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Planning for a weekend trip and looking for a novel to shorter your travel time, especially a novel that has the element of fun, sweetness, romance, and young adult genre.

Don’t worry, I’m recommending you a novel that perfectly fits to fulfill your weekend with more joy and enjoyment.

The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s has a beautiful plot that follows the young adult and romance genres which is adapted for an Amazon Tv series recently.

The Summer I Turned Pretty tells the story of Belly’s life journey growing up as a kid to adulthood, Belly spends her beautiful time every year in summer with Cousins, at Susannah’s summer house, as Susannah and Belly’s mother is childhood friends. 

But with one unforgettable Summer, One terrible and wonderful summer that changes everything.

The book contains a blend of all the elements that an excellent novel needs to have, download The Summer I Turned Pretty PDF book on your phone, reading this novel definitely gives a unique experience.

Book Title

The Summer I Turned Pretty


Jenny Han








Number Of Pages

304 Pages (Original Paperback)

163 Pages (PDF Format)  


Youngs & Adults, Romance Novel, Fiction

First Published Date

April 6, 2010

Main Characters

Isabel "Belly" Conklin, Conrad Fisher, Jeremiah "Jere" Fisher

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The Summer I Turned Pretty Author

The Summer I Turned Pretty book is written by American novelist Jenny Han who is known for her romantic young adult novels.

Her book To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series, not only made her New York Times bestselling author but made her a sensation among youngsters and teenagers.

These both books got an adaption into Netflix film and Amazon Tv series.

The Summer I Turned Pretty author with book cover

The Summer I Turned Pretty Summary

Starting with the main character Belly Conklin measures her life in summer as she desperately waits for the months of summer to spend with her cousins at the beach house.

The beach house is owned by Susannah who is the childhood friend of Belly’s mother. Belly and her brother Steven love to spend their summer at Susannah’s summer house.

Both brother and sister got the company of Susannah’s boys named Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher at the beach house, the best group of childhood friends together in one place, quite interesting right?

Being the youngest and only girl in the group, Belly feels sometimes left out or quiet down. This time when she arrived at Fisher’s house she think something magical happen between these months of summer.

Gradually one secret also reveals in the book that Belly has a crush on Susannah’s elder son Conrad whereas she considers her younger son Jeremiah as a best friend.

Due to Belly’s brother Steve’s college tour, he is able to stay at the beach house for a couple of days, on the other hand, Susannah’s husband is also absent due to his citing work schedule.

During the movie watching together, some heat incident occurred between Belly and Jeremiah when Belly feels Jeremiah wants to kiss her which surprises Belly because they both have been close friends from the beginning.

After some days pass, Steve needs to leave the beach house due to his college tour, and before leaving he strictly warns Belly not to do some stupid and take care of herself.

Belly realizes this summer is going to prove her last summer and the plot becomes more interesting when a new boy named Cam meets Belly at the infamous 4th of July bonfire occasion.

Now things get complicated when she is deeply attracted to Cam and Cam is also interested in her, at the same time Belly has soft feelings for Conrad as well which she keeping with herself since she was 10.

Will Belly be able to express her feeling in front of Conrad or she would be happy with Cam, download The Summer I Turned Pretty pdf and e-book from the downloading section below to pique your inquisitiveness.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Review

After the grand success of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before the novel, the author Jenny Han succeed in attracting readers from all over the world with her Jenny The Summer I Turned Pretty book.

The story is well-formed, beautifully written, and excellently depicted which jumps between the two brothers, Belly and Cam.

Especially you will love the depiction of Jeremiah who treated Belly like a best friend and always care for her. Even the Conard character which you can hate initially but in the end, you come to know he could still care and be treated as her little sister.

If you have watched the Amazon Tv series and want to read this novel, you would love this book more than the Tv series due to its originality and the author’s writing skills.

The Summer I Turned Pretty pdf and paperback have small chapters which you can finish off within a couple of hours, the book is definitely worth reading especially with a cup of tea make it so special.

it has achieved brilliant ratings from the readers and huge appreciated from the critics as well, take a glance at the table below:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon

4.6 out of 5

Book Review-CommonSense
Book Review-Google

94% Users liked this book


The Summer I Turned Pretty PDF Download Link

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For a paperback and Hardcore copy of this book, kindly buy it on Amazon..

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The Summer I Turned Pretty PDF FAQs

The Summer I Turned Pretty book is a blend of the sweet story of a group of friends with soft romance, and emotions, as well as there are some explicit sexual scenes that contain several kisses between males and females which is quite appropriate and makes this book slightly spicy.

There are many spicy and steamy scenes between the characters of The Summer I Turned Pretty book which is not appropriate for children under 16 age, if you are above 16, just go ahead and read this awesome romance book.

It will take around 4-5 hours to finish this book as the book is a lighter romance novel having 304 pages in its official Paperback edition and 163 pages in its pdf version which is an easy read for all novel lovers.

Disclaimer: We do not host any files or copyrighted content on our server, all downloadable files being provided by us are already been available on the internet. We act as a platform that provides information and facilitates discussions including links or references to external sources.

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