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Book by Ruby Dixon



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If you are fond of reading romance novels in your free time but this time looking to read a different and unique romance novel.

I’m recommending you a novel that is based in the Sci-Fi genre category and highly popular among young adults. The novel I’m referring to is Ice Planet Barbarians.

Ice Planet Barbarians features the story of a group of women who are 22 years old and stranded on an icy planet after being stolen from their homes on Earth by green aliens, alien Vektal falls in love with a human woman Georgie Carruthers.

After getting a huge hit on the social media platform Tik Tok, and many podcasts of each episode being viral, it now comes in a special print edition.

Ice Planet Barbarians is a blend of sweetness, fun, love, and a high-stakes survival story with a theme of pure science fiction that would be truly an amazing read for book lovers.

Download Ice Planet Barbarians PDF for free available at the bottom, download and save it on your system and start enjoying a human aliens romance.

Before start reading, take a look at all the details associated with this novel mentioned below:

Ice Planet Barbarians PDF Details

Book Title

Ice Planet Barbarians


Ruby Dixon



Number Of Pages

336 Pages (Original Paperback), 

152 (PDF Format)


Originally published

24 April 2015

Main Characters

Georgie., Vektal, Josie, Kira, Krissy, Liz, Megan, Peg, Tiffany

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Ice Planet Barbarians Author

The author of Ice Planet Barbarians book is Ruby Dixon, She is best known for Science Fiction Romance novels.

Ruby Dixon is a popular name in the USA and the secret pen name of a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author.

Her popular books are Lauren’s Barbarian (2017),  Veronica’s Dragon (2018), Willa’s Beast (2018), and Angie’s Gladiator (2018).

Ice Planet Barbarians Summary

The popular series Ice Planet Barbarians begins with the story of a dozen other 22-year-old women who are abducted from the Earth by a group of Aliens.

Due to an unfortunate accident, their spaceship crashes on an Icy Planet the women dub Not-Hoth. On the planet, the tribe of local sentients also known as the sa-khui spot them, and women have no way to return.

Due to the culture of local sentients, every new member is given a khui which helps natives survive the ice planet’s brutal cold conditions.

The group of women and their leader Georgie formed a plan to escape from the planet, she gets caught in a hunter’s trap and during seeking help to get away, she meets a 7-foot blue alien, named Vektal who is the leader of the Sakh tribe.

As discussed above, Sakh always has a Khui to protect themselves from the harsh condition of the Ice planet, Khui also forcefully draws you toward a compatible mate.

It also gives an extreme feel and makes them horny toward their partners.

There are few women left on the Ice planet due to uncertain conditions, and Vektal resigned himself from being the leader to learn to live alone without a partner.

The story gets twisted, as soon as Vektal sees Georgie, he feels an instant attraction and a special connection with her, falls in love with her at first sight, and slightly feels she is destined to be his mate.

After having several interactions, Vekatal comes to know about human nature and learns that humans still fight for controlling their own destiny even after being stranded on the Icc Planet.

Vektal and Georgie both fall in love with each other, especially Vektal who thinks Georgie is the most beautiful thing in his life. He promised and makes it his sole priority to make her please and keep her safe.

How love script of Vektal and Georgie will be developed and how its progress further? You will find each and every answer in detail in the entire book, so download Ice Planet Barbarians PDF and e-Book in the download section below.

Ice Planet Barbarians Review

The Ice Planet Barbarians book is amazingly written by the author as all the fictional characters are well relatable even being fictional.

The dialog and exposition are brilliantly implemented in the book, the writing is easy and straight to read which maintains the reader’s engagement throughout all the chapters.

The beginning of the book may look slow and complex at first glance due to its sci-fi and fantasy genre but with time, the plot sets perfectly which makes a smile on the reader’s face while every page turns around.

You would also appreciate the character of Vektal, especially how he cares for Georgie is certainly a heart whelming.

For me, it’s having a good time while reading the Ice Planet Barbarians pdf book with a mix of sweetness, fantasy, fun, and importantly set in a world of aliens.

As it has 21 no. of books in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, so read them one by one for the best understanding. All books are super hit across the world.

Ice Planet Barbarians Language

Ice Planet Barbarians is a Science Fiction Romance novel originally written in English by Ruby Dixon and published on 24 April 2015.

Ice Planet Barbarians PDF Download Link

Ice Planet Barbarians PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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Ice Planet Barbarians PDF FAQs

Yes, the majority of chapters inside the Ice Planet Barbarians book is spicy and filled with romance, sweetness, fun, and a full set between the world of Aliens, it’s a great Sci-Fi genre book.

Although, it has 21 books in its series but the plot of the book Ice Planet Barbarians is straight and easy to understand even if you read its series book randomly, but it is recommended to read Ice Planet Barbarians book in a series for the best and easy understand.

Ice Planet Barbarian book contains several sexually explicit content, some violent scenes, and drug consumption which is best suited to read for the 17 years and above age group.

There are 21 books in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, and if you read it in series, the story feels richer and easy to understand.

As of now, Ice Planet Barbarians Audiobook is not available for free to listen to, the audiobook is easily available on Amazon Audible for a minimal price.

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