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book lovers pdf
Book by Emily Henry



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One summer. Two rivals. A plot twist they didn’t see coming… The book caption of Book Lovers itself attracts you to read this magnificent novel.

It got immensely popular among young adults after winning the title of Best Romance (2022) from GoodReads as well as appreciation from top business reading firms.

Book Lovers narrates the story of a woman Nora Stephens, a book lover, and Literary agent, who has gone through a pattern of breakups, and during her visit to Sunshine Falls, and meeting with a bookish brooding editor Charlie Lastra, everything started to change in her life.

Despite being loaded with family responsibilities and having a saddened past, Nora’s character is the backbone of the book that runs this story beautifully.

Book Lovers is filled with pure chemistry between a career-oriented woman and a book editor Charlie and some glimpse of grief, family, and feelings of loneliness.

It is best recommended for people who are fond of reading a romance novel filled with maturity, emotions, and a foundation of love making your heart warm.

Download Book Lovers PDF by following the direct link available at the bottom and start becoming a part of this magnificent story of love and matureness.

Book Title

Book Lovers


Emily Henry



Number Of Pages

416 Pages (Original Paperback)

412 Pages (PDF Format)  


Romance Novel, Youngs & Adults, Fiction, Contemporary Romance

First Published Date

3 May 2022

Main Characters

Nora Stephens, Charlie Lastra, Libby

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Book Lovers Author

The author of Book Lovers is an American author Emily Henry, who is best known for writing romance genre books and novels.

Her novels are beautiful, romantic, engaging, and fun reading with some punch of spiciness that pleases your heart.

Emily Henry is enlisted as the top author of romance which is loved by millions of people across the world. Emily is the New York Times bestselling author of Book Lovers (2022), People We Meet on Vacation (2021), and Beach Read (2020).
book lovers pdf-author

Book Lovers Summary

Book lovers’ story sets two years before the main event, it narrates the story of a young woman Nora Stephens slightly struggling after her series of broken relationships with her boyfriend.

Nora is not such type of other girls, she doesn’t care about her beauty, not a type of heroine and sweetheart for anyone.

Leaving this aside, she is very optimistic and dedicated toward her career orientation, and ambitious to the New York literary agent.

After going through several chains of breakups which not only made her disturbed but also traumatic impacted her mind. especially, the incident with Jacob who starts this pattern and dumped her.

Nora decided to leave the town and travel to a ruler community and look to support her sister named Lilly, even after being 5 months pregnant, Lilly still looks stunning and is a star of commercial shampoo.

It’s been around a couple of years, but Nora still feels the pain given by Jacob, but she never tells it to anyone even to her sister Lilly.

The story brings us to past events about Nora’s mother, and father and how she has taken care of her family in their struggling phase as having a good profession in a literary career and trying to stretch it more.

Her first encounter occurred with a romantic hero, and bookish editor Charlie Lastra over a book named Once in a Lifetime.

Their opinion contradicts each other as Charlie opposes the way the book described the town of Sunshine Falls, whereas Nora is in the favour of the author and leaves with not seeing Charlie again.

Later, Nora’s view of the book proves to be correct as it becomes highly successful. However, time moves forward, and after 2 years, Libby insisted Nora for going to Sunshine Falls after the auspicious news that she is pregnant with her child.

When arrives at Sunshine Falls, Nora gets surprised as soon as she spotted Charlie over there, and is shocked to know about Charlie and Libby’s existing friendship.

Nora comes to know about Charlie’s struggle as he works constantly to help her family and contributed hugely to running their family Bookstore.

Nora receives Dusty’s manuscript and finds it promising. She and Charlie started working on this manuscript together and develops a strong bond during their work living in the same town and started feeling special moments too.

They come to know each other and feel deeply connected. They develop physical chemistry too, but are unable to take their relationship open and further due to many limitations. Nora also shares her painful past with Charlie about Jacob.

We come to know about Libby that her marriage life gets a lot of trouble and she might seek to divorce her husband Brendan.

On the other hand, Nora doesn’t stop thinking about Charlie and is deeply connected to him. Whereas Charlie reveals his situation to Libby that why he didn’t commit to Nora to take their relationship ahead and how he ties with his mother’s responsibilities.

That’s the reason, Charlie insists and lets Nora return to Newyork for pursuing her literary career and leave their relationship unresolved.

But waits if the story ends here or if Charlie and Nora will meet again and pursue their relationship open and forward, To know every answer, you must download the complete Book Lovers PDF book available in the section below.

Book Lovers Review

The author of Book Lovers Emily Henry already proved her credibility in the romance genre and considers a top author, and this time she again made their reader pleased with her new Book Lovers novel.

The entire narration done as a third person by Nora creates a magnificent impact on the reader throughout the book making this plot more gripping, engaging, and fast-paced reading.

The characters are exceptionally well implemented by the author, especially Nora who does not compromise for her ambition and heartfelt discussions of grief.

For me, reading Book Lovers pdf is a fast, delightful, and satisfying read with a shadow of some emotional moments with a glimpse of mature love and familial challenges.

Due to its unique script, It was named the Most Anticipated Book of 2022 by Oprah Daily, and achieved several awards including the Winner of Winner for Best Romance (2022), and the most praised romance book by top reading business entities.

It has tasted great success since its launch and grabbed brilliant ratings and reviews from top reading platforms, here is a short glance for top ratings:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon

4.5 out of 5

Books Review-Apple Books
Book Review-Google

90% Users liked this book


Book Lovers PDF Download Link

Book Lovers PDF and e-Book is available to download in English. To view this PDF Book on your phone, you need to install a PDF reader on your phone.

If you want a paperback, and Hardcore copy of this book, you can buy it on Amazon.

If you found this download link for this book is not working, got corrupted, or has any other copyright material associated with it, please Report It by following the Contact Us / DMCA page. We will unpublish it as soon as we found this is copyright material.

Book Lovers PDF FAQs

The Book Lovers is a romance novel containing a mature love script about a career-oriented woman and bookish editor man, well, It’s a clean romance with a sprinkle of several sex scenes but it’s not too spicy.

There are many platforms that offer e-books and PDFs for free to read and download including Scribd, Wattpad, Lifefeeling, ThePDFshelf, and Oodles.

It will take 8-9 hours to read the complete Book Lovers novel as it has 416 pages in its official Paperback and Hardcore edition, whereas 412 pages in its PDF format which take some time to get done reading.

Yes, according to official information, Book Lovers is perfectly fine to read for 16 years and above age groups.

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