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Book by Lawrence G. McMillan



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Everyone uses the Options market in the Stock market to do intraday trading or till weekly and monthly expiry. Right!

Would you ever think to use the Options segment as a Strategic investment to grow your portfolio?

Well, It may become possible with Lawrence G. McMillan’s Options as a Strategic Investment book which guides you from the basic of Options to the advanced level with proven strategies to generate money from the Options market.

Lawrence G. McMillan, a professional trader, the founder, and president of McMillan Analysis Corporation shares the comprehensive fundamentals of Options along with Call, Put, and how to maximize your profit with proper risk management.

If you love the Options market due to its volatility or looking to enter Derivatives Options, then you must read Options as a Strategic Investment PDF book by downloading it on your e-System.

It is certain your Options Trading journey will not be the same after reading this precious book.

Options as a Strategic Investment PDF Details

Book Title

Options as a Strategic Investment


Lawrence G. McMillan



Number Of Pages

1069 Pages (Original Paperback)

1069 Pages (PDF Format)


First Published Date

1st Jan, 1980

Latest Edition

August 7, 2012

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Options as a Strategic Investment Author

The author of Options as a Strategic Investment book is Lawrence G. McMillan who is a professional trader and founder and president of McMillan Analysis Corporation.

He shares his ideas regularly on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and also is the recipient of the prestigious Sullivan Award for his contribution to US Options Market.

He is popular for Options as a Strategic Investment book which was first published in 1980.

Options as a Strategic Investment PDF-author with book

Options as a Strategic Investment Summary

Options as a Strategic Investment basically is a complete guide that teaches all the concepts of the Options market from its definition and influencing factors to advanced strategies of Call and Puts.

This book is designed for freshers to learn Options first and understand them better, whereas, for experienced traders, it teaches how to maximize their understanding of the Options market.

The author Lawrence G. McMillan is a professional trader who precisely covered Call and Put in deep, as 60% book is written around these two elements.

The most significant chapters it contains are about Creating a Straddle, and its importance during the market. There are very few experienced options traders who hardly know about using Straddle.

Take a look at all the lessons Options as a Strategic Investment PDF book teaches us through highlighting points:

  • Understanding the concept of the Options Market, Its definition, chart reading, and technical analysisof the Options Chain.
  • Several factors and how it influences the price of an option such as Time Decay, and OI data.
  • What is Covered Call Writing, Its importance in Options, execution, and a complete summary of CCW?
  • What is the concept of Call Buying, when to buy Call along with Risk and Reward principle associated with Option?
  • Detailed lessons on Call Buying Strategies including Follow-up action, The reverse Hedge, and The Protected Short Sale.
  • How Naked Call and Put Writing and Ration Call Writing concept work in the real market.
  • How to implement Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Butterfly Spread, and Calender Spread along with combining them each other for better analysis.
  • How to create a Straddle respect to the position, Hadgeing a position with proven Hedging Strategies.
  • A complete synopsis of Volatility and how it impacted all the strategies.

Apart from these lessons, there are some advanced chapters about Stock prices, their Distribution, and Business Taxes as well for adding more value.

The book covers everything about Option in precise detail so now Options is not complex math or hard concept for freshers and Intermediary traders instead it becomes quite easy to decode them.

It is certain that if you read every lesson attentively and implement those strategies on a regular basis in the Stock market, your Options Trading journey will become more successful and interesting too.

What you need is just download Options as a Strategic Investment PDF book available in the downloading section below.

Options as a Strategic Investment Review

Options as a Strategic Investment book can be reviewed in one sentence: “A Bible of Options Market”

It’s true because this book shares every concept of Option in precise detail, along with the elaboration with some graphical depictions making this book a masterpiece to understand Option.

The author Lawrence G. McMillan did a remarkable job and justifies every bit of his lessons, especially his guide not only teaches how the Options work but also teaches the concept behind “Why”.

Due to high demand, the book has sold over a million copies since its first publication on the market, and its 5th edition has been launched in 2012.

Options as a Strategic Investment PDF book performed exceptionally well on all book reading platforms till now.

Options as a Strategic Investment Language

Options as a Strategic Investment is originally written in English by an investor and professional trader Lawrence G. McMillan and first published on 1st Jan, 1980.

Options as a Strategic Investment PDF Download Link

Options as a Strategic Investment PDF book is available to download in English for our readers. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader.

For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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Options as a Strategic Investment PDF FAQs

The Options as a Strategic Investment book shares the prominent techniques of the Call and Put in Options market such as creating straddles, Time Decay, OI data, and maximizing profit with less risk which actually helps you to become a successful Option trader.

The Options as a Strategic Investment book teaches everything starting from the basic of the Options market to the advanced including Call & Put strategies, Creating a Straddle to secure a position, and maximizing profit in Options with minimal risk. It a definitely worth reading for Options traders.

The Options as a Strategic Investment 1st edition book was published in 1980, and its latest edition called the 5th edition published on August 7, 2012, and is available on Amazon.

Options as a Strategic Investment book is slightly a long read that contains 1069 pages in its PDF Format for the 4th edition available on the internet which takes around 14-15 hours to read it completely.

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