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Two writers, One holiday, A romcom waiting to happen… The title explains everything itself about this contemporary romance novel named Beach Read.

Beach Read tells the story of Augustus and January who are two college rivals and novel writers struggling in their life due to some unfortunate incidents.

Because they both struggled in writing their book, they decided to switch things up and have a bet on writing each other’s genres.

During their three-month stay in a neighbor’s beach house with a small research date, especially when everything is settled up, is it possible that nothing will happen in their life, really?

Beach Read is the perfect contemporary romance novel with a blend of fun, sweetness, love, and emotions, with a sort of suspense. So this book is recommended for everyone who is looking to read a romance novel with a contemporary touch-up.

It’s the kind of book best suited to read while travelling on a train or flight or spending a short vacation near the shore of the sea, a magnificent romance novel.

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Book Title

Beach Read


Emily Henry



Number Of Pages

400 Pages (Original Paperback)

323 Pages (PDF Format)  


Romance Novel, Youngs & Adults, Fiction, Contemporary romance

First Published Date

May 19, 2020

Main Characters

January Andrews, Augustus Everett

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Beach Read Author

Beach Read novel is written by Emily Henry who is a best-selling author New York Times.

She is well known for her various successful romance novels such as People We Meet on Vacation (2021), Book Lovers (2022), and Beach Read (2020).

Her romantic novels are filled with sweet romance, soft interaction, and deep emotions, that’s why she is so popular among novel lovers.

Beach Read PDF-author with book

Beach Read Summary

The story of Beach Read book starts with January Andrews, who is a best-selling author and she writes romance novels. January recently lost her dad and faced many critical challenges in her life.

She is going through a tough phase after breaking up with her boyfriend with whom she was in a long-time relationship.

For all reasons, she is struggling to complete her new novel as well as trying to reconcile herself knowing that her father had a secret life, maybe having an affair with someone.

To discover the secrets, After knowing his father’s death, January found and went to her dad’s second house called the beach house. she was a bit nervous thinking about what she will find there.

January is surprised when she founds a neighbor named Augustus Everett who is an old college mate of hers and also he is an author of literary fiction.

Actually, they both are polar opposites!

As they both are struggling in writing, they decided to switch things up and have a bet on writing each other genre’s books.

As long as the story moves forward, January and Augustus feel they slowly form a bond and eventually developed a relationship secretly breaking the barriers.

They are going together with great fun, and strong interaction, along with developing deep emotions for each other.

Unfortunately, everything will not be ended up sweetly as there are many turns and interesting twists in their story that are also filled with lots of surprising elements.

To know how it moves and how the story will end, you need to download the Beach Read pdf book from the download section at the bottom.

Beach Read Review

Beach Read novel is written by Emily Henry, she depicted the entire story beautifully with keeping a simple plot for better connectivity while reading it.

Both the characters are crafted beautifully and presented in a way that looks quite simple to connect but fills with lots of heavy twists and turns. That is what makes this book more enjoyable to read.

The entire book fills with all the elements including a glimpse of summer with a little bit of darkness which keeps you engage all the time from beginning to end.

Overall, I would say the story is excellently written which provides you with a sweet and cute reading experience that can’t be forgotten easily.

According to Wikipedia, the Beach Read novel was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance, coming in second place.

Have a look at the ratings and reviews for this book on top platforms:

Book Review-Goodreads
Book Review-Amazon

4.4 out of 5

Book Review-Flipkart

4.5 out of 5

Book Review-Google

90% Users liked this book


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Beach Read PDF FAQs

No, the Beach read book is best suitable for the age group of above 16 as there are some explicit sexual scenes during the mid-story which is not considered good to read for a very young age, but it is perfect for the age of 16 and older.

The Beach Read book tells the story of two novel writers who eventually met due to some unfortunate incident that happened in their lives, while fulfilling the purposes of writing each other’s book, gradually January Andrews and Augustus Everett developed a relationship that has a strong bond, deep emotions and sweet interactions with suspense and an interesting twist at the end.

Beach Read is equipped with some sort of steamy and spicy scenes in the middle but they are not that extreme, instead, it is fulfilled with sweet interactions, a bit funny moments, and deep emotions.

Definitely not suited for kids as the Beach Read is a contemporary romance novel containing some hot, kissing, and steamy scenes which will not be appropriate for those who are under 16 years.

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