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Book by Madsen Pirie



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Its always been challenging to understand the audience while talking as well as make them convinced of your argument.

Listening carefully to someone’s opinion, talking with confidence and mainly how to talk effectively are the most important factor in every field that leads to leaving a magnificent impact on anyone while interacting.

How To Win Every Argument is a comprehensive self-help book that teaches how to talk with confidence, and develop speaking skill that actually helps to win an argument with mutual understanding as well as keep respecting someone’s opinion.

It also teaches us to develop the art of argument and rhetoric while interacting with anyone and accept disagreement with mutual understanding.

This book’s 15 most effective steps is a very precious and prove to be life changers if implement correctly, so download the How To Win Every Argument PDF book and bring a drastic change in your communication skills.

How to Win Every Argument PDF Details

Book Title

How to Win Every Argument


Madsen Pirie








Number Of Pages

240 Pages (Original Paperback)

196 Pages (PDF Format)


Self-Help, Non-fiction, Psychology

First Published Date


Latest Edition

May 7, 2015

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How to Win Every Argument Author

How to Win Every Argument book is written by British researcher and author Duncan Madsen Pirie.

Born in 1940, Madsen Pirie is the co-founder of the Adam Smith Institute, and working currently as a President of the company, he was formerly a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Philosophy and Logic at Hillsdale College, Michigan, USA.

Madsen Pirie has written various books on Fallacy, communication and Economics as well. His best books are How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic (2006), The Book of the Fallacy (1985), and Sherlock Holmes IQ Book (1996).

How to Win Every Argument author with book cover

Plot Summary

Starting with an introduction about how any argument wins with the logical and rational sound that is what is actually the basic principle of winning an argument.

The author Madsen Pirie shares a broad view of fallacies and their impact while communicating with someone. Fallacious is mostly used by people who lack logical reasoning and who make irrational sounds to deceive others with extreme effect.

Furtherly, this book teaches how you should argue effectively as well as how to identify the fallacy, practice and polish it and make a better environment surrounding your conversation.

For the best understanding of the book’s summary, let’s breakdown How to Win Every Argument pdf book into important lessons which certainly help you to adapt all the lessons in less time:

  • Argument is everywhere and it’s the element that everyone wants to win.
  • There are many factors associated with arguments including Abusive Analogies, Accents, Analogical Fallacies and Antiquitam, argumentum ad.
  • An analogy is the most important thing when a comparison is being made that makes an argument more effective and has fewer fallacies.
  • Analogies are a prominent way to convey information.
  • A little change in Accent transforms meaning completely in a positive manner.
  • Any argument that binds with Science is hard to deny by anyone as it has a special and effective impact, sounds nice as well as is recognized as a special domain.
  • The complex question (plurium interrogationum) concept should be applied in argument because when several questions are combined into one, the reply should be Yes or No.
  • You can not rely on a false argument based on falsity, even with good logic.
  • Many of us have a weak point of being influenced by emotions so when it comes to deciding judgement, our emotions and behaviour should not influence while taking judgement.
  • False Conversions impact psychologically on the opposition because they may leave the audience convinced, for instance, All cats are animals, All animals are cats. It may be true in some cases whereas False as well in some cases.
  • Hedging can be a good practice using arguments as it works as a shelter behind ambiguous meanings that can be changed later accordingly.
  • Ignoratio elench is the oldest method identified by Aristotle which has a subtle appeal that means while proving something, one reaches on different conclusion.
  • The fallacy of Petitio Principi is considered the master of disguise which is certainly able to change the conclusion that someone seeks during the conversation.
  • The positive conclusion from a negative premise, a term that allows you to conclude two statements from two premises with a different meanings.

These all fallacies are well described by the author with real-life examples and demonstrations that can not only bring impressive impact while interacting but also help to win an argument over your opposition.

Should I Read How to Win Every Argument Book?

How to Win Every Argument is a powerful self-help book that guides us on winning arguments and offers strategies to handle heated conversations, it also teaches how to defend our opinion without hurting or undermining opposition arguments.

The book shares some effective strategies as well to construct a healthy conversation and impactive debate that aims not to win an argument at any cost but maintain a good understanding between premises and exchange precious ideas.

It has recently launched in the market and succeeded in attracting book enthusiasts and received many excellent reviews from readers.

Reading a book completely depends on personal preference, if you find yourself weak while debating, communicating and having a conversation with someone, the How to Win Every Argument pdf book certainly deserve to be read.

How to Win Every Argument PDF Download Link

How to Win Every Argument book is officially written in English and available to download in English for readers. its latest edition is published by Bloomsbury Academic.

To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For paperback, and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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How to Win Every Argument PDF FAQs

How to Win Every Argument is a self-help book centrally written to improve communication skills, enhance healthy debating skills, as well as offer various strategies to win an argument, exchange ideas, and develop a constructive conversation while talking to someone.

Madsen Pirie, a Researcher and British author has written the book called How to Win Every Argument, he is also the President of the Adam Smith Institute currently.

How to Win Every Argument book contains 240 pages in the official Paperback edition and 196 pages in PDF Format, it takes 5-6 hours to read this book completely.

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