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If you ever face difficulties while taking a decision or even come out with a wrong decision that impacts negatively on your profession.

Well everyone has gone through such conditions in day-to-day life. Right!

To overcome this scenario, Rolf Dobelli has written a book called The Art of Thinking Clearly which is a comprehensive guide to thinking clearly and take better decisions.

The book contains 99 chapters about how simple mistakes are repeatedly done by individuals, Corporates, and businesses, and how they can be seriously examined to overcome the failures.

It is a must-read book for everyone, especially those looking to spot mistakes and work on them to improve themselves constantly. 

Download The Art of Thinking Clearly PDF book from the downloading link available at the bottom and start transforming your way of thinking and making better decisions.

Book Title

The Art of Thinking Clearly


Rolf Dobelli








Number Of Pages

384 Pages (Original Paperback)

254 Pages (PDF Format)  


First Published Date

January 1, 2013

Latest Edition

May 6, 2014

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The Art of Thinking Clearly Author

The Art of Thinking Clearly book is written by Swiss author and entrepreneur Rolf Dobelli who is currently living in Switzerland.

Rolf Dobelli has written several non-fiction books and novels that are highly applauded by top business organizations and critics as well.

He has done Ph.D. in a dissertation on philosophy, and founder of many several companies and communities including WORLD.MINDS (A community of the World’s leading personalities).

The Art of Thinking Clearly pdf author with book cover

The Art of Thinking Clearly Summary

The author Rolf Dobelli shares the complete synopsis of this book through the 99 short stories for the best understanding of lessons.

Rolf explains how human psychology plays a vital role in every profession and businesses to make it successful and take it to a new height by simply taking better decisions.

Avoiding errors and bad thoughts is well enough to stabilize human perception and mindsets which can be highly beneficial in day-to-day working environments.

Let’s understand the brief summary of The Art of Thinking Clearly pdf book by the following bullet points:

  • The complete essence of human thinking and their decision mindset converted into 99 short stories.
  • How avoiding bad thinking is more important than working to produce clear thoughts in a mind.
  • Don’t accept free drinks as most organizations and NGOs working on a technique called First Give Then Take.
  • You always try to be straightforward always, if you have nothing to say, say nothing, and don’t try to overreact. 
  • How a human become a slave to his emotions and how it creates a big barrier while taking decision.
  • How Risk and Uncertainty are major factors in businesses and corporates that can restrict you from getting success.
  • Everyone takes credit for the decisions that proved to be right but blames on circumstances when they failed. 
  • How humans do not stop themselves from doing something even after knowing it is bad for them.

This book explains all 99 short chapters with a detailed elaboration which definitely going to eliminate bad thinking from your mind which purifies your thoughts too.

It will teach you how you should think rationally rather than emotionally stick to it, it helps you to build a better decision-making mindset whether you are involved in a business, profession, or at home too.

This book is definitely worth every single minute you invested in reading it, download The Art of Thinking Clearly pdf and e-book at your desired system and transform your thinking capability.

The Art of Thinking Clearly Review

The Art of Thinking Clearly book written by world-class thinker and entrepreneur Rolf Dobelli who shares his precious experience through this masterpiece book.

The way this book is written, the illumination of chapters with a practical scenario will directly trigger your mind and it accepts the principle that the author needs to teach. An eye-opener lesson for everyone.

All 99 chapters are short and to the point which is easy to read within a couple of hours, we should be thankful to the author for not stretching it unnecessarily.

The Art of Thinking Clearly book set various records such as it is written as weekly columns in leading newspapers and was able to achieve the top ten of Germany’s Der Spiegel Bestseller list for 80 consecutive weeks.

I’m sharing the review and rating of this book done on top platforms:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon

4.5 out of 5

Book Review-Flipkart

4.4 out of 5

Book Review-Google

94% Users liked this book


The Art of Thinking Clearly PDF Download Link

This book is translated into many languages after its launch in 2013, We’re providing The Art of Thinking Clearly PDF Book to download in English. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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The Art of Thinking Clearly PDF FAQs

The Art of Thinking Clearly book focus written on human thinking capabilities concluding the entire book with 99 chapters that guides you about how to avoid cognitive errors in business, profession, and even at home which helps to take better decisions.

There are 99 chapters with detailed lessons in The Art of Thinking Clearly book, some significant learning I have found while reading this book is, Don’t accept free drinks, Say anything if you have nothing to say, and a human is a slave of his humans.

The Swiss author and novelist Rolf Dobelli has written The Art of Thinking Clearly entitles as the entire book based on human cognitive errors and thinking psychology.

The Art of Thinking Clearly book has 384 pages in its official paperback edition and 254 pages in PDF format which will take around 6-7 hours to read it completely.

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