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Book by Penelope Douglas



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Romance novels consider the best to read in a light and pleasing mood with a sip of tea and coffee making a warm ambiance.

Looking to read a romance novel but feel confused about which one to read, you must try Penelope Douglas’s Credence, a most talked novel in recent times among teenagers.

As long as the most appreciated romance authors are concerned, Penelope Douglas would be on the top of the list for sure due to her phenomenal standalone story and writing skills.

Credence, an Erotic literature and romance novel narrates the story of a girl Teirnan de Haas who went through loneliness starting from an early age without any love and guidance, she still looking to escape her aloneness and carve out a life of her own.

When she lost her parent, her step-uncle Jake Van der Berg comes forward as a guardian to take responsibility for her future.

Far away from life, she flees with Jack and his two sons, Noah and Kaleb, finding peace in the mountains of Colorado’s remote woods and witnessing a different life experience over there.

Download the Credence PDF book by scrolling to the bottom, save it on your phone, and start reading this unique and strange romance. 

Book Title



Penelope Douglas


Independently published







Number Of Pages

485 Pages (Original Paperback)

599 Pages (PDF Format)  


Romance Novel, Youngs & Adults, Fiction, Erotic literature

First Published Date

13 January 2020

Main Characters

Tiernan de Haas, Jake Van der Berg, Noah, Kaleb

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Credence Author

The credence book is written by a well-known romance author and novelist Penelope Douglas.

Penelope Douglas is most popular among readers for his several standalone novels including Punk 57 (2016), Birthday Girl (2018), and Credence (2020), and a series named The Devil’s Night.

She is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and is considered among the top romance novelist in 2023.

Credence author with book cover

Credence Summary

The story of Credence starts with a girl named Tiernan de Haas, she is the only daughter of a wealthier film producer and his starlet wife.

She is being grown with ravishing resources surrounding her, living a privileged life despite having everything, she doesn’t have the guidance and love which missing from her wealthy life.

Reading in a boarding school away from her parents, her life is surrounded by a shadow of aloneness and carve from which she couldn’t escape alone and kneel inside.

When her parents tragically pass away, Tiernan de Haas’s life becomes more traumatic and devasted too as she has broken by this terrible news.

Tiernan lives her life spectating herself with desolated eyes and feels truly alone rather than having joy and fulfillment. Since her parent demise, she is raised by her Nannies and her mom’s personal assistant.

When she is close to 18, her father’s stepbrother and only living relative named Jake Van der Berg comes forward as a guardian to take her with him thinking about her future.

What can be better for her as she has nothing to lose? Her uncle Jack offered her to stay with him in the mountains of Colorado with his family including his two sons, Noah and Kaleb.

Tiernan flees with her uncle Jack to the mountains of Colorado where she finds her new friends Noah and Kaleb.

Initially, she faces slight challenges to fit in Jack’s family but gradually she is taught how to live with limited resources as well as survive in the remote wood which is far away from the real world.

She adapted to everything very quickly and learns to care about herself rather than anyone else in the world, she started feeling safe among them, have enjoyed looking at the animals, which pleased to her soul.

She has become stronger and her mindset develops toward matureness, living with three men, and adjusting herself to them is certainly a fresh experience for her all these aspects teach various important lessons in life.

Everything is going smoothly and as long as she grows, she finds herself craving things, a sexual awakening makes her realize she feels like a trap but would she break the line or keep aroused within her?

To know how this story ends, you need to download the Credence PDF and e-book for free available in the section below, and experience the what actual meaning of Credence.

Credence Review

Penelope Douglas, the author of Credence delivered an unprecedented script that is not completely based on romance but is a blend of unconventional romance with a slight touch of past healing.

The entire plot is certainly unique and different which you have not read previously in any book, it completely justifies its title name.

The character development, story narration, and the way it is written, all effortlessly pulled the entire book into an unforgettable experience. You can’t leave it without applauding. It serves exactly what a reader seeks in the book.

I would like to clarify that the Credence pdf is not for everyone as it contains some dark sex explicit scenes as well as slow momentum in the beginning which will not be appropriate for some book lovers.

Please note that it is best recommended to read above the age of 16 due to some adult exposure and dark scenes.

Overall, it has been rated good among the book enthusiast and is one time read. Here is the review and rating for the book on popular platforms:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon Logo

4.3 out of 5

Books Review-Apple Books
Book Review-Google

87% Users liked this book


Credence PDF Download Link

Credence PDF Book is available to download in English. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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Credence PDF FAQs

The Credence book is about a teenage girl growing up with wealth and privilege but a lack of guidance and love, kneeling inside and trying to escape from loneliness and looking to carve out her life.

No, it is not recommended Credence book if you are under 14 age because it has many dark sexual scenes along with a feeling of aloneness, craving, and mental trap found in the book.

Credence book comes up with 485 pages in the official Paperback and Hardcore editions whereas it has 599 pages in its PDF Format available on ThePDFshelf and other book reading platforms.

If I truly say, Credence is the journey of a girl struggling with her loneliness who raises under her uncle’s guidance with his sons Kaleb, and Noah, all the characters all slightly complicated and some people may not like the theme of the book.

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