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There There, a Classic contemporary and award-winning novel that has the story of twelve characters from Native communities recounting their events during traveling to the Big Oakland Powwow.

The characters of this book are struggling with various challenges in their life such as unemployment, alcoholism, depression, and fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

Each Character also faces the challenge of living with an ambiguously nonwhite identity which reflects his and her relationship with the United States.

The book shows the true reality of various challenges and raised the issues of ambivalence and complexity that a native has gone through in Urban spaces.

There There novel is certainly a good read for a book enthusiast who is love to read history novels having a blend of contemporary touch with social issues. 

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Book Title

There There


Tommy Orange








Number Of Pages

304 Pages (Original Paperback)

256 Pages (PDF Format)  


History Fiction, Novel, Political fiction

First Published Date

5 June 2018

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There There Author

The author of the book There There is Tommy Orange who is born in born and raised in Oakland, California.

Tommy Orange debuted in writing with There There novel published in 2018 which was nominated for several awards and become a huge hit among book lovers.

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There There Summary

There There an entire book wrapped in Four different parts and each part defines how this story starts, moves, and ends with different characteristics. 

The book begins with the first part in which a twenty-one-year-old Native American boy named Tony Loneman lives in Oakland, he was born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

Tony narrates how he was guided by Octavio Gomez to procure and hide the bullets for the shooting at the Big Oakland Powwow.

On the other side, two new characters are introduced, one is Dene Oxendene moving his life forward after his uncle’s death, and the second is Edwin Black, who is addicted to the internet and perpetually sticks in his room.

The story moves forward gradually and landed on part 2, where more characters are introduced to us. Bill Davis works at the coliseum as a custodian and has an affair with Karen.

Whereas Calvin Johnson lives with his sister and owns lots of money for his brother named Charles who works for Octavio. Octavio is the person who convinces Calvin and Charles to help in robbing Big Oakland Powwow.

There are some other characters as well including Jacquie Red Feather, Orvil, Loother, and Lony who are going through a bad phase and need money to pay for some reasons.

Now the story moves forward to parts 3 and 4 where all the characters eventually coalesce around the Big Big Oakland Powwow and leading to a large shooting climax.

Now the question arises, will they be able to survive the shooting and pay their drug debt or is any surprising element waiting for you to make you shocked?

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There There Review

There There is a debut novel from the author Tommy Orange, and it’s a well-written book that portrays the present-day truth in a beautiful manner.

There There novel is difficult to start initially, but as long as you move forward, the story itself does not let you go as it becomes so realistic and engaging.

The entire plot is presented in the short stories, starting from the first narattor to the twelve, Tommy Orange brilliantly interconnected every character to enhance its gripping.

The story is effectively framed up with a blend of dark moments, angst, and filled with sad scenes which may make you feel sad at the end but I would say it’s a true picture in front of a mirror which is enough to stun you.

There There pdf book was able to make a place in the final of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize.

You can refer the table below to know how this book performed on every platform:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon

4.4 out of 5

Book Review-KIRKUS
Book Review-Google

73% Users liked this book


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There There PDF FAQs

There There novel is a History fictional novel written by Tommy Orange that portrays the story of native Americans living in Oakland, California facing several challenges in America toward identity and ambiguously nonwhite, although it seems a true story but is a fictional tale.

There There novel is completely based on the theme of Native peoples living in urban spaces and raised the issue of ambivalence and complexity that a native has gone through and faces different challenges for living.

There There book has 304 pages in its Paperback edition and 256 pages in its PDF e-version which will take 6-7 hours to read this complete book.

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