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Book by Fred McAllen



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Investing or Trading in Stocks, Indexes, and even Mutual Funds is quite straight but gaining a significant return on investment is extremely difficult.

Beginners and experienced, investors face such challenges while they invest their hard-earned money in any segment of the financial market.

Charting and Technical Analysis, a Finance and Stock Market book that comprehensively guides you about the various charting techniques and extensive technical analysis methods that actually help to identify the market direction.

it not only teaches the concept “Buy Low and Sell High”, but also defines the price movement, price action strategies, important patterns, channels, and how these methods can be implemented in the live market to achieve constant success in the market.

If you are looking to make a career in the stock market or even want to invest money for long-term holding, Charting and Technical Analysis is a must-have book in your physical or e-library.

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Book Title

Charting and Technical Analysis


Fred McAllen








Number Of Pages

275 Pages (Original Paperback)

224 Pages (PDF Format)


Finance & Stock Market, Non-fiction, Business

First Published Date

6 April 2012

Latest Edition

6 April 2012

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Charting and Technical Analysis Author

Charting and Technical Analysis book is written by American author, Stockbroker, and Portfolio Manager Fred McAllen.

Fred McAllen is a successful investor and trader having over 25 years of experience as a Stockbroker, Financial Advisor, and Portfolio Manager.

He dedicated all his life expertise to teaching every individual about the stock market which inspire him to write the most popular books including ‘Charting and Technical Analysis,’ ‘Trading the Trends,’ and ‘Common Sense Investing.’

Charting and Technical Analysis Summary

The author of the book Fred McAllen himself carries 25 years of experience as a Stockbroker, Financial Advisor, and Portfolio Manager who shares all the essence of his stock market experience through this book.

McAllen wrapped up this complete book in 19 chapters which have the potential to make you master generating consistent returns on the stocks.

The main objective of writing this book is to teach you to study effective trading and investing methods before stepping into the financial market.

Starting with a glimpse of the Buy and Hold Theory and some basic questions that need to be clarified about the person who is responsible for taking your financial decisions, do they have knowledge and experience and selling a single security in the past?

He also shares the human psychology behind Dollar-cost-averaging, the most prominent factors in Mutual and Index Funds, and how to make them more efficient to bring your returns to a new peak.

For a better understanding, here is the breakdown of the Charting and Technical Analysis pdf book into the most important bullet points mentioned below to digest it deeply:

  • Investing and Trading is a double sword as it can profitable for the informed investor, but at the same time, it can be extremely costly for the uninformed.
  • The ‘Modern Day Financial Advisors’ can destroy your trading journey in a minute as they are hired even having a lack of knowledge about the financial market.
  • How stock brokers and advisors are mainly focused on generating high brokerages by doing unnecessary trades and segments rather than one-time commission.
  • Your Investment salespeople usually do various common tools such as Buy and Hold Theory, Mutual Funds, Dollar Cost Average, and Market Timing techniques.
  • People usually do not make their financial planning and decisions on paper instead discussing them everywhere.
  • So educate yourself rather than relying on financial advisors and salespersons.
  • Starting to learn technical analysis with some effective study techniques including The Dow Theory, The Three Trend Market 1. Primary trend, 2. Secondary trend, 3. Minor trend
  • The detailed elaboration of the Three Trend Market in all three phases along with the graphical illustrations.
  • “Charts are the Footprint of Money”, and the importance of Charts.
  • The most effective Candlesticks patterns include Doji, Hanging Man, Spinning Top, Evening Star, and Hammer, and how they can be implemented in charts.
  • In-depth guide about Pattern Formations such as Bullish Harami, Bearish Harami, Engulfing pattern, and The Rising and Falling Three methods.
  • How to learn the concept of Support, Resistance, and Trends and identify the important levels.
  • How to identify the two uncommon patterns Saucers and Spikes and when to take profits and when to stay away from them.
  • What are Price Gaps and why do stocks open gap up and gap down compared to their previous closing day?
  • What is Market Reversal,  and Percentage of Retracement, and how does it impacts the stock market?
  • In the end, what is McAllen’s favorite trading strategy with its elaboration?
  • What is StopLoss, Trailing Stoploss, and how you should limit your losses to protect from liquidity?

Besides these techniques and concepts, the last chapter concludes all important techniques bring in one frame for better memorizing of all the lessons.

One thing is certain if you properly learn above mentioned strategies and master them with practice, no one can stop you to become a successful and profitable trader as well as a long-term investor.

I suggest you not rely on just a summary instead you should download the complete Charting and Technical Analysis PDF and e-Book available in the section below for the best understanding.

Charting and Technical Analysis Review

Charting and Technical Analysis book is one of the best books ever written to master the financial market through Technical Analysis and its fundamentals.

That’s the reason some top business leading firms considers this book as the Bible of Technical Analysis due to its simple and lucid writing which can be learned by anyone even without belonging to a non-financial stream.

All the techniques, concepts, and strategies are well derived with the help of graphical images and charting tables will definitely give you a satisfying learning experience after completing reading it.

Being a trader and investor for over 25 years, the author Fred McAllen puts his best efforts into the book to teach all the lessons precisely, and it clearly feels while reading this masterpiece book.

For me, the Charting and Technical Analysis pdf book offers a satisfying experience after reading and inspires me to achieve a successful trading journey.

The book gradually being popular among stock market traders and investors, and everyone rated it as excellent and serving what it promises, here is the top reviews and rating available on top reading platforms: 

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon Logo

4.6 out of 5

Book Review-Flipkart

5 out of 5

Book Review-Google

92% Users liked this book


Charting and Technical Analysis PDF Download Link

Charting and Technical Analysis PDF and e-Book is available to download in English.

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For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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Charting and Technical Analysis PDF FAQs

The charting and Technical Analysis book is a stock market book that centrally focuses on various technical analysis methods and most demonstrated charting techniques that helps to identify the market movement.

No, the Charting and Technical Analysis book is written in a simple and optimum way so it may understand easily by everyone, some graphical and charting images make it more accessible for readers.

Charting and Technical Analysis book contains 275 pages in its official Paperback and hardcore edition available on Amazon, whereas it has 224 pages in its PDF Format available on top book reading sites including ThePDFshelf, Lifefeeling, and Z-Library.

As of now, Charting and Technical Analysis audiobook is not available because it has several graphical and charting illustrations that can be better understood through the Paperback edition.

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