and Young Adult Fiction genres.

Download The Hate U Give PDF book available for free at the bottom and enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

The Hate U Give PDF Details

Book Title

The Hate U Give


Angie Thomas



Number Of Pages

464 Pages (Original Paperback)

318 Pages (PDF Format)  


Youngs & Adults, Fiction, Novel

First Published Date

28 February 2017

Main Characters

Starr Carter, Khalil Harris, Lisa, April Ofrah, DeVante, One-Fifteen

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The Hate U Give Author

The Hate U Give book is written by American author Angie Thomas, who was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi.

She is a former teen rapper, currently a young adult writer who holds a BFA in Creative Writing from Belhaven University.

Her debut novel The Hate U Give (2018) got a huge appreciation for its theme and story writing from all over the world which brought her tremendous success financially as well as professionally in her career.

The Hate U Give Summary

The Hate U Give book starts with Starr Carter, a sixteen-year-old black girl who lives in the poor black neighborhood of Garden Heights and attends a fancy suburban prep school in predominantly white.

Starr mostly goes with Kenya, a girl with whom she feels comfortable and shares an older half-brother, Seven.

When Kenya goes off with other friends, Starr used to drive with her childhood best friend Khalil Harris. On a day after finishing the party earlier due to a gunshot interruption from a gang. Starr is driven home by Khalil.

While driving, Khalil explains the meaning of the Thug sung by rapper Tupac Shakur, which is “The Hate U Give Little Infants F—- Everybody.” he explains to Starr.

During their journey, they are stopped by a white police officer having batch no. One-Fifteen. He instructs Khalil who is black to get out of the car and not to move. Whereas Khalil leans towards the windows to check in on Starr.

Number Fifteen officer shoots Khalil three times, killing him immediately.

Khalil’s death deeply disturbed her and interrupt her thoughts badly. She decided to go to the Police station with her mother Lisa to testify about Khalil’s death, having a hope of justice, Starr was questioned instead by the Police officers.

Starr becomes worried thinking that justice will not prevail. During Khalil’s funeral, Starr encountered a Lawyer named April Ofrah and he tells her she can call him if she needs any help regarding legal representation.

Khalil’s news become a highlight story and all the local media is favoring the white Police officer and blamed Khalil for being involved in Drug dealing or other illegal activities.

Slightly later, the case will be heard by a grand jury against One-Fifteen. After requesting from Starr, April Ofrah decided to represent Starr and also finds a way to arrange an interview on Television.

On the other side, DeVante reveals to Starr during the interview that Khalid was never involved in the business of drug dealing and had never been a member of King Lord.

A night before her grand Jury testimony, Starr was attacked with a brick and fired a gunshot at Carter’s house, now would Starr finally testify grand jury and bring justice for Khalid?

To know the climax of the book, I would suggest you download the complete The Hate U Give PDF book on your phone and finish the book as soon as possible.

The Hate U Give Review

First of all, we should appreciate the author Angie Thomas for raising such a social and racial issue through this phenomenal book.

The entire story is not only gripping but triggers a strong emotional punch in a positive manner. It also shows the brutality of Police, discrimination against black people, and some violence.

It doesn’t cover all the darkness instead there are some fun, joyful, and light moments as well during the conversation with Starr’s friends which perfectly balances this book.

The character of Starr is excellently depicted which connects the reader deeply and develops some emotion for her while reading the book.

The movie is released in 2018 with the same name based on this novel, so read originally The Hate U Give pdf book for its real taste, although the movie performed well too.

The Hate U Give won the Goodreads Choice Awards for Young Adult Fiction in 2017.

It also achieved a tremendous rating on Amazon alone with 4.8/5 from over 25k book readers, take a look at the table below to know the ratings on the most popular platforms:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon

4.8 out of 5

Book Review-CommonSense
Book Review-Google

95% Users liked this book


The Hate U Give PDF Download Link

The Hate U Give PDF and its e-Book is available to download in English. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader on your phone.

If you want a paperback, and Hardcore copy of this book, you can buy it on Amazon.

If you found this download link for this book is not working, got corrupted, or has any other copyright material associated with it, please Report It by following the Contact Us / DMCA page. We will unpublish it as soon as we found this is copyright material.

The Hate U Give PDF FAQs

The most vital message The Hate U Give book portrays about discrimination, police brutality, and racial against black people in America. The stereotypes always come forward to protect white communities which is also shown in the book.

The Hate U Give book may have some inappropriate scenes for those under the age of 13 as there are gunshots, violence, and drug dealing scenes that may disturb children below the age group 13. It is absolutely fine to read if you are above 13.

The Hate U Give book contains 464 pages in its official Paperback and Hardcover edition whereas it has 318 pages in its PDF version which takes around 6-7 hours to read it completely.

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