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Book by Spencer Johnson



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If you’re looking to make significant changes in your work and life but slightly fear thinking about its consequences. A psychological way may help you to achieve that.

Do you want to learn how to deal with the changes which can lead you to reduce stress, break common habits, and achieve more success in your business or profession?

Who Moved My Cheese is a unique but powerful guide that teaches you how to deal with changes by using a simple parable technique that helps in reducing stress and makes your mind super efficient toward managing the future.

Dr. Spencer Johnson, the author of this book reveals how a human attitude matters a lot when competing with changing the world frequently.

The book usually takes an hour to read it completely as it short read but gives a lesson about life that persists lifetime.

Now you don’t need to fear adopting changes in your life or profession, just download the Who Moved My Cheese PDF by scrolling at the bottom and make your mindset stronger and perfect.

Book Title

Who Moved My Cheese


Spencer Johnson







Number Of Pages

96 Pages (Original Paperback)

39 Pages (PDF Format)  


Self-Help, Business, Non-fiction, Psychology

First Published Date

8 September 1998

Main Characters

Scurry, Sniff, Hem, Haw

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Who Moved My Cheese Author

Who Moved My Cheese book is written by an American physician 
Spencer Johnson and Foreword by Kenneth Blanchard PhD.

Spencer Johnson has been awarded with several awards for his precious contribution, he is the co-author of the New York Times bestsellers for The One Minute Manager and is called “The King of Parables” by USA Today.

His most popular books are The One Minute Manager (1982), The Precious Present (2001), and Who Moved My Cheese (1998).

Who Moved My Cheese author with book cover

Who Moved My Cheese Summary

Who Moved My Cheese book is a simple parable and enlightening story of Four characters two mice and two little people who live in a maze and search for Cheeze which makes them happy.

Here Cheeze represents success or maybe the desires you want to have in life, whereas the Maze represents where to find it whether it may be an organization, Office, School, or Community.

There are two mice named Sniff and Scurry Four people to indicate having a different attitude toward being changed.

Lesson 1 tells us that the two mice follow a specific pattern to find the cheese as they run perpetually up and down until finding the cheese and turn around and return, following the same pattern even if they don’t find cheese.

This pattern is very time-consuming due to its unstructured pattern and no use of mind.

Whereas Two little people Hem and Haw look at the maze and spend most of the time finding the fastest way to find the cheese using their brain, unlike mice who want to find it not because they are hungry but to feel happy and successful.

The author wants to decode life through this example, as life follows the same path so don’t make it complicated with too much thinking instead be like mice and start running!

Lesson 2 narattes, both mice Sniff and Scurry find a big snack of cheese at Station C, they constantly make attention to the stash knowing that it would disappear soon and enjoy the stash a bit of cheese every day.

Once they find it is running out, they run again into the maze to find another piece of cheese at Station N.

Hem and Haw find the cheese at Station C and become preoccupied with the place where they found the stash of cheese thinking all it is of their hard efforts.

And without even noticing, the cheese starts to mouldy and one morning they are surprised looking at the cheese moved by someone.

These lessons teach us about the uncertainty of everything which a human owns, as things will not last permanently, it changes sooner or later. So don’t make fool yourself and accept the change by opening your eyes all the time.

Lesson 3 has the most important chapter of the Who Moved My Cheese pdf book which teaches us not to sit in one place thinking of fear to find another cheese instead you should start running again, be optimistic and situations will get better.

This is a brief summary, you can download the entire Who Moved My Cheese PDF in the download section below.

Who Moved My Cheese Review

Who Moved My Cheese is first published in 1998, its one of the most precious and highly discussed self-help books among business enthusiasts, professionals, and corporates.

Many business managers tell this book’s story to their teammates for making them inspire, change attitudes, and motivate them to be optimistic towards the situations they own.

We should appreciate the way how the author elaborated the concept of changing situations through a piece of cheese, a maze, and mice. which impact deeply our thought and are easy to understand as well.

This is the book I would suggest everyone read once in life, a truly life-changing guide.

Since its release, over 28 million copies have been sold and millions of Who Moved My Cheese PDF and e-Books are downloaded over the internet, it remains one of the best-selling business books.

With this huge selling figure, it is able to sustain brilliant ratings and reviews on top platforms:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon Logo

4.6 out of 5

Book Review-Four Minute Books
Book Review-Google

93% Users liked this book


Who Moved My Cheese PDF Download Link

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Who Moved My Cheese PDF FAQs

The book Who Moved My Cheese is a simple parable that teaches how to deal with certain changes, reduce fear of losing, and make our minds efficient. It tells about two mice in a maze, two little people, and a stash of cheese, where each character represents a different perception, and cheese indicates success or desired object in real life.

Who Moved My Cheese is a short story book that has 96 pages in its official Hardcover and Paperback edition, whereas it has 39 pages in its PDF format that can be finished reading within 2 hours.

There are only 96 pages in the Official Paperback Edition of Who Moved My Cheese which needs 2 hours to read it completely, it’s a very short read book.

The Free Audiobook for Who Moved My Cheese book is officially available on Amazon Audible which is paid, however, it’s a free audiobook available on Soundcloud, and Audiobook.

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