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Book by Andrew Aziz



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Do you know many people are attracted toward Intraday Trading because who doesn’t want a profession that gives flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere? 

Surprisingly 9 out of 10 come out to be disappointed and wiped out their portfolio after just a couple of months of Intraday trading in the financial market.

Creating consistent money from Intraday trading is not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires extreme discipline, high patience, a psychological mindset, and most importantly value time.

How to Day Trade for a Living, a financial book specially written for people who are willing to make regular money from intraday trading for a living as well as experienced traders too who are struggling with their intraday strategies.

How to Day Trade for a Living book comprehensively explains the fundamentals of day trading along with the deep elaboration of proven and tested trading strategies that many successful traders use in their day trading journey.

So don’t wait, Download How to Day Trade for a Living PDF book by scrolling down at the bottom, save it, and start making your intraday trading journey profitable and successful.

Book Title

How to Day Trade for a Living


Andrew Aziz


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform







Number Of Pages

366 Pages (Original Paperback)

222 Pages (PDF Format)


Finance & Stock Market, Non-fiction, Business

First Published Date

28 July 2016

Latest Edition

28 July 2016

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How to Day Trade for a Living Author

How to Day Trade for a Living book is written by Canadian trader and investor Andrew Aziz, who is declared a 1 best-selling author.

He is a Forbes Business Council member and ranked as top 100 authors for five consecutive years in the Business and Finance category on Amazon.

Andrew Aziz is best known for his popular book How to Day Trade for a Living published in 2016 and also founded Bear Bull Traders, an online community of Traders from across the world who shares their brilliance strategies and help new traders to improve.

How to Day Trade for a Living author with book cover

How to Day Trade for a Living Summary

The Canadian trader and author Andrew Aziz starts with an introduction about how day trading is completely different from investing and other styles of trading.

He also differentiates the concept for the people who think Intraday trading is a gamble or hobby.

Many people want to generate huge money in a very short period of time which is absolutely wrong as it is not a quick rich scheme. There is a misconception about Buy Low, and Sell High, but it does not work for Day trading.

This complete book is summarized into 9 different chapters along with one last chapter about Andrew’s 11 rules of Day Trading. Starting from How Day Trading Works, Various Risks involved, Finding Stocks for Day Trading, Tools and Software, Candlestick, and Trading Strategies to become a successful day trader.

To elaborate on these chapters and the entire book, I’m breaking down How to Day Trade for a Living pdf book into important bullet points below:

  • The biggest misconception among people is that Day Trading is not similar to gambling and the lottery.
  • Day Trading is not a quick money-making scheme.
  • Only 16% of Day traders make money in the stock market whereas 84% lose their money.
  • Day trading looks easy, but it’s not. If it’s easy everyone would be a successful trader.
  • You should treat day trading as a business, in fact, a serious and hard business.
  • How long does a beginner start making money as a trader? At least it will take a year to start making consistent money through the stock market.
  • How human emotions play a vital role during live trading and it’s the biggest reason trader fails.
  • What is the significant difference between Day Trading, Swing Trading, and High-Frequency trading (HFT)?
  • What is Risk Management Technique, including the Three Step Risk Management Technique?
  • Question yourself, Am I trading the right stock, What is my Stop loss, and What is my trading quantity?
  • How do Find Stocks for Trading, the Impact of Pre-Market Gappers, and Floating Market Cap?
  • Detailed analysis of Real-Time Scan Intraday Scans such as Real Time Volume Radar, Real-Time Reversal Scanners.
  • What are the various Tools, Software, and Which trading Platform is best for Day Trading?
  • What are the Indicators Andrew Aziz personally use on a real-time chart and How to use them too?
  • In chapter 7, it tells the most important Day Trading Strategies including ABCD Pattern, Bull Flag Momentum, Top Reversal, Bottom Reversal, Moving Average  Trend Trading, and VWAP Trading with illustrations of past charts.
  • At the end of the book, how Andrew’s 11 Rules of Day Trading made him a successful Day trader.

These Day trading mentioned in the book are illustrated with a chart along with how Entry and Exit should be done, and author Andrew Aziz personally use to take his trades.

The most important lesson Andrew describe is the only way to get succeed in Day trading is making practice regularly on the live chart instead of learning them doesn’t bring any change in your trading journey.

So scroll down below and download the How to Day Trade for a Living PDF book and start learning and practicing mentioned Intraday Techniques and stepping ahead to make Intraday Trading a real business.

How to Day Trade for a Living Review

The author Andrew Aziz represents this complete book in an extremely easy way by using Charts, Bars, and historical data which makes all the lessons easy to adapt.

The book is kept short by the author to focus on what exactly produces results when implemented accordingly on a chart rather than unnecessarily topics which generally confusing to beginners.

It covers all the mandatory topics of Day trading very precisely as well as demonstrated all strategies with graphical instances bringing this financial book to the top among its competitors available on the market.

Originally published on 28 July 2016, since then it becomes popular day by day among the Intraday trader’s community due to the precious content it serves.

If you are struggling to make money in Day trading or looking to step in as a beginner, the How to Day Trade for a Living pdf book has the extreme potential to transform your trading journey from failure to success.

It has achieved brilliant ratings and reviews from all over the world, take a look at some of the popular reviews on top book reading platforms:

Book Review-Goodreads
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4.5 out of 5

Books Review-Apple Books
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93% Users liked this book


How to Day Trade for a Living PDF Download Link

How to Day Trade for a Living PDF Book is available in English.

To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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How to Day Trade for a Living PDF FAQs

How to Day Trade for a Living book extensively guide you about Day trading strategies and focuses on Risk management, Discipline, and Trading Psychology which Canadian trader and its author Andrew Aziz personally use during his successful trading journey. So yes it’s definitely worth reading for every trader.

How to Day Trade for a Living is a stock market book that comprehensively guides the stock market intraday trading strategies for people who trade for a living as well as teaches the demonstrated trading methods actually used by many successful traders.

It will take around 5-6 hours to read How to Day Trade for a Living complete book because it is kept short by the author to make it interesting and on precise points.

There are 366 pages in How to Day Trade for a Living’s latest Paperback edition whereas it has 222 pages in its PDF version available on the internet.

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