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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie PDF Download | Summary

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Book by Laura Numeroff



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Some books are dedicatedly written for children to develop some good habits as well as make them understand better some specific principles of human life.

Among all popular books, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is one of the best and most beloved Children’s Literature books which describes as a “circular tale” about a mouse and a cookie and teaches to develop never-ending helping nature in children and the joy of giving to someone.

This book has all the elements that bring giggles to the face while going through the chapters lying with attractive illustrations.

Being a parent, I advise you to download the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book for your cute baby which will surely be loved by every child or read its summary below.

Based on ratings, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is best recommended for 1-4 years old children.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie PDF Details

Book Title

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie


Laura Numeroff



Number Of Pages

40 Pages (Original Paperback)

15 Pages (PDF Format)


First Published Date


Main Characters

A Boy Oliver, A Mouse Quinley

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Author

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book is written by an American author Laura Joffe Numeroff, and the illustration part is done by Felicia Bond.

Laura Numeroff is best known for writing books on Children’s Literature using beautiful illustrations, her popular books series is If You Give including If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (1985), If You Give a Pig a Pancake (1998), If You Give a Dog a Donut (2011) and many more.

Her many books are the most beloved children’s books of all time and have become the #1 New York Times bestselling.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie PDF-author with book

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Summary

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie starts with a boy named Oliver, and a mouse named Quinley, the entire story is portrayed as the third person using attractive illustrations.

First of all, Oliver gives a cookie to a mouse Quinley that’s where the title of this book is born.

It premises that if you give a mouse a cookie then he will ask for milk.

Furtherly, he will ask for a straw to drink the milk as well as a mirror to avoid a milky moustache.

After finishing the milk, the mouse will ask for a napkin to clean his moustache, and for that, he looks into the mirror.

Eventually, looking at the mirror, he might notice his hair becomes long and needs trimming and demands nail scissors to trim it.

The mouse finds the broom becomes dirty after hair trimming, he sweeps the broom, may wash it and make it super clean.

Further, he takes a nap with a soft pillow and when done, he demands a drawing of a picture that he saw in the book you are reading.

He draws the picture, signs with a pen and is willing to hang it on the refrigerator. The boy helps him to hang his drawing on the refrigerator.

While looking at the drawing, it will remind him that he is thirsty and maybe he will ask him again for a glass of milk and furtherly a cookie with it.

The book ends with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, he will ask for milk and continues the never-ending story in a circle.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Review

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is considered the best book written on children’s literature that teaches to develop happiness of giving nature in children and should be done every time when needed. It tells us everything is cyclical and connected with a never-ending chain of life incidents.

It also puts the reflection of the loop of our predetermined actions and how time runs in a circular motion, what we did or will do in the future, we will certainly going to do again and again.

Although, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie PDF is a very short read but portrays a very deep philosophy of life that helps to understand how things work in an eternal manner and returns every time.

it is definitely a delightful read not only for children but adults as well.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie PDF Download Link

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For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon.

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie PDF FAQs

The book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is based on the theme of a circular tale that teaches children about the happiness of giving cookies and helping a mouse through a classic tale illustration that has predetermined actions of never-ending chains.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is written and illustrated in a manner to teach children about developing never-ending helping nature and the happiness of giving a mouse a cookie through this circular tale that never ends.

According to reviews and ratings from customers, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is best to make read for children aged 1-4 years.

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