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Book by Burton G. Malkiel



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In the phase of a bearish market, recessions, and extreme volatility what does a faint-hearted but consistent investor do?

Some investors usually increase the number of stocks without getting influenced by the negative scenario, while some try to sell their stocks as soon as possible after being influenced to fearing of missing out also known as FOMO. 

It is certain that the portfolio of both kinds of investors gets affected by this stock market phase.

The Professor of Economics Burton G. Malkiel has written a book called A Random Walk Down Wall Street after going through all the phases of the market and being able to decode what strategies work in which phase of the market.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street is a simple and powerful guide to key investing that teaches the time-tested strategies which actually work in real-time Investing and the ability to make and sustain profits considering future prospects.

It primarily focuses on stocks but also guides about which insurance to avoid, Diamonds, Gold, and everything that affects the common man. A must-read Financial book for an individual Investor.

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Book Title

A Random Walk Down Wall Street


Burton G. Malkiel



Number Of Pages

480 Pages (Original Paperback)

354 Pages (PDF Format)


Finance & Stock Market, Non-fiction, Business

First Published Date


Latest Edition

January 14, 2020

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A Random Walk Down Wall Street Author

A Random Walk Down Wall Street book is written by American Economist and Professor Burton G. Malkiel.

Malkiel is generally known for buying and holding index funds, but he stated recently he is also not opposed to investing or trading in a Single stock. 

Being a well-known Economist, he has written several books on Finance and the Stock market including Naked Economics, and From Wall Street to the Great Wall (2007) but he is popular for his classic masterpiece A Random Walk Down Wall Street.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street author with book cover

A Random Walk Down Wall Street Summary

Burton G. Malkiel starts the book by describing the concept of Investing in the complex world of Finance where people think individual investors have the least chance against Wall Street professionals.

A realistic example of the 2009 phase is when the stock market tanked but eventually recovered and their holding values spiked up continually for the next couple of years.

At the same time, many derivates securities buyers along with the overpriced tech stockholders from 2000 lost their shirts in this crash due to their inability to understand the market sentiments.

The author divided this book into four specific parts, starting the elaboration on stocks and their Value, Professional games in the town, New Investment Technology, and lastly A Practical Guide for retail investors.

To understand the complete book in a short way, here is the breakdown of the most significant points for A Random Walk Down Wall Street pdf book below:

  • You can’t beat the market.
  • The concept of Random Walk, means the future steps and price direction cant be predicted on the basis of past history.
  • Investment advisory services and Forecasting news are useless and should be avoided while stepping into the financial market.
  • Learning to accept taking risks as risk is a prominent factor and a natural part of investing bodies.
  • The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) does not imply that the market is always correct.
  • How Speculative Bubbles including The Tupli Bulb Craze, and the South Sea Bubble, affect badly the market.
  • The Explosive Bubble including The Internet Bubble, Dot.Com Bubble, and The US Housing Bubble burst in the early 2000s, does it mean the market is inefficient? 
  • How technical and fundamental analysis together is very important before entering any stock or fund, and what works better?
  • Proven results when using Technical analysis and A Random Theory together to analyze the stock.
  • Sustain the profit by implementing the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) which tells us to invest in inversely correlated companies and protect our portfolio in bad phases of the market.
  • The implementation of the FAMA-FRENCH THREE-FACTOR MODEL and the results of Reducing and Increasing Risk with great illustrations of Graphs, Bars, and Indicators.
  • What is Behavioral Finance, and what’s its significance while trading? Avoid over-trading and Sell the Losers, not the Winners.
  • How various Strategies including Blended Hybrid Strategies, Low-Volatility, and Equally Weighted Portfolio Strategies (EWPS) work well and stable too.
  • Cover yourself with Cash Reverse, Insurance, and How to dodge the Tax collector.

These all strategies and lessons are purely described with instances using graphs and techniques as well as how human sentiments were affected throughout the market journey.

At the end of the book, it shares some useful techniques called DO It Yourself which portrays picking out a potential share for your portfolio.

To know everything discussed above in precise detail, I advise you to download the complete A Random Walk Down Wall Street PDF book available in the section.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street Review

A Random Walk Down Wall Street is written in a simple manner using graphs and illustrations making it quite easy to understand.

The book is Originally published in 1973, but it is still relevant today even after 50 years due to its precious key investing guide which many successful investors used in the past and will use in the future too.

Let me clear that, the book is not a quick money-making scheme as it is totally focused on long-term investing with a potential stock selection and avoiding little mistakes that an Investor do while making a portfolio.

It is certain if you attentively work on Burton G. Malkiel’s strategies and techniques mentioned in the book, you will come out to be a successful investor and can achieve your financial goals.

The new and updated version of this book is published in 2020 and over 1.5 million copies are sold according to official data.

As of 2023, A Random Walk Down Wall Street pdf, Audiobook, and Paperback version, this book is loved in all formats across the world.

Take a look at how it is rated on popular reading platforms below:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon Logo

4.7 out of 5

Book Review-Four Minute Books
Book Review-Google

89% Users liked this book


A Random Walk Down Wall Street PDF Download Link

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If you want a paperback, and Hardcore copy of this book, you can buy it on Amazon.

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A Random Walk Down Wall Street PDF FAQs

A Random Walk Down Wall Street is an effective guide to key investing that teaches the time-tested strategies considering future prospects including Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), FAMA, and Equally Weighted Portfolio Strategies (EWPS) which protect your portfolio and help to grow your investment.

“You can’t beat the market” this one of the best quotes from A Random Walk Down Wall Street book conveys no one can predict the market as it is beyond everyone’s expectations.

The book A Random Walk Down Wall Street is written by American Economist and Professor Burton G. Malkiel who usually prefer to invest in Index fund rather than single stock.

There are 480 pages in A Random Walk Down Wall Street official Paperback edition, however, it has 354 in its PDF Format which will take around 7-8 hours to read it completely.

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