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The Mountain Is You by Brianna Wiest PDF Download | Summary

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Book by Brianna Wiest



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Most people encounter psychological and mental challenges while leaving their comfort zone as no one can grow in life without breaking their comfort zones.

In past history, the mountains used as metaphors which are used to refer to the challenges people experienced such as critical ups and down, and all the struggles which seem hard and impossible to deal with.

The Mountain Is You is an extremely powerful self-help book that helps us to overcome all the deep challenges, scale up our mental abilities, and discover our inner potential by building emotional intelligence through the precise understanding of our neural system.

Emphasizing the core principle of self-sabotage with its deep understanding, this book extensively gives some precious answers about why we resist adapting to change and why it is necessary to leave our comfort zone.

For people who are unhappy with life and are curious to discover self-consciousness, and transform themselves with some little but important changes, The Mountain Is You PDF book is a one-way solution.

Download its pdf from our site available at the bottom, scroll down, save this masterpiece book, and master self innersole.

Book Title

The Mountain Is You


Brianna Wiest


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Number Of Pages

248 Pages (Original Paperback)

240 Pages (PDF Format)


Self-Help, Non-fiction, Psychology

First Published Date

June 1, 2020

Latest Edition

June 1, 2020

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The Mountain Is You Author

The Mountain Is You book is written by Professional Counselor and author Brianna Wiest.

Brianna Wiest is on EFT techniques to evaluate human brains and their connectivity to emotional intelligence.

She is the internationally bestselling author of several books including 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think (2016), The Mountain Is You (2020), and This Is How You Heal (2022).

The Mountain Is You Book Summary

Brianna Wiest decodes highly complex principles to awaken self-consciousness and spiritual enlightenment through a metaphor of mountains instance.

Starting with an introduction to the characteristics of life and its nature of working always in our favor. A forest fire seems destructive at the first glance but it’s actually an essential part of the ecology of the environment.

Our mind also works on the same mechanism, where we encounter several self-sabotage and hard challenges in our life which is a formative phase rather than destructive as well as gives birth to a new self-concept and positive perception.

She takes inspiration from history where we taught that mountains are formed due to the fractions in two opposite tectonic plates, similarly conscious and unconscious need to reconcile to generate optimum inner intelligence growth.

For easy understanding, here is the breakdown of The Mountain Is You pdf summary into some significant bullet points which simplifies the book:

  • There is nothing holding you back in life more than
  • Self-sabotage is born due to a lack of willpower, and self-hatred, you need to identify them as soon as possible to eliminate them.
  • Self-sabotage comes from various reasons such as unconscious, irrational fear, and negative thought process.
  • To get out of the Denial state, You need to start writing down every negative thought on paper, for instance, if you are struggling in finance, write down every debt, every bill, and every bit of income and identify what’s wrong with them.
  • There are so many factors that formes and deforms our life including judging others, pride, fear of failing, Spending time with the Wrong People, and an Unhealthy Lifestyle.
  • The author Brianna Wiest shares how can someone resolve these challenges with certain actions.
  • Don’t blindly chase the goal without knowing the sole purpose of the goal.
  • How to deal with negative emotions including Anger, Sadness, Embarrassment, Jealously, and Chronic fear.
  • Your Gut is not a psychic but an intelligent weapon so always listen to your gut feelings as it has a deep connection with your mind.
  • What is Emotional Intelligent and what are the major impact on our minds?
  • The human mind is an extremely powerful weapon, what we want it certainly gives.
  • Don’t wait for Big-Bang moments as it is very hard to adapt to changes in Breakthroughs but Microshits work most of the time.
  • Sometimes unresolved experiences become immortal in our minds that create traumatic push and restricting us from growing in life.
  • How can we release these traumatic past experiences? It is easy just following the psychological tricks mentioned inside The Mountain Is You pdf book.
  • These all lessons are well enough to transform into The Most Powerful version of Yourself.

This book has some real-life examples of Carl Jung and his traumatic experience at an early age in his life and how he deals with such incidents which help him for being a super and extraordinary psychiatrist.

The Mountain Is You pdf book may prove to be a life-changing experience book for you that actually teaches us to eliminate Self-sabotage and master our brain.

In the end, you come up with a conclusion that “it is not the mountain we master, but ourselves.”.

The Mountain Is You Review

There are very few books written on Emotional Intelligent and Self-sabotage principles, The Mountain Is You book is one which truly brings you to the journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

The sole purpose of writing this book is to master the mountain, as well as teach you to fight with all the challenges, deal with them, and overcome all these negative states.

It extensively focuses on understanding the real meaning of Self-sabotage and how we can overcome this state of mind and transform ourselves from a Self-sabotage to a Self-master in our brain system.

When I picked up The Mountain Is You PDF book, I feel it was an incredible and powerful read that encourages eliminating unresolved experiences, removing metaphors in a form of mountains, and enlightening the maximum potential of the brain.

For me, it’s one of the best self-help books ever written on emotional intelligence and brain enlightenment which actually helps in growing our personality. It is highly recommended to everyone.

The Mountain Is You PDF Download Link

Officially written in English, The Mountain Is You PDF Book is available to download in English.

To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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The Mountain Is You PDF FAQs

The core message of The Mountain Is You book is to identify the root cause of Self-sabotage, negative states, and hard challenges in life and how we can overcome this state of mind while transforming ourselves from a Self-sabotage to a self-master.

There are 248 pages in the official Paperback edition of The Mountain Is You book.

The Mountain is You book is a powerful self-help book primarily focused on self-sabotage of the human brain system, if you want to read a similar book to The Mountain is You, you should refer to The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The Strength In Our Scars by Bianca Sparacino, and Atomic Habits James Clear.

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